How much does Medifast cost?

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I was calculating what I want in my first shipment and the total came to $310! I do have a $20 coupon so that brings it to $290. I was wondering what you guys spend each month on Medifast for the meals if no one would mind sharing that info. I was expecting more closer to the $250 amount. It's just that my husband is the only one working b/c we have 7 yr old twin girls and my one daughter is a special needs child and I honestly don't know if I am going to be able to swing an extra $300/month for Medifast. Thanks..

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I only spend about 200 a month ..there are coupons you can use if you do a search that gives you 50 dollars off...I really stick to just a few things tho...oatmeal ...soup and shakes...good luck.

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It does end up being about $300 a month....I have had my monthly order range between 250 and 300 depending on what I am ordering.. isn't really 300 extra. Just think about what you used to spend on food on yourself. How much money did you spend on groceries before? Yes, you are still buying groceries for the family, but you are only buying food for one meal a day for yourself. How much money did you spend on food when you were out and about food there...a coffee here....a snack there? Add those things all up and I imagine it is easily 300 dollars.

If you are 100% committed to the program, you won't be spending any money on any of the above things, so the money you are spending on food is for the 5 little packets a day and a small lean and green meal. I know it can still be a financial strain...I feel it too, but hopefully you can find a way to make it work since your health and fitness are worth it, especially when you think about how much in the last year you spent on food that didn't bring you closer to health and fitness..

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Mine is usually $250.00, no coupons and a nice variety..

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5 pkts x 31 days = 155 divided by 7 pkts per box equals 22.14 boxes per month.

23 boxes x 14.50 equals...$333.50.

Did you check out BeSlim if you are ordering from TSFL or Autoship to save more and get free items? If not perhaps phone customer service and they will explain the details.

I know it's expensive but there is nothing more important than our health. Can you try to save in other places? I think maybe your grocery bill/eating out will save you a bit. Good luck!.

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Bars and RTDs are more expensive. You can cut back there..

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My first month was close to $300, but my second was only $270 because I had the 1st and 2nd weeks free from the autoship. Plus I took advantage of the coffee house special which was significant savings on 3 boxes for $32. My third month was only $200 because I am in transition so I needed only 16 boxes, not 20 for the month, and I get my 5% discount for my 3rd and greater autoship order as well. I'm not sure exactly how it will go once I get down to just 2-3 Medifasts per day... might have to rethink things in order to get the best bang for the buck..

I still figure the whole experience is cheaper than having to buy myself a brand new wardrobe in the next size up, which is where I was headed prior..

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I tend to spend $250 a month. It can get very expensive when you look at that one big hunk of change but as Shelley pointed out, you do save some moneyin other places. I am very careful though about how I use the products. If I try a recipe and it is gross, I tend to eat it anyways. I would seriously look into the Autoship or BeSlim or coupons though, those things can help reduce the bill..

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220-250 a month has always been my average. I do pay just a smidge higher now with shipping..... but still not 300. There are some items that are less costly than others so if you are on a tight budget you should look into that... AND you can always do websearches for coupons, or look at the Medifast ads in magazines.. they always have coupon codes in small print too! Good luck!.

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I usually spend $200-$250 a month. I find coupons and I always order bars. The prices are high but I am not going out to lunch anymore and not buying that many groceries. If I have to put in on a credit card I will, just because this diet works and I am losing weight..

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I usually spend $230-$250 on autoship. I think the first order was higher, but with the auto ship option you get the free shipping and a % discount..

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My first order was $300 w/shipping but I am in Canada so am unable to do autoship. I ordered my own meals not the variety pack. BUT I have found that I have spent very little on anything else. I am buying my Lean food in bulk (chicken and fish) and veggies. Also, I am no longer going to fast food places or stopping for expensive coffee's. If your family eats the L&G meals with you they will also be healthier too! There are lots of coupons out there also.

Good luck..

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