How do you feel about the Orange Medifast Creme Shake?

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Just wondering, I am sitting here starting to put my next order together and I have not tried this one or the banana or strawberry. Just thinking I wanted to try something new...

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I really love the banana shake and the orange shake is a close second. I make them with Sunkist diet sparkling lemonade and ice in the blender. I add just a sprinkle of Crystal Light Lemonade powder which gives it a little zing. The strawberry is ok but not MY favorite. You can order individual packets of the foods. It costs a little more per packet but it allows you to try something without buying a whole box...

Comment #1

I hated it. It's one of the things I will never order again. But as Cellis's post above affirms, we all like different things. Give it a whirl, you might love it...

Comment #2

I like the orange with a lot of ice - it reminds me of a creamsicle - banana is ok for me - but the chemical taste really seems to come through for me in the strawberry. I don't like the vanilla at all, swiss mocha not so much either.

I drink mostly chocolate, or orange. But, everyone's taste is different. You can always send back what you don't like as long as you only use one packet and Medifast will exchange it for you. A hassle but I thought it was worth it...

Comment #3

If you end up not liking them, they are decent as shake cakes..

Comment #4

Ohhh... good idea on the shake cakes. Someone told me to mix the fruity shakes with fresca... haven't tried it yet... I am into all the fall flavors right now... but I think a strawberry might be refreshing tomorrow.

I like the banana shake just fine.....

Comment #5

If you liked creamsicles as a kid, you'll probably like the orange creme. I like it in the evening, not during the day for some reason. Dutch chocolate and swiss mocha are my mainstains. Didn't like the banana so much, and strawberry is refreshing.

If you freeze the shake and pour some hot zero-calorie/sugar/fat chocolate or carmel syrup on it (Walden Farms), all the shakes taste great! And the syrup is only counted as one condiment...

Comment #6

I like the orange shake. Reminds me of the orange push-ups I used to get as a kid. I like the banana shake too, though normally I am not a fan of fake banana flavor. Hate the strawberry creme shake. Just thinking about it makes me shudder. It has a very strong artificial strawberry flavor...

Comment #7

Like most other people said on here, I really like the orange, but do not like the banana or strawberry...

Comment #8

The vanilla shake is good made in the blender with coffee and some pumpkin pie spice and then reheated in the microwave. Watch it though because it likes to bubble out of the mug...

Comment #9

I must have done something wrong or have different taste, because I tried this and the shake cake with the vanilla shake (cause I can't stand it) and it made me wanna vomit...

Comment #10

Okay, I am a purist. I can't stand the mixing with this and that. I liked the orange better than the strawberry, but I wouldn't order either again. You do realize we all are different and what I can't may love. It's a wonderful world...

Comment #11

I am not a real chocolate person, love all the shakes. Do what one of the posts says and just order 1 packet and go from there, smart idea!..

Comment #12

I've liked all the shakes so far. Haven't tried the orange yet (next order). What I absolutely can next gag down is the Capuccino. I've eaten and tasted a lot of mung in my life, but the Medifast taste testers were either high or drunk the day they gave that one the thumbs ups. But then there are people that also think okra is edible.... (Kidding! Please do not send letters or threaten my family).....


Comment #13

You definitely should try everything yourself - we all have much varied tastes! I cannot stand the orange or the strawberry but I love the banana LOL! I even tried mixing the orange with sprite zero and although it was better than plain, I still won't order it again. I'm all about food as fuel, but there are limits.

Glenn - the only way okra is edible is when it's battered and fried - so it's OFF my list forever now (of course, I did grow up in the deep south).....

Comment #14

I haven't tried the shake cakes so can't help you there but I do like the recipe for the vanilla with coffee and pumpkin pie spice. You probably didn't do anything wrong. You just may not like the taste. We all just have different tastes so what I like someone else might not. I love the chili but I have a client who just can't get past the smell of it so she doesn't eat it. You just have to try the different products and find what you like and stick to that for a while.

I would love to love the oatmeal...

Comment #15

Orange creme was a favorite of mine. Loved it...

Comment #16

I haven't tried the Orange, Strawb or Banana. I am pretty much a Chocolate or doctored Vanilla person. And come to think of it, since the weather turned cooler, I haven't used anything as a shake. I either make a shake cake or mix them up cold, flavor them and then heat and sip them hot. Anything I can't stand the taste of, I drink with a straw, far back on my tongue and it bypasses the taste buds somewhat. (btw, I drink my water with a straw, too, and by doing so, consume at least twice as much water per day as I do when not using the straw.) As other posters have said over and over again, our tastes change as we change.

Ex: the scent of food ,candy or gum flavored with grape or fake blueberry will make me gag. This whole Medifast thing reminds me of that, as we lose weight by removing many foods from our intake, perhaps our palate changes a lot. ex: we have taken away processed and heavily salted foods, I now can not tolerate the taste of 'normally' salted or seasoned foods. I have totally changed the way I cook. Who knew this could happen to me? ROFL Violet.

Sorry for the long winded post)..

Comment #17

I like all the non-coffee drinks, puddings, and soft serves...

Comment #18

I love it, I mix it with a diet orange soda, then pour in a pie plate and freeze! Then eat it with a spoon, tastes JUST like a push-up! YUM!..

Comment #19

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