How much exercise to do while on Medifast?

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Hey everyone!.

I've been doing Medifast for a 4 1/2 weeks now and I've been considering starting up with my exercising... I have a few concerns though....

1. I've heard that it slows your weight loss down... is this true? I'm not sure if I'm ready to have it slow down. I don't want to get discouraged..

2. I'm really scared that it will change my appetite... I read posts all the time about how people have to sometimes force themselves to finish meals at night because they're just not hungry... I just can't wrap my mind around that! LOL I have a few good friends that have that problem too, but for me?... I still have a hard time occasionally with hunger. My mom says it's because I'm

3. Also, I'm a little worried about energy... A few years ago I used to work out 3 times a week with a club (even though I was over weight) so I know it helps with energy eventually, but with the holidays are coming up & the diet... just not sure if I can afford to lose 1/2 day because I did a strenuous workout that morning. My life has been pretty sedentary this year and I've finally started to feel like myself this last week again.

I know Medifast says that most people start to feel an increase in their energy level after the 1st week and they're not so hungry after that 1st week also... I'm not most people... lol I thought I was gonna die until about 2 1/2 weeks... Energy started really kicking up in the 3rd week. Now I feel great! But it was a struggle at the beginning. Knowing all this about myself makes me question if I should wait till after the holidays to start an exercise program...

Any advice or personal experiences you'd like to share?..

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It might be a matter of trying it for a day or two and monitoring what you can tolerate and how it affects your appetite. I stick to a max of 30 minutes per day. Not because I can't do more........ because I'm sadly one of those people who really never did start a love affair with exercise. Slowly I'm realizing I can have FUN! Try things you enjoy and they won't feel like exercise.....they will feel like you are embracing life and living...

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You're supposed to start around week 4.. light walking 30-45m a day. I've been on the program since May and I haven't started yet. Almost to my new goal though!!..

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ROFL!! I really did start laughing out loud... by boys just looked at me weird.....

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I worked out 1-2 times a week the whole time. I did get hungrier when I had weeks of more then 2 work outs- but I think I might be the exception? I was hungry my whole weight loss phase- transition has helped me not be so hungry. Get some cardio in if you can. Very light. It might help with energy and it does make you feel better. If you are really worried about no losses then just wait till transition.

For just in case.

So maybe just try it out and see how you feel? If you give it 2 weeks and start to gain or feel SUPER hungry- then back off till you are close/at goal? Just my thoughts...

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Hi Greyflower - I am definitely in the yes camp! Yes, it may slow your losses and yes, sometimes I am so hungry I could eat my office supplies, but my body is getting toned and lean!! I have also heard that exercising for the duration of Medifast will help speed the losses the closer you get to goal weight. I think I am starting to experience that. I started the C25K program 3 weeks ago, and you can see my weight loss slowed for a couple of weeks but look at my last weigh in! I think it is worth it. It is also helping me develop a habit that I will have to have for the rest of my life. As someone who has always struggled with her weight I have come to realize that daily exercise is something that I will always do or my other option is to go back to being obese and miserable..

Good Luck with whichever you choose!! Either way, Medifast works...

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I was around 200 lbs. when I was exercising a few years ago and at first I HATED it, but the endorphins really do start to kick in and I just always felt sooo much better after wards... I live in the southwest so it's VERY VERY hot hear... it's just getting cool enough for me to get out and do some outdoor fun stuff with my boys... thanks for the reminder that exercise is not always at a gym...

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If you feel it's time to add exercise, then like someone else suggested just start with easy walking. Exercise doesn't have to be a heart-pumping sweaty event every time... especially when one is eating starvation levels of calories.

Walk for 15 to 30 minutes and do some light stretching before and after. Walking is a great way for women to tone hips, thighs and calf muscles. Once you feel comfortable with that add some free weight exercises to tone up the upper body.

Not everyone loves a heavy workout. And really, it takes a lot more calories than we are all eating to support muscle-building. But for all the people who love to sweat and don't feel ill effects from workouts during the weight-loss phase. More power to you!!!!.

I walk for 30 minutes 4 times a week. I go to the gym and use cardio equipment (like an elliptical) twice a week for 30 minutes. And I also play racquetball twice a week for 45 minutes. Soon I'm starting a dance class on Tuesday nights. Oh yeah, I also use free weights for toning up my arms/chest most nights if I'm watching something on tv anyway. I'm just careful not to overexert myself...

I eat a bit extra on exercise days if I'm feeling weak. Other than that, no problems with hunger. Actually I'm less hungry on exercise days...

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Wow. Maybe I started two early. Today Is my last day of week one and I went to my regular hot hula class at the gym today. Except I left at thirty mins instead of doing the whole hour. Hope it doesn't slow me down! I felt great and could have done the whole class.

Try it out, take it slow and do what feels right for your body. Good luck!..

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I exercised the whole time. In the beginning I did stick pretty close to the 45 minutes as far as walking and I did several days a week of toning. It kept my losses slower than most until the last 15 pounds then it literally fell off. I can only guess because I had built up muscle by then? I just felt good exercising and I wanted it to already be part of my routine not something else I had to figure out in maintenance.

I was hungry the whole time on 5&1 maybe partly from the exercise. I was able to deal though.

One thing I read in an article a while ago was "get the weight you want in the kitchen. Get the body you want in the gym" You have to weigh which is more important and if you will get discouraged with slower losses then maybe wait to exercise. I talked to the trainers here and what they said was long term the exercise benefits far outweigh the faster scale and I can tell you I literally cried my way through exercise alot...

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You have all been a really big help, and I do agree that the benefits of exercising out weighs the difference in the scale. Yet at the same time I don't want to get discouraged, so....

I've decided to start my exercising this Saturday (my weigh in day), BUT I'm not going to go all out either... Maybe start with just a mile in the mornings and than T,Th,&Sat some very, very light strength/toning. Once I get closer to goal, I can kick it up. I'm sure I won't be worried about the scale as much by than.

Thanks again! I'll keep checking my post to see if anyone else has some advice..


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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