GoDaddy reviews : Great idea to buy GoDaddy?? How to appraise a domain name by yourself?

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I've got a domain up for sale on that just received an offer. I haven't had the domain professionally appraised, and I don't really know anything about "domaining".

By default I assume that the offer I received is lower than fair market value, and that I should respond with a higher counter-offer..

While my higher counter offer will be somewhat made up, I'd like to be able to have some research that can back it up..

What are some key metrics or things I can research in order to get a better idea of it's fair market value..


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There's a load of different things to look at like length, number of words, number of "quoted" and unquoted search results on Google, whether it is a generic/common word/phrase, etc..

Though free estimation tools such as and are to be taken with a truckload of salt, they might give some more info in regards to keyword frequency, ppc values, as well as other info in regards to a developed site like Alexa ranking, page ranking, backlinks, etc. etc. They'll also give you an estimate which may or may not be close to the truth..

Other than that, you can research what similar domains have sold for..

Then it just comes down to experience and common sense that you develop the more you deal in domains..

You can also visit the appraisal section and post the domain for more feedback..

Good luck!..

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Thanks for your reply FatBat.

Do you need to be a paying member to post in this section?..

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Well you could pay or sedo for an appraisal. There are numerous free appraisal services online for domains. If you want to guestimate on your own, think of the length of the domain name, the shorter the name the better, is it popular, well known or just random. Also does the domain have a website on it or not? does the domain have backlinks to it, a page rank? If so the value goes up a lot more. Keep those in mind..


Indianapolis Web Design - Website Design - SEO..

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Ah, yeah, you probably do need to be at least a gold member. Sorry about that...

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I forgot one more thing on the domain appraisal, if the domain is a geodomain, the value of the geodomains are skyrocketing, so keep that in mind. thanks...

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I love your fucking name indianapolis seo, grab this domains too while at it see if you can get the webdesign domain(they are only 8 bucks. and submit that shit to google local. I swear to god you will get calls from google local for businesses looking for cheap web design. heck get while at it.

Valuation of a domain depends smaxor, lets say a domain like which sold for 50k or something along that line. You can hold on with the argument of instant recog or even type in traffic. I am guessing was getting over 1k type ins a day without any assistance or marketing making it an instant hit with people looking to start a porn empire.

Same thing with any domain i.e for sure gets a shitload of type in traffic , now imagine you developed the know it's owned by att) and it was earning 300k a month. How much would you sell the domain for 10 times that much i.e 30 mill. I think you could get a heck lot more for the company. Probably 80mill.

There are so many factors that are included in selling a domain. Trying to sell a hosting company with revenue will earn you some coin on, now selling an organic garding web hosting company to an organic gardening magazine empire would earn you a whole lot more.

The beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. One more example trying to sell here would only earn me about 400 bucks depending on whos buying. What if pick up and lg wants the domain for their marketing purposes.

The person who wants to buy your domain has his own selfish reasons, take advantage and dont get too greedy. Remember, hes only 8 bucks away from getting another domain.

Hope this helps.

Ka ching...

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PM me your domain name and I'll give you my appraisal or point you directly on comps....

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> just some guy whos learning the ropes of this crazy domaining world...

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There is no exact formula for estimating the value of a domain name, you just have to know a good domain when you see one and be able to attribute a value to it - you can't really teach someone that...

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Completly agree, how much would you have bought 4 years ago. How much would you pay for it now.

Especially as an aff marketer...

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Trends come and go but a good generic will always be worth something...

Comment #11

There are free domain appraisal sections at and digitalpoint.

To compare to past domain sales check

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I'd have payed a decent sum for it 4 years ago, but obviously it is worth more today...

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