How many frames do you guys use to create your panoramas?
I'm wondering if there are any conventions in the amount of images required for making panoramas? I would imagine 3 being the bare minimum?..

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Are you talking 180 or 360?I typically take 36 photos for a 360 pano18 or so for 180I like to over lap the photos a bit, it helps the stitching processSparky_caGo take photos ..

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I always shoot my panos vertically and I aim to use the center 3rd of the image, so I use 2-3 frames to cover one frame width. Typically my panos are 10-25 images..

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Some answers - mine...

Two, at the minimum... one shot is just one shot..

It depends on how many degrees of arc you are trying to capture and what focal length you are using.. and how many rows (or columns if you are shooting a vertical pano)!...

Eg: Canon 5D (35mm sensor), 50mm lens, 30 degrees of arc, in portrait orientation - I'd be looking at at least 4-5 frames (with overlap)..

Canon 350/XT (APS-C sensor), 24mm lens, 90 degrees of arc, landscape orientation - cityscape? - I'd consider 10-12 frames (with 25% overlap each side)...

Most often, my own panos tend to be just 2-4 frames, in portrait orientation (horizontal pano) to get more pixels on a small target than I would with a wider lens..

Cheers,S.**My XT IS Full Frame APS-C/FF of course!*****So is my 5D 35mm/FF**..

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Sgt_Strider wrote:.

I'm wondering if there are any conventions in the amount of imagesrequired for making panoramas? I would imagine 3 being the bareminimum?.

There is no answer to your question. It is too broad..

It depends on:.

1. What you are taking a picture of.2. What you will do with the composite.3. What camera/lens you use.4. What stitching software you will utilize..

Charlie DavisNikon 5700 & Sony R1HomePage: http://www.1derful.infoBridge Blog:

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Sgt_Strider wrote:.

I'm wondering if there are any conventions in the amount of imagesrequired for making panoramas? I would imagine 3 being the bareminimum?.

Technically, crop a full frame's top and bottom and you get a "panorama." That's what film panorama cameras do: they expose a wide swath of film, either all-at-once or while scanning and pivoting..

What I think you mean is composite panoramas, in which case the obvious minimum is two. It takes two images to composite. A lot of people shoot these projects. It doesn't take a lot of work..

I most often shoot 4x1, or 4x2, or 3x3, or 8x2 arrangements..

When blending exposures, I double it up: if it is an 8x2 photo scene, I take 8x2x2 images; half of them partially underexposed and half of them partially overexposed..

My record is 108 images, which is 12x3x3. This is a lot smaller than some of my friends' work, who like to build up custom tools to deal with the gigapixel workflow..

[ e d @ h a l l e yc c ]

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As well, often I think people find the image count becomes limited by ones own computer power...I do single row panos that have a 1:3.5 aspect ratio...I end up with files in the 600-900MB size...seemingly takes forever to post process in photoshop...

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Any panorama requires at least 2 frames to make it, or it isn't a panorama..

As for how many frames beyond the 2 it depends on the lens used, and how many degrees you are going for, and the % overlap between shots, also there is the matter of wether or not the pano is a single row; there are mutiple row panos..

For a 120degree pano with a 20mm lens on a dslr(1.5 crop) shot vertically; it requires 7 shots with a 1/3 overlap. for 35mm or 50mm lens with the preceding setup the answer is 13 shots. these are single row panos...

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Rule of thumb :.

Shoot as many as you need to get about 25-50% overlap between each adjacent shot..

It doesn't matter how many that is..

Be prepared to watch your computer tick over stitching them together - extra memory helps..


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I have done some 1 frame 360 panoramas but quality is not so good..

The lens determines what the minimum amount of frames will be..

Panoweaver for example can stitch two 185 degree images to a 360x180 pano..

I have no pano head so I use some more overlap, using about 8 images ( Peleng 8mm Fisheye ) to make 360x180 fullscreen panoramas. I stitch manually in Photoshop..

Example Pianohttp://www.pellepiano.comGallery at

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Why manually stitch when there are applications that do it for you..

Try Hugin.

And doesn't Photoshop have a stitch tool ? .


Pentax K100DFuji S5200Fuji E900PCLinuxOS..

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Yes but they dont seem to like my fisheye images. I kind of like doing it manually too.Pelle Pianohttp://www.pellepiano.comGallery at

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