GoDaddy reviews : Advise I pay for GoDaddy?? How safe is paypal?!?!

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I've used paypal a number of times but always for low quantity trades with trusted users on namepros. Recently I got a request to purchase my website in low-mid $xxx and I'm considering accepting itthe person isn't from namepros and there isn't much background I could find on him through google.

Assuming he is fine going first and paying me via paypal, how safe is it for me? Would he be able to easily get a refund/charge-back, and if so, what must I do to stop that? - if it's too risky via paypal, what alternative?.

Thanks for all the help.


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No MassPay = No Safety.

If you wouldn't trust someone enough to give them the website before receiving your money, don't use PayPal unless it's MassPay...

Comment #1

I lost $200 using Paypal. Fortunately, the idiot used his college email address. That $200 pilfer cost him the 3 years he had invested in his education...

Comment #2

Payapl "safety" is like "airport safety"; an illusion..

I use it all the time for small stuff, but I never EVER use it for transactions involving sums of money that if I were to get scammed, would cause me to lose sleep.

[Obligatory Paypal Horror Story].

I swear to god they have monkeys running their dispute department..

I had a case where a guy bought two ebay auctions ($290 and $30) from me and paid for them using one single paypal payment. A couple weeks later, I get a package in the mail, returning the $30 item. He said he wanted something else, typical buyers remorse/failure to read the auction. My return policies were clearly elaborated in the auction and I didn't give refunds for buyers remorse or poor reading comprehension, and informed him as much.

So, he files a paypal dispute. Thing is, since he paid for both auctions with one payment, it disputed the entire $320 in my account. He actually typed in the dispute remarks "($30) item returned. Tracking Info 1234566. Refund my $30 and this goes away...".


I was totally floored... There was no possible way, given that he clearly stated he only returned one $30 item, they could've done something like this unless they were just complete idiots. I got on the phone and after much aggravation, found someone there with an IQ above 50 who was kind enough to actually read the dispute remarks and adjusted the refund balance.

The thing that really stuck with me, even though it worked out OK in the end, is that if I hadn't gotten lucky by him saying what he did- if he just "disputed" the whole thing even though he only returned a $30 item and kept his mouth shut, or perhaps claimed that he returned both items in the same package for which he had tracking information- I would've been completely screwed.[/Obligatory Paypal Horror Story].

Everyone has a moment when they realize how illusory and ephemeral paypal "protections" are. That was mine. In short, they aren't safe. They suck horribly and desperately need to be regulated like a bank, but until that time comes, unless you get a merchant account and can take CCs direct (even those are subject to fraudulent chargebacks), they're pretty much the standard bearer as far as online payments and you have to adjust your risk profiles accordingly...

Comment #3

Like you Dongsman, I was under the illusion PayPal was safe until I got scammed. Absolutely ridiculous that a seller needs to prove he did not scam the buyer.. Maybe PayPal forgot that it's the sellers who pay all the eBay fees. Over the past 3 years since I got scammed, Paypal has lost no doubt hundreds of dollars in commission more than I was scammed out of. I rarely take more than $100 through regular PayPal with someone I don't know anymore it's not that $100 would break my bank, but I just hate being scammed and if the scammer is able to successfully scam people for amounts of money that make it worthwhile, that's just encouraging him to go out and scam some more..

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Hmm I found the opposite - I actually bought something for 300 that wasn't at all what it was advertised as and it was a subscription based dropshipping site (s elect DOT co uk -dont want them to have a backlink) - so legally there is a 14 day cooling off period where they HAVE to give me a refund, no matter what their returns policy states. So my bank refunded me then a week later PayPal took the money again in a different way in which my bank could not reverse the transaction. PayPal said there was nothing they could do with out seeking legal advice etc. I just couldn't be bothered with the hassle of going to a samll claims court but I would have won. If PayPal hadn't stole the money off of me again a week later I would have got the refund np..

P.S. This site claimed to offer dropshipping with products at an average of 60-80% off of R.R.P; they in fact had their products listed higer than R.R.P.

So from my experience you will be fine Alex as if they try to do a chargeback PayPal will take the money back from them soon after, giving it back to you. In any case don't transfer the domain until the PayPal payment has cleared and you have withdrawn it into your bank account...

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Moneybookers = no chargebacks.

To minimize risk with ebay: since you're selling a website, turn it into a tangible good by burning it to CD or DVD which will become your deliverable. Ship with delivery confirmation only to a PP Verified address...

Comment #6

Thanks alot for all the responses. Rep added to all =D.


Comment #7

Paypal is disgraceful. I sometimes think that they run a circus there and not an actual business. As mentioned above the risk is very high, I used to be an ebay seller for about a year and many times I got into disputes with buyers. The first time I got into a dispute paypal just refunded the money to the buyer and I lost out.

The trick is to always call the service desk and explain to someone in person because I really do not think they take notice of what is written anywhere.

The other thing you need to make sure you do is that the buyer has confirmed they account to reduce risk. If you are unsure do not accept moeny from unconfirmed accounts because paypal will just give a refund...

Comment #8

I would not trust PayPal for large transactions. Customer service is horrible.They once held about 10K for about 3 weeks for verification.

I sent them all necessary paperwork,passports,driver license,Social Security next day but they froze my money for 3 weeks without any explanation..

I lost so much orders........

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