How good are you at tolerating hunger??

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On a scale of 1-10, 1 being BAD - 10 being GOOD. I rate myself at 5 sometimes I'm a star other times I am a slave to my desire to EAT. I am aiming to improve this and hope to be at about 7 by the time I get to goal & thru maintenance. I think this is what it will take to maintain a slim weight. Curious how others do in handling the big "H" monster...

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Hunger pains are my best friend now. I mean, sometimes I hate it of course, but other times it feels kind of nice. That sounds crazy, hahaa...

Comment #1

I"m fine at hunger, my eating was more emotional. I don't mind being hungry. I'd say I'm more toward 7-8...

Comment #2

Now, I am pretty gosh darn good at it. However, back in the day...I was horrible at it. I used to think it was a crazy crisis and if I didn't eat RIGHT NOW...I might die.

Now, I know that I am gonna eat again...and that food is plentiful in my life. And, I know that hunger isn't a crisis or an emergency. Also, I kind of like that I get hungry before it is time to eat. It's a mild hunger, but it's there. It lets me know that I am fueling my body appropriately and that my body needs more. Before...I ate so much...the times I got hungry were so rare.

Speaking tummy is reminding me it is time for my 10am meal!.



Comment #3

I think I manage my hunger really well now. It doesn't scare me any more. Before this program, I never let myself get really hungry because I was eating lots and lots. So feeling truly HUNGRY is a somewhat new experience for me. I do get truly hungry before each Medifast meal and my lean and green but I am not ravenous, so I can deal with it. I have learned what ravenous, stomach gnawing hunger is also and have learned how to listen to my body's signals and eat before I feel out of control.

I am learning to see hunger as a good thing because it means that it is time to eat. The reaching for food as a response to emotional hunger has diminished completely since I started this program. It's as if that part of my brain has shut off or been reprogrammed. I know I am not immune to it though and that is why a full transition and and making good choices and monitoring during maintenance is so important...

Comment #4

I'm good at tolerating hunger except when I'm teaching. Then I become impatient, uncreative, and really, just a bad teacher!!..

Comment #5

For me it depends on the time of the month. If I'm PMSing, I don't tolerate it very well ( I actually don't tolerate much at all ) If it's just a normal time of the month, I'm ok with it...

Comment #6

I will give myself a 9.5, especially after this morning. I had a sort of financial panic attack. I did not eat, have a scotch, or anything else self destructive. I just did some TCB. The nest way for me to feel more financially safe is to get a job and the best way to do that is to keep sending out resumes, not getting fatter...

Comment #7

So far, on this plan, I am very rarely hungry. I am not even hungry at night. In my experience, on every other diet I have tried, going to bed with the tummy grumbles was just a way of life...something I needed to come to accept..

But, on Medifast I don't go to bed hungry. I don't wake up hungry. I don't know what they put in this food. But, whatever it is, it works for me!.

Usually, when I do experience hunger it's because my next meal time is coming up. But, any other time, if it does creep in...I just tell myself that those hunger rumbles are actually my body eating my fat & I actually rejoice in that image! I think I heard that on Oprah once? Or, on some diet site? I don't know. But, that works for me..

Comment #8

I think I'm pretty good at tolerating hunger. I'd give myself a 9..

But, then again, when I used to eat whatever, whenever I wanted, it wasn't because I was hungry. It was because I just wanted to eat. Big difference for me..

I don't mind being hungry. I like the feeling in my stomach. I take it to mean I'm losing weight...

Comment #9

Hunger used to be a really scary thing for me, I think because we grew up without a lot of money and I associate it with being in danger of starving. I went through some exercises that helped me to make peace with the feeling of hunger. Now, I'm pretty good with it...

Comment #10

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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