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Health coach? If so, I would like one. Is that tacky?..

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With the health coach if you sign up for the be slim club which does a auto shipment everymonth you get a 5% discount at first and the discount keeps getting bigger as you keep ordering up to 12%..

Comment #1

You also get a health coach, which I totally recommend...

Comment #2

But if you with ebates, com, you can use coupons AND you get 10% cash back, I just placed an order for 155. and got 25 off and cash back, WoooHooo!..

Comment #3

You can order from TSFL without having a HC and take advantage of the discounts offered with the Be Slim club...

Comment #4

That's a great deal! Is there any way that the health coach can get credit for that or is it only if you buy through TSFL? I'm all for saving money but unfortunately, if they don't get credit I will hear it from the health coach's friend who says she needs the money; therefore, I can't order and get those great discounts...

Comment #5

Yeah, you can only use ebates if you order on your own and without the TSFL health coach, my health coach wasn't doing anything for me, so I let her go, and use these boards and my therapist for support, works for me!..

Comment #6

You also get free shipping and points for every $ spent to use to buy things...

Comment #7

If your HC is in it simply for the money, I would dump her and do whatever you need to do to make Medifast affordable for YOU...

Comment #8

A health coach is a great option for anyone needing individual support or more intense direction through the plan. Only YOU can define your priorities...and don't apologize for them! I think, in the end, it's a little of "six of one, half dozen of the other"...but the little bit of savings you get going through EBates or one of those sites may make the difference for some. I work hard to provide support to my clients that they (and I) feel is "worth" sticking with TSFL. Having said that, this site and the Medifast Facebook forum provide great support for people on this journey. I (and other coaches) routinely offer support documents to people who are requesting support through these forums. Many coaches work hard to help the Medifast online community with no "pay back" besides feeling good about helping others achieve the success we have enjoyed!.

Hope that helps...I'm wishing you well on your journey....

Peace & good health,.


Comment #9

If I was going to get a health coach again, it would be Miss Kat, right here above me in this thread, she sounds like a good one, very caring and helpful!..

Comment #10

I love Kat she is awesome! She provided me with wonderful tips! My coach is great too always there for a random question just a call or txt away! I have found wonderful coaches on this site and even tho I order from only one's tsfl site none of the others have ever turned me down or refused me help or stopped cheering for me. I do get that some are in it for the money but all of the ones I found get more joy out of helping us get healthy. Hearing or reading the happiness in us when we say we lost X lbs this week is more than their bonus...

Comment #11

That is how the pay works with the coaches right? They get income from food sales right? So if they say they want food bought through them this is a sign they might be in it only for the money? How in heavens name did it leap to that? How did the poster's statement leap to that?.

You have to block to read a thread that does not go to mean with posts about how some coaches might have ulterior motives, because they want income from the food..

Sure they are volunteers and are independently wealthy too. Income is not important to them. EVER COACH I HAVE EVER READ ON HERE HAS A HEART OF GOLD AN DPROBABLY NEEDS IN COME TOO IMAGINE THAT..

Arguing and out to get you. It gets so tiresome...

Comment #12

I would not use a health coach "just because" they needed the money, but if they are a good health coach they are earning the money and very desirable. Mine is wonderful!..

Comment #13

I agree with the other posts. Having a health coach is a good idea for accountability if the coach really has a heart to help people get healthy and not just for the money. It should also be noted that the prices are pretty similar if you go through a coach or through Medifast, but you get the access to a coach if you do TSFL (if the coach is helpful that is priceless). I also agree, with the other posters, that if having a coach isn't for you then staying on the boards and getting accountability that way is a great alternative. Do what works best for you, but money wise, I think it's pretty equal. And if a coach isn't helping you then totally find another...

Comment #14

My health coach is a friend's friend who does need the money and it is in combination with her other part-time job. Her hubby lost his job due to criminal charges and she gets no child support; she calls me once a week to see how I'm doing. She's a wonderful woman, but other than that phone call I don't use her. Because of my indepth research on Medifast before I ever started, I scared her because I knew more than she did. So basically out of guilt I would find it difficult to change and try to save myself more money. I didn't know the difference between TSFL and just the Medifast site and ordering on my own versus a HC. I can afford it but even in this economy I'm always looking to save...

Comment #15

The price I pay through my TSFL coach is exactly what I paid when I went through MF. The coaches do not make money off us except in that they get a cut from Medifast when we order food. The TSFL coaches are free to their clients...

Comment #16

I have never responded to these posts about Coaches but I feel like I need to on this one..

I am a FULL TIME Certified Health Coach. I dont do this for "extra money". I hold weekly meetings for my clients, create and make recipes and food plans, manage a free clothes closet, exchange food with my clients, go meet my clients, and am here 24/7 for my clients.

I work with Doctors to implement this program in their offices. I hold Community meetings at our local Hospital. I dont "dabble" and "pretend" to be a Coach for extra money!.

I worked as a Weight Loss Counselor with Jenny Craig for 2 1/2 years. I lived the Medifast plan and made goal. I transitioned successfully and am now in maintenance..

So, I have walked the walk and think I can talk the talk. If you think that youre getting a better deal on Ebates, youre wrong..

Take Shape For Life is a WHOLLY OWNED SUBSIDIARY OF MEDIFAST PEOPLE. Many Health Coaches go out and talk to people about this program. Like I do. Most of my clients DO NOT have time to come to this site. I do share it with them as another support site, but most dont come here. They found out about Medifast from me..

I became a Coach on August 16th, the day I hit goal. For almost 2 months, I was AFRAID to put Health Coach on my avatar because I was afraid of being treated different by some here.

But I came out of the closet a few days ago because I am PROUD of the work I am doing. SO PLEASE, dont bash all Health Coachs or TSFL for the few who are not good Coaches. It is similar to saying All fat people eat badly...

Comment #17

Close dear! We get paid from Take Shape for "COACHING" not from food sales. Actually, the BESlim Club through Take Shape for Life is a "better" deal than through Medifast's VIP program. BeSlim has progressive discounts and points (similar to ebates)...

Comment #18

I'm sorry for the confusion. Of course you get paid for coaching, but the way it was explained to me by my coach is that she gets paid by Medifast ( " a cut") when I (and her other clients) order food. In exchange for that, she coaches me. ( I don't know how it is handled when a person stops ordering food because they are in maintenance). I have no issue with how the system works. I think it is great that the coaching is free to clients.

Please let me know if my coach's explanation is not correct because I will ask my her for a clearer explanation...

Comment #19

You are right. It is a percentage based on total sales...

Comment #20

I found out from a coach herself that they do get 20 percent of the sales of food. For example, she said if the person buys 250 to 300, they make about $40. I was also told that another person who has hundreds that buy the food makes approximately $50,000 a joke, so there's definitely money to be made...

Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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