How to be motivated during Medifast plan?

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I have only been on medifast 1 week and am already wondering how I will keep this up..I am so attached to food and am having a hard time adjusting to not having something in my hands to eat all the time. I use food to comfort myself and understand that I need to find something else to find comfort in, but am very scared I will fall off the wagon before I lose the weight. I have about 96 pounds to go...Any ideas or motivations? Thanks..

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I know this may sound corny but there is a quote that I have notice a lot of MF'ers use on their pages. "Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels". That pretty much sums it up for me. You are in control of your weight loss journey. Take the reigns!..

Comment #1

Hang in there. Tough it out. It does get easier, and the results are so worth it. Medifast will teach you how to use food as fuel and not as a friend, lover, hobby, etc.

Just tell yourself you can do it for just this day, and do it. Have the optional snack if you need to. Split your L&G if that helps. You can do it!..

Comment #2

My initial motivation came from seeing the results on the scale. then as I started participating in the Medifast community I was motivated by the success stories and the friends I made. when I was bored and/or thought I wanted to eat I would come here instead. the chat room can be a good place to distract yourself :-) most people have food cravings at first..they really do diminish over time...

Comment #3

I know it is hard to have faith in something that you haven't "proven" before through experience, but honestly I don't believe you'll stick with Medifast or any other weight loss program if you don't have faith that it will work..

Read around the website, look at blogs, the threads, and individual pages and you'll see lots of people who have discovered the proof that it works. Also, there are lots of motivating posts where people have described the feeling of shedding pounds and the non-scale victories that accompany the weight loss..

I've been on Medifast for 30 weeks and I've lost 74.5 pounds. To me, this is a miracle. I still have a long way to go, but so far I have to say that I've been extremely happy with the results I have had for my efforts to "stick with it"..

Finally, I should also add that even though it has been 30 weeks for me, the majority of the time I haven't felt deprived. Sure, there are times I've salivated over what I see other people eating, but one of the best parts of ketosis is that it really helps take away the cravings and nagging hungers. Still have hungry days...but it isn't anything I can't control by splitting my lean and green or having an OP snack.

I think if you stick with it for a while you will have a similar experience and the weight loss will be SO WORTH it...

Comment #4

The motivation to keep going for me is how I feel. Back in 2008, I started at 290lbs. I lost about 80 lbs on my own, then came to medifast for the rest. I lost another 30 lbs here which brought me to 180. I'm very tall (5'10") so at 180 I felt really good about myself. I got a little cocky and though I could do the rest without MF.

I went through a difficult breakup and next thing I know, i've regained 20 lbs. I saw in a very short period of time, the difference between the happy me who was losing weight, and the very unhappy me who was regaining it. The gaining me is isolated, ashamed, feeling unworthy, cries a lot, doesn't socialize etc. the Happy and losing me is cheery and bubbly, outgoing, going out any chance she one sentence, she's living life! This is why I'm back on MF, to be the happy me again and after even 1 day on MF, that happy me started coming back. I love this 'happy me' and I never want to let the overweight unhappy unfulfilled old me reserface again..

Comment #5

The following is a great thread to help you get started. There's a lot of advice in here..

I suggest for the next week, you make a mental note or write down, when you're hungry. Is it physical hunger, emotional, mental? Every time you're hungry and it's NOT time to eat, drink 8-16 ounces of water, until you're belly feels FULL. You'll be distracted long enough until it's time to eat..

This helps me over the hurdle..

The payoff is when you lose the weight, and the scale echoes that loss. Eventually you'll want to follow the program specifically/religiously until you get on the scale again, and see that you've lost more weight..

Just like the people before me today have said, you can do this! I know I am. Why don't you keep it up and join our exclusive club. ;-).

Have a fantabulous OP day!!..

Comment #6

If you mess up, note it, record it, own up to it, and get back on the plan. Don't let your brain talk you into giving up when you make mistakes. Just learn from your mistakes and resolve to work it through..

