GoDaddy reviews : Good idea to pay for GoDaddy?? How People Make Money With Domain Names - Ultimate Guide

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Read the full article as PDF..

PS: I am traveling and can't do my everyday stuff. So as to kill some time I ended up writing this article. =)..

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Nice article thanks for taking the time to post it up..

Comment #1

That was really helpful read. I definitely learned a thing or three, and convinced me to sign up to your newsletter...

Comment #2

Hey Brar, just tried to sign up for the newsletter and aweber is telling me your account exists but it's not active. I'll try again in an hour or so but I figured I'd leave it here too..

That PDF was a great overview of domaining. As a developer, I can think of a ton of ways to automate site development so it's a 1 minute install. I agree that parking kind of kills a domain purchase since you don't get any additional traffic short of type ins.

Again, good stuff...

Comment #3

Thanks Lord Brar, great PDF. I'll monetize my sites by reselling it :-P..

Comment #4

Thanks guys! The newsletter should start working today. I will update here when I fix it..

@Art I am focusing more and more on my fashion business and traveling around the world. =)..

Comment #5

Great job. I am subscribing too. This is something I've thought about for a long time but haven't gotten off my ass yet. Nice read...

Comment #6

Wow, that was a really great read. Very informative, especially for a newbie to domaining like me...

Comment #7

Errr archard, about that content you were writing for me.....

Comment #8

Thank You! I am planning on releasing it on as a static guide rather than PDF. Let's see how quickly I can do that...

Comment #9

Let me also add a big THANK YOU! I'm just now building my first site for resell. This expands on The Domaining Success Handbook quite nicely.

Thanks again!..

Comment #10

I sold a few web sites before but my profit was little and I decided not to invest in that business. I also hate failing so I will give this a try again. Your tips are a great start. Thank you...

Comment #11

As usual I have to give to it brar... you fucking rock and you know that, keep up the good content on I just unloaded 2 websites this week for a total of 700 bucks. pretty good coin if you ask me for doing nothing.

Thanks man...

Comment #12

If you find this stuff useful, why not give something back by sharing case-studies of how you did it. =)..

Comment #13

Hmm.. I will keep this short, and maybe give you a few ideas on how to go about making some coin.

Anyway I watch a shitload of football(american football) and of course pay keen attention to defensive football players (defensive players) i.e jonbeason, ray lewis, antonio pierce, reed(ravens).

Basically I was nosing around dnforum dreaming of finding some deal that all those hawks on there wouldnt pay attention to and the name of one defensive player that I love came up.

The .com of that particular player was getting about 40 type in hits a month. I really didnt give a shit about how much traffic the name was getting, but instead what I cared about was I had the .com version of his domain, not a typo the whole name.

Anyway I put up a quick wordpress blog and fed it some links from some of my football sites.

I also submitted the site to football only directories and topsites. I didnt order any articles or anything on that note, instead I wrote the articles myself - this to me never seemed like work at all , honestly it was totally smooth and as far as I was concerned I was just there to update other football fans on the particular player.

Lo and behold I realised after the last pr update the website had hit a pr3..

Some shit went down and I needed cash quick and posted the site on sitepoint and bam within 3 hours someone had pmed me and bought the site for about 300 bucks..

Other case study involves google hot trends.

Again I was just mindlessly surfing the net and one particular term caught my attention , a 3 letter word that just screamed generic to be.

The particular term was in the fashion industry and honestly it was just 6.99 bucks on godaddy and you have to love that kind of risk.

So I bought it last year around november. Anyway this aspiring designer blogger emailed me and was interested in the domain and asked me how much I would be interested in selling the domain.

I gave her a quote of about 1200 and as far I was corncerned I didnt even expect to sell the domain.

I explained to her what I do for a living and that I do make some money online complete with some screenshots from some of my php bay stores.

She owned the and wanted version which I would consider smart in terms of defensive domain registration.

Anyway, we went back and forth and I stopped mentioning about the domain or even trying to sell it to her. Instead I focused on helping her get a head start in money making activities by sending her some of the best posts that I have found online.

She was never going to buy the domain from me but I somehow subconsciously convinced her that proctecting yourself with defensively buying a domain now would be cheaper than in the future.

For crying out loud I was writing novels to this woman, doing search online for plugins that she could use for her website.

Anyway to make a long story short she bought the domain from me for 350 bucks.

Thats all I did last week and well, I am sure some of you guys are sitting on pure gold - whether it be domains or websites.

What I have learned from this experience is this - you are not fucking guaranteed that you are going to get someone to buy your shitty domain or website unless you are fucking sure it's a premium domain. I remember reading and he said something along the line that - why hold on to a domain when you can sell it and use the cash for other important stuff i.e google adwords.

Also dont focus on you making money, focus on helping others making money by giving them the resources that they might need to make money or pointing them in the right direction. You will alleviate any fears that they might have and open up their pockets to you.

Cheers Nick.

P.s if you have any domain with type in traffic that you have parked and trying to sell it, I might have some ideas on how to go about selling the domain...

Comment #14

Rick latona.

Rick is the man - enough said.

Frank schillings seven mile ( you can listen to shoemoney(thousand are or you can read a guy what making 10 mill a year has to say). ( brar worked hard writing some kick ass posts and challenged himself to keep the information free. You will reap traffic from those post for years to come brar ). ( I mean come on, eli just kicks ass - seriously). ( dont underestimate aojons 2006 posts - They are fucking amazing if you execute and mix with what eli has on his posts.. (again another multimillionaire whos advice will make you money). (this guy runs and Its a really really good blog with minimal traffic). (ah the good old days when ruck used to run cash tactics.. now I cant understand what that new blogger is saying. lol. - This guy knows his shit - anything to do with the domain parking and the domain channel, this is the man to call. - I have posts from the old days that will kick any ppc ebook out there. Thanks man, dunno can no longer find those posts on diorex, but I am sure I have them saved somewhere...

Comment #15

And you couldn't offer that domain to me for that much? O.o..

Comment #16

Hahahhaa, first come first served bro.

Plus she is a fucking sweetheart and way closer to me and of the other "sex" too. hahaha Cheers brar. IF I remember right you wanted a trade. ??..

Comment #17

Great thread - more RSS food for me thanks...

Comment #18

Maybe I should write something about how to negotiate.....

Comment #19

Thanks for sharing your knowledge on, Lord Brar. It's definitely a great read..



Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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