How much weight will I lose on Medifast ?

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I was wondering, for those of you who tried Medifast would like to share what you lost your 1st month as well as your starting weight - it is soo motivating to hear about your success..

Thanks so much!.

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About 15 pounds. Starting weight 248..

Comment #1

We have close starting weights, mine was 165.2. I lost 15.2lbs between April 21st and June 1st. I know thats a little over a month but my mini-goal was 15lb and I just snuck by..

Comment #2

I had a big first month..but I had A LOT to lose...135 pounds worth!! You have a lot shorter distance to go so you might not see that HUGE number...but this cant be viewed as a race. If you stick to the plan you WILL get to goal and once you are there it will seem like it took no time at all. Welcome to the boards!.

Comment #3

I lost 13.5 my first month.. Started at 199.5.

Comment #4

I lost 15.5....started at 236..

Comment #5

I lost 20; but, my starting weight was 350 lbs..

Comment #6

I lost 35.8 pounds in my first 4 weeks, but I began this journey weighing 384 pounds. In total I have lost 43 pounds in 6 and 1/2 weeks. I know my loss will slow down eventually, but I am in it for the long haul. Heavier people tend to lose faster, and everyone loses at their own pace. BUT EVERYONE LOSES!!!! YAY!!!.

Comment #7

16 pounds...but only 4 my first week! I started at 195~.

Good Luck!.

Comment #8

22.6...started at 269. Best of luck to you!!!.

Comment #9

With only 25 to lose it would be really unlikely for you to show those kinds of losses (not impossible, just not likely) so I don't want you to be disappointed if you fall at the low end of the range.

I lost 9 pounds my first month, and an average of 2 per week thereafter..

Comment #10

I lost 8 lbs my first month. We definately are all marching to the beat of our own drums!.

Comment #11

I lost 18 my first month, but I had 123 to lose total..

Comment #12

I lost almost 16 lbs - started at 231..

Comment #13

I'm not totally done with my first month on Medifast- but I woke up this morning and had lost 2 more lbs! So 17 total! My end of my first month will be next monday.... WHOHOOO!.

Comment #14

Lost 12.6 the first month and that was with eating out once and having a very, very OFF plan drink. Not bad. Haven't done that since because I like to see that scale heading DOWN!!.

Comment #15

My first month I lost 18 pounds. Since I began at the end of February, I've lost 31 pounds. I've never been one to lose weight at a fast pace, but I'm OK with that....slow & steady wins the race.

Everyone loses weight at different paces. My opinion is that it's best not to compare your losses to others. Just stick with it. You may have some weeks you don't lose at all, and you will have some weeks you may stall out a bit, but don't give up or get discouraged. Best wishes to you on Medifast!!!.

Comment #16

I lost 15 pounds, totally on program and I was exercising everyday. I started at 242..

Comment #17

It depends. I didn't weigh on the 1 month anniversary, I was weighing weekly at that point..

I started at 390 pounds plus (no idea how much plus), and I was retaining an amazing amount of water - my legs and feet were quite bloated. Getting off my high sodium diet had an astounding effect. My second day's loss was 10.2 pounds.

So, if you end the month on the Saturday three days before the end of one month after I started, I lost 43.20 pounds..

If you end the month on the Saturday four days after the end one month after I started, I lost 49.30 pounds..

Still... I would rather have started at 200 pounds, and lost 6 pounds in my first month, personally..

Comment #18

I'm going on almost a month and have lost 11.9..

I find that those that have a lot more to lose tend to lose quicker the first month..

Comment #19

I started at 172 and lost 13 pounds the 1st month..

Comment #20

Started at: 215..

First month loss: 15.6.

Averaged: 10 pounds a month til the last month..

Comment #21


I started on April 7th at 161 lbs and my goal was 130. After 1 month I had lost 12 lbs. (7 in the first week). After 2 months I had lost 17 lbs and I upped my goal to 135 (same as yours!). As you can see from my ticker I am still working on the last 6. The final 10 come off slow, slow, slow.

My knees hurt less too with just the 20 lb loss..

Comment #22

I started at 230 lbs.....i lost 17 lbs my first month-and just finished my second month losing 16 lbs good luck to you and WOW everyones losses are sooo inspiring!!.

Comment #23

I lost 18.5 lbs the first month. I'll be weighing in tomorrow for my 5th week finished. Good luck!.

Comment #24

I lost 22 - and started at 214..

Comment #25

I started at 211 and lost 16 lbs my first month..

Comment #26

That would be kind of high for a woman, actually. Medifast says to expect losses of 2-5 pounds per week, which would be 8-20 pounds in a month. Some people lose more, which is awesome, but if you set your sights that high and compare your losses to those of others who may have more to lose or a different body composition, you are setting yourself up for disappointment. Keep your expectations realistic, and if you exceed them you will be pleasantly surprised..

Comment #27

I have my weightloss by month in my signature..

Comment #28

I was 273 and lost 20! I think we are all different, and being thinner (with not much to lose) it might be a little slower. Stick with it - it might take a few months, but it will be so worth it!!.

Comment #29

11 pounds the first month and we have similar starting weights. I was 152 and after 10 weeks, at 133 but holding a steady 130 all week..

Good luck!.

Comment #30

I started at 213 and lost 16 lbs my first month. Good luck!.

Comment #31

I agree with what some others here have said I think the more you have to lose the faster it comes off at first. My week to week is at the bottom with my start weight..

Comment #32

Started at 285 and lost about 15 the first month and was totally stoked, as I've never had those types of results on any other program. 20 pounds is a LOT and not too many people achieve that, in my opinion..

Comment #33

Started at 280...first month lost 15 pounds.

It's also helpful if you take your measurements as well..

Good Luck to you!.

Comment #34

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