I've made mistakes. I log them. I review them. I know what I've done. This last week I have had more water, resolving that if I need to put something in my mouth, it'll be water and not extra food. As a result, this week has been very rewarding scale-wise..

Read the boards. Notice how many people are reporting fantastic progress. Many of them wanting to lose as much or more than you and they are doing it.

It takes determination and sometimes tricking your brain into thinking about other things rather than food while you establish your new pattern and lifestyle. Don't let your brain tell you that you are deprived. Medifast provides foods that can help with any food craving: it's up to you to take advantage of it and keep it within the guidelines..

For instance, whenever I crave a candy bar, I get a peanut butter crunch bar or caramel crunch bar. When I crave cookies, I have a chocolate mint or s'more crunch bar. Craving fruit? Fruit and nut bar or a strawberry, orange, banana, cherry pomegranate shake, or cranberry mango fruit drink. When I crave starchies, I have chicken noodle soup, chicken and rice soup, or beef stew (potatoes in there!). My chocolate cravings are more than handled with the variety of shakes, bars, brownies, puddings, hot cocoa, etc..

I still have problems dealing with my popcorn cravings as the pretzels and puffs don't quite do the trick, but in a pinch the soy crisps help a little..

The point is: it's all about your mindset and using what tools you have to manage your cravings while getting beneficial nutrition in return rather than sabotaging yourself with empty calories..

Good luck and keep reading all the success tools and the boards...

Comment #7

This community is great and posting in it helps that much more. I've done this program a couple times in the past but I've always stopped because I let other things in my life be more important. I find that whenever I'm feeling bad or want to eat something I know I shouldn't, I come in here and read the threads and look at success pictures because it's really motivating. There'll be slip ups but it's important to just get passed it and get right back on it...

Comment #8

Whenever I felt unmotivated, I took myself aside and had a stern talking to (to myself...looked a little odd, but it worked!). I committed to seeing Medifast as my medicine for obesity. If I were diabetic or had cancer (Heaven forbid...knock on wood...touch blue), I would NEVER skip my medications. So...I embraced my disease...obesity...and the cure...Medifast. I took my "medicine" five times a day from little white packets. I told myself I could do ANYTHING for 6 months...and I did...then I committed to my goal weight.

I will battle this disease as long as I live. The difference now is that I have the tools and the resources. Medifast WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE if you let it. Life at goal is so much better than you can imagine!!!!.

You can do it!!!.

Stay strong and focused...drink your water!!!.

Peace & good health,.


Comment #9

Try to stop depending on your feelings to decide what you're going to do. Think of staying on plan as another task you must do, like going to work, paying the bills, picking up the kids from school, etc. It's not a choice, and it doesn't matter whether you feel like it. You're going to do it, you're not going to entertain the alternative..

The problem with depending on how you feel is that your feeling will vary for all kinds of reasons. Your emotions are important, I don't mean to suggest otherwise, but you don't let your feelings determine whether you're going to pay your bills this week. You can't. You know you have things in your life that you must do, regardless of whether you feel like it right this second or not. You don't let your emotions control your actions in other aspects of your life - eating is another one of those areas.

Of course you don't always feel like staying on plan. No one ALWAYS feels like it. But the key to getting your relationship to food under control is learning that how you feel doesn't force you to make bad choices. Sometimes you feel like doing the wrong thing, but your brain intervenes and your logical mind tells you that you gotta go to work today even though you'd rather stay home and watch the soaps. Same with food. Use your brain, not your feelings, to determine what you're going to eat and when..

It's really a question of psyching yourself out, more than anything else. You have to find the mindset that works for you and use it. Read these boards. Read books about healthy eating and exercise. Start thinking of yourself as a thin, healthy person - and start ACTING like a thin healthy person. Educate yourself on the bad effects of obesity, and keep it right in your face.

