How do I sort/tag all these pictures! Software suggestions also welcomed.
I think I've been bitten by the bug pretty bad. In the month and a half that I've had my camera I've taken about 3000 pictures. I was hoping for some tips on sorting/tagging pictures. I have one Tag that I use called " favorites" which I tag my favorites shots with (note that the space I insert before the word favorites is intentional. Its an old trick which causes the tag to alphabetize to the top of any list). I also have a long list of tags I use to categorize my images with.



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Kirktk wrote:.

I think I've been bitten by the bug pretty bad. In the month and ahalf that I've had my camera I've taken about 3000 pictures. I washoping for some tips on sorting/tagging pictures. I have one Tagthat I use called " favorites" which I tag my favorites shots with(note that the space I insert before the word favorites isintentional. Its an old trick which causes the tag to alphabetize tothe top of any list). I also have a long list of tags I use tocategorize my images with.



Picassa and Photoshop Elements have good sorting procedures..

But... before you do that... may I make another suggestion? 3000 pictures in six weeks is, well, rather a lot. The nice thing about digital cameras is that you can shoot very quickly and easily at no cost, but the converse of that is that (I wouldn't mind betting) a lot of your pictures are similar to one another; some of them won't really be very good; and you won't have done much in the way of optimising what you have by post-processing. Who is going to look at those 3000 pictures (not to mention the additional 24000 that you will take in the next year at that rate?).

IMO one of the most important tricks to getting a collection of good photos is the ability to edit ruthlessly and ditch the sub-standard ones. 100 good pictures in a collection of 3000 will be lost in the noise and make people's eyes glaze over; 100 good pictures out 100 will be impressive and have people thinking that you really know what you are doing..

If you have several similar pictures of the same scene / situation - how many do you really need? Which one or two are the best? Ditch the rest (or at least, if you don't want to delete them now, put them in a separate folder to review again later). Are there any that are poorly composed, or slightly unsharp (missed focus, camera shake, or motion blur)? - ditch them. Any that you think are 'so-so' rather than good? - ditch those too..

The ones you really like - could they benefit from a little cropping, straightening, adjustment of brightness and contrast and colour balance, sharpening? - almost certainly yes - learn how to do it and make them much better. This is part of the fun of digital photography..

If I go out for a walk with my camera I may take 40 or 50 pictures... of which, on reflection, I will delete about 50%.. and if there is one that I am really pleased with (pleased enough to make a good A4 print and hang it up) then I consider the day a success..

Best wishesMike..

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There is now 44 main folders in the Mypics(the main pictures folder) folder..

The first few are animals aquarium astronomy boat butterflys cars christmas clouds commercial dng fall fireworks flowers garysoffice, etc. according to the folder properties there is a total of 148 folders which includes the 44 main folders. in the travel folder there are 26 subfolders, which is every trip the wife and I have been on. the last folders are pistons2004 places raw sbc scan3 scan4 sunriseset things tiff travel turkeyday winter..

In the people folder there are 2 subfolders and the rest of the pics are in order but in the folder. in panorama there are 13 subfolders which are all the panos that I have made(this could be more than 1 pano in each folder they are grouped by location and date). in the hdr folder there are 5 subfolders which like my panos by location each has more than 1 pano in it. note in the pano and hdr folders also have the pic files that the panos and hdrs are made from..

I made the folders based on how I wanted them organized, what I would look for if I wanted to find a certain picture. and the VERY MOST IMPORTANT, I STARTED THE FOLDERS WHEN I WENT TO DIGITAL. I did not have 5000 shots then decided to put them in folders. there is currently 111gb and 4548image files..

Note that this includes a lot of slides that I have scanned to digital and are quite large. my folder names are the way I organize them and want to find them later. if I would go to joe blow junk yard and shoot flowers. I would then make a folder in the main flower folder and label it joe blow junk yard. I would not make a junk yard folder because that is not what I shot, I shot flowers. I will be going the the you of michigan matthai botanical gardens when it warms up and the flowers bloom.

It will contain what ever I shot there..

