How do you deal with your fears during Medifast?

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I'm starting tomorrow and my apprehension and fears are really kicking into gear. I am going to write them all down in a notebook to see if just getting them on paper rather than keeping them swirling around in my head helps. It's like my brain is already trying to sabatoge my diet..

My main fear? Discouragement, leading to failure. In the past, I've always been an extremely slow loser and would get discouraged that it was taking so long to get the weight off. Now, this is a different kind of diet, so I'm hoping that won't be the case, but we'll see..

For me, the psychological issues around my weight are huge (as I'm sure they are with a lot of you too). What have you done that has helped you confront and deal with those issues?..

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My biggest fear is failure, and that leading to my husband being disappointed...I know that I want to lose weight, and I'm doing this for ME...but WE are paying for this program and He is my real life I am terrified of letting him down....

I also think that I set the bar too high sometimes...I see how other people respond to certain situations and assume that is the same way my body will respond...I have to learn to celebrate the small victories and realize I won't lose 10lbs a week...

I'm also going to give journaling a try...I keep a word doc on my desktop and anytime I feel the *urge* I just open that document and start typing....

Good luck on your journey..

Comment #1

I don't mind admitting that I freaked out a bit in the time between ordering and receiving my first delivery. Medifast seemed so extreme that I had a huge fear it wouldn't work and what options would that leave me?.

But the first thing I realized was that Medifast works for every single person who does the plan as written. Every single person. So I lost the typical Gigi reaction which was that I always know what's best for me and what works best for me, and just did as I was told. And it's worked. Turns out the scientists and the doctors actually do know more about losing weight than the fat girl.

Lose the "we'll see" attitude and commit 100% to Medifast and let it work...

Comment #2

Honestly I ordered my first month looking for another quick fix. A.K.A magic. My first week or two I still had that mindset. I was able to get some real feedback here from folks who had been on the program and lost well. I slowly changed my perception of Medifast as doing it for me to me using Medifast to do it for myself..

As far as my issues, I had many that were food and weight related and many that were not and I was in counseling until I had those under control (I still go to counseling here and there). I knew I couldn't attempt a physical change until my mental and emotional health were in a good place...

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Hang out here for support and inspiration and just ignore the negative stuff that sometimes comes up. Most of us are positive and ready to help each other, so let the few that may not be, just go their own way..

There are a couple of books that some of us are reading that you can check out, one is The Beck Diet Solution and one is Shrink Yourself which focuses on emotional eating issues, there is also a website by the same name If you are interested you can probably find both books at the library..

Personally I am using both books plus the books that Medifast has, and I see a therapist weekly to work on my depression and overeating issues..

TABGAR - Writing down your fears in a notebook is an excellent idea!.

Keep coming here! and talking it out..


Comment #4

An exercise for fears is to write them down, write down what could happen if they become reality, and then write down what you can do about them this week. Then, do that thing. If you can't think of anything you can do, you vow to put it out of your mind and address it next week. Then, the next week, you pull out the paper and update it. And so on. It is really empowering..

For example:.

I'm afraid that the plan won't work. If that happens, then I will have wasted money and I'll be fat forever and no one will like me because I'll be so unhappy and I'll lose my job and then I won't be able to afford a place to live and will be homeless and then I'll be obese and homeless and will die in the cold, alone. (Seriously, my mind has gone that far sometimes.) What I will do this week: I will follow the plan and see if it works..


I'll become uncontrollably hungry. If that happens, I won't be able to control myself if someone offers me sweets and then I'll make a terrible fool of myself gobbling them down and they'll laugh and I'll be so mortified I have to avoid them forever. What I will do this week: When I feel an urge coming on that I can't control, I will take a walk away from anyone or post on the boards until I feel more in control...

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Wow - thanks sooo much for the support, you guys! I wrote down my fears while I was waiting for my son at school, and it turns out there are only about 8 items on my list. It seemed like a lot more when they were all floating around in my head. I'm going to take your advice, WeightyThoughts, and write down what could happen if they come true and what I can do about them (this week). I have a terrible habit of being a "what if" thinker and worrying about things that may never happen. Drives my husband nuts, LOL!.

GGRobin - I had to laugh at your "lose the "we'll see" attitude" comment. My husband says "skeptic" should be my middle name, LOL! Positive thinking has never been my strong point and is something I have to work at every day. I am determined to make this work, though. It's become more than just wanting to lose weight because I want to look better - I NEED to lose it for health reasons. I'm 46 years old and it's time to stop fooling around and sticking my head in the sand about my weight.

Thanks again, all of you!..

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I'm glad you were able to write down your fears about starting your journey. It helps to see it on paper and go back and visit those fears to see if you've conquered them. A journal is a wonderful thing. These boards are also an excellent way to express your concerns, as everyone here is having very similar if not the same issues. You will receive much positive feedback..

For me, my issues with food didn't really begin until 5-6 years ago when things in my life changed, resulting in overeating and indulging in too many goodies. Prior to that, I was pretty healthy and thin. It's amazing what a few years of bad habits can lead to...for me, it was being 60 lbs overweight. Ouch. I was diagnosed T2 diabetic. Double ouch.

I am slowly realizing that I don't have to celebrate every cool thing in life with (fill in the blank) food. Plus, for some reason, I had stopped being physically active. That has changed too. I think you are doing a great job of acknowledging your fears about food and weight by deciding to start MF. It will help you change your life..

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Love you - that was fantastic. Best summary of that point I've heard yet...

Comment #8

WELL SAID! I was the exact same way. I didnt even take "good" beginning photos! Just follow the plan-IT WORKS!..

Comment #9

Good for you! And save those papers. In six months, you'll look back and be amazed...

Comment #10

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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