Put fat pictures of yourself up on the mirror, and then after you've made some progress, current pictures up next to them so that you can SEE how much better you look. Keep a blog so that you can go back and remember how truly crappy you feel as a fat person, and can see as you go along how much better you feel practically every single day..

Find every tool you can think of and use them all if you need them. I'm reminded of the old saw about no one being more holy than the reformed woman of ill repute - become a healthy food bigot. Become committed to your health and become committed to what it takes to get there - to do that, immerse yourself in healthy thinking, reading, lifestyle. It works, honest. Essentially, fake it til you make it...

Comment #10

I agree with most ever thing the others say. Motivation will only get you so far in the process. My motivation disappeared a long time ago now I am running off of sheer determination. Determination is what gets me back on track when I fall off plan. You have to be determined to get to goal NO MATTER WHAT. So what if you fall off.

I started out with well over 100 pounds to lose and now I am over 1/2 to goal. One day at a time is the only way to take it. Just think for example the next 6 months are going to pass whether you are on plan or not. Why not reach 6 months from now a thinner and healthier you. You can do this.

That will give you something closer to focus on and will keep your goal from seeming so overwhelming especially in the beginning...

Comment #11

Worry less about motivation and more about determination. Motivation is way too fleeting. Determination allows you to follow through when you just don't feel like it and is way more valuable in the long run. Make the decision to stay on plan and stick to it...

Comment #12

I just started reading the Beck Diet Solution, it looks like just the ticket. I picked it up at my library..

Comment #13

I suggest a trip to the store and picking up a lot of spices and lf/sf/ff/light dressing, flavorings, extracts(I did this, spent A LOT, but spending 100 now to make the "bland" food more palatable vs the cost of obesity in the long run I decided to buy the spices). You're eating every 2-3 hours, so it's not like you are going long periods of time without food in hand, and when you don't have food in hand you can have water in hand, which gives you that feeling of full. I feel that as long as you are putting *something* in your mouth you aren't going to feel bored and want to overeat..

What I've been using for motivation is a picture of myself a friend (when I was 16 or 17, I'm 29 now) recently gave me. I was pretty active in high school, and the picture was completely random from someone I havn't talked to her in over 10 years and she got it to me through a mutual friend 3 days after I started with a note that said "Hope you're doing well and that you enjoy the pictures!". It's been over 10 years and I look like I ate my former self now. It really made me realize how badly I look when I compared it to my "before" picture, and 3 months, 6 months, 12 months from now I want to look back at this picture from my high school days and say "WOW, I'm me again!"..

Comment #14

One technique I've found that's helpful is to ask myself what I REALLY want when I want a certain food, and then ask what I can do about it. If you're following the plan, I can guarantee that the craving for chips or a candy bar isn't coming from hunger. And do you want to be ruled by the things in your life that stir up these feelings? Maybe it's that you want what you do to have purpose. Maybe you want a hug. Maybe you want the driver in front of you to stop swerving. Whatever it is.

I had a pretty serious binge/emotional eating problem, and this technique really helped. Good luck!..

Comment #15

Well, first, let's be honest. It is REALLY HARD, sticking to a diet program. Don't beat yourself up, you are doing something that is not only changing your basic pattern of behavior but is also probably quite unlike any way you've ever eaten before. Change is tough. So, don't feel bad that you're looking down the tunnel of your long journey and wondering how you will possibly do it. It's a common feeling.

There are a few things I do when I feel unmotivated.

1) come here and read the boards very inspiring, always gets me on track.

2) look at fat pics of me (I have one very special one that I particularly hate!) self flagellation can do wonders, lol.

3) go for a brisk walk gets my energy level back up and puts me back into "healthy" mode.

4) go clothes shopping I either get frustrated b/c I don't look good in clothes, or I'm pleasantly surprised at what size I can fit into. Either one inspires me to continue my journey.

Hope this helps hang in there!..

Comment #16

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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