The big thing with my folders is that it is up and running now. I do not have to start with 5000 or 15000 pics and decide where to put them. also I never rpt never rpt never set them up by date, that is month yr, I cannot imagine trying to look for them that way. I would be in a position that I would want a certain pic of my sisterinlaw taken 3 yrs and 2 monthes ago so I would have to recall which date I took the pic. no thanks, I am not that good..

With my system I would simply go to mypics/peoplep/jennifer and every shot I ever took is there of her..

I am currently not making any new main folders. just the subfolders once in awhile. I seem to have all the folder catagories I need, it is just a matter of putting the pics in them when I am done with them..

I also use the rightclick/copyhere a lot now. that is when I know I am done except for printing by me or an online outfit I just copy them to correct folders then delete when the prints are made..

All my original jpegs and digital scans of slides(which are really tiffs of 131mb each) are in the jpeg folder that has subfolders each limited to about 4.1 or 4.2gb in size so they fit on a dvd. these I have burned as they reach the 4.2gb size..

My intent is to go into the people folder and make subfolders of different people so I can find them easier..

A big NOTE- when I shoot and bring them to the computer I do a sort. I am getting 95% or better correct exposure and wb. the sort is based on composition. since I could and will have doubles triples and quads etc of the same scene- this could be different lenses or different zoom amounts vertical vs landscape or I could have moved my shooting position slightly. in any event I decide what I want to keep and delete the rest(which will probably be fine in terms of exposure and wb), but I am not going to keep them just for the heck of it and take up hdr drv space. The first sort is ruthless rpt ruthless.

I shoot jpegs. the jpeg is pped if needed than I save it as tiff, the original untouched jpeg goes into my jpeg folder in a subfolder(they are limited to 4.2gb because of dvd size). any future work is done off the tiff including making a jpeg for the web or sending to be printed..

When I do my backup of the my pics folder in the primary pic ext hdr drv I just right click and drag to the second ext hdr drv and copy here, all 111gb of folder is image copied. I also have another 3rd copy on another ext hdr drv. the copy there is based the same way. I have never had a problem in 4yrs+ of digital pics. takes about 2 1/2 hrs to make a copy. I can and do use the pc for other uses during the copy process, but not major work..

As I shoot new stuff I sort and/or make any needed folders so there is never a backup of images. on my c drv is a folder called pics with 25 subfolders called pic1 pic2 etc they are my current holding folders for what has been shot just recently or that I am working on for some reason. the pics folder is also backed up to other ext hdr drvs. takes 2-5 minutes. I do the backup if a add/change/remove anything from the c drv pics folder..

On my desktop is a folder labels Pics in it are 25 subfolders. named pic1 pic2 etc. these are my receiving folders coming in from the field. I do my work there. When finished they are then right click and dragged to the main group of 44 folders on my ext drv.if you have questions, ask. gary..

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Both Mike and Gary have good suggestions. However, these work-flow choices are very personal. Mine is different than theirs, but also incorporates much of what they do..

I start with a folder structure that is descriptive and hierarchical. I import new pix via LightRoom. I assign tags at the time of importation. I put them in appropriate folders which are also created from within LR. I then do "basic" processing of all pix with LR. I try to do them in batches to save time.

I also import the exported subset so that it appears in LR in the future. A few of the pix will be important enough that I use PSE6 to apply further processing..

LR is really good for processing LOTS of pix quickly..

Charlie DavisNikon 5700, Sony R1, Nikon D300HomePage: http://www.1derful.infoBridge Blog:'Experience: Discovering that a claw hammer will bend nails.Epiphany: Discovering that a claw hammer is two tools...'..

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I use Microsoft Expression Media, which used to be called iView Mediapro. I've used it for a few years now. There's a bit of a learning curve, but it's extremely powerful. Very fast too, and IMHO one of the best digital asset management programs around. Very highly recommended!..

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I'm with Charlie Davis. I use Lightroom and a large folder structure that is descriptive and hierarchical. I use CS3 for final edit..

One more thing. I get rid of the garbage. I used to keep almost every raw image I took, but no longer. I now only keep about 10% of the images I take. I learned after a year or so of digital that I just wasn't going to go back to the less than good images for any reason..

Keeping them all was a holdover from many long years of film.Cheers, Craig..

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