How did you discover Medifast?

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How did you find MF?.

Did you ever find yourself wondering why you didn't find and start Medifast a year ago or years ago? That was my first thought when I woke up this morning with three weeks down and just at the start of my journey.

I was just invited yesterday to a holiday party with friends that I have not seen for about a year and thought to myself if only I had found Medifast sooner!!! I could be at goal weight for that party. That's ok. I know I will still have a great time. She has the same latkapalooza holiday party every year and I know these dear friends love and support me regardless of my weight. I still will benefit too by being on Medifast because I won't end up in a food coma after eating too many latkas! Next year I can walk in and shock them all =).

When I think back to a year ago I was in denial and I'm not sure if I was really ready at that point. It took a back injury for me to get a wake up call. Nothing like an injury to make you realize the value in being healthy and just being able to move your body without pain..

Ironically, I found Medifast (or Medifast found me) a few days after that injury and somehow it all just clicked. A co-worker who had also injured her back mentioned she was on Medifast and doing great. I started to do some research on MF, and within two days I had my delivery on the way. Even more ironic is that another coworker of mine that sits directly in the cube in front of me was a TSFL coach. I found that about a week already into the plan. Now he is my coach too.

I really do believe everything happens for a reason!..

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After our house fire my husband and I were staying in a hotel. I saw a Medifast packet in the garbage can and wondered what it was. I googled it later when I was on the computer and read all about it. At the time I didn't need it. After the stress of dealing with the house fire I put on about 15 pounds. That's when I remembered about Medifast and ordered it.

I'm hoping this is my last go around with Medifast. I'll do really well and then blow it. Anyway, that's how I found out about Medifast. I'm glad I did! If you follow the plan it really does work...

Comment #1

I had been making strides in my therapy and was ready to do something but was not sure what. I stopped eating chocolate in late May this year and then stopped sugar 2 weeks later. Then I went to the first appt with my new doctor mid June and saw the Medifast poster in her office, I looked it up online later and gave it some thought, the next week back in the doctors office I asked her if she thought it would good for me, and she connected me with a TSFL health coach..

It s funny I have thought why didn't I ever see this before? In magazines or anywhere. I don't think I was ready and when I saw it at the doctor's office it just clicked, this is it..

I like this thread and look forward to seeing everyone's stories!..

Comment #2

I had been wanting to make a change and I played with the idea of nutri system and many others of the same kind. I have an aquaintance who had lost about 40 pounds and she was looking hot hot hot! I did not ask her, but just kind of heard through our grapevine how she did it. So, I called her... and turns out she was jus certified to be a health coach. I just went for it. She is great and I talk to her in some form almost daily! She is the best.

It is great. And most definitely, meant to be!..

Comment #3

I had already tried several other similar plans so I knew if I could stick to them they were right for me. Unfortunately all of the other plans left me with too few food choices because of my assorted food allergies. I was searching online for "soy protein diet shake" before I opened the Medifast link I had never even heard of it. I went from thinking the only way I could be healthy and lose weight was 5 plain chalky diet shakes a day to a whole world of choices including brownies. I have asked myself many times why I never stumbled across Medifast before. I plan to keep eating the brownies indefinitely, through T&M and beyond...

Comment #4

My husband started Medifast. He had known about it for awhile but he was ready to start this past summer. After he was on the program for 2 weeks, I joined him. I wanted to do it for 2 reasons: 1) to support him in his efforts 2) to get that baby weight off plus the 10 pounds I was overweight when I got pregnant. I struggled after having our baby for a number of reasons including back problems...

Comment #5

I had an online friend (who is a member here) and she told us all she'd lost about 80 lbs since last December. I knew I had to do something, I have two weeks where I'm the only adult at the house so I bit the bullet and bought the food...

Comment #6

One of my co-workers was on Medifast all last year and she did very well. Then I watched as my very obese neighbor shrank all last spring. I reached a point last summer where I was fed up with my weight and how I felt so I asked my coworker and my neighbor about MF. The rest is wonderful history (and also the future)..

Comment #7

I've tried ... and failed to stick with ... almost every diet under the sun. I think I found Medifast on a page reviewing diets and was impressed that it was associated with Johns Hopkins and since it was one diet I had never tried before, I was inspired to try it.

Despite some lapses, I have done much better on Medifast than I ever did on Jenny Craig, NutriSystem, WW, Cabbage Soup, Atkins ... and I plan to make it to goal!..

Comment #8

I work for a judge who was on it and lost 25 lbs. At the same time I was doing WW and lost 86 lbs, and thought, no way will Medifast work, he's just eating soup! He'll gain it all back. After my loss I started old habits and gained about 25 lbs back. A coworker was talking one day and finally mentioned Medifast to me. Her friend was becoming a health coach. Did I want to try it? I was struggling greatly to get off those 25 lbs., didn't feel good about myself at all and said, what the heck, why not? I started August 25 and haven't looked back and I feel like I have a better grasp on what I can and cannot eat.

I love it! I will be returning to WW support groups as I'm a lifetime member but for support only. I am going to continue with Medifast forever...

Comment #9

I have been struggling with my weight ever since I had my daughter in 1992, I went through PPD after I had her, and gained 50 pounds on top of the 50 pounds I gained while pregnant with her. Ever since then I have been struggling with WW, counting calories, Kimkins, Slimfast, diet pills, supplements-everything you could imagine. I have been struggling with aches and pains and not feeling well, always out of breath, and I finally said enough is enough! I read books, went on line, researched weightloss and food and hormones, and how it all affects our bodies, I was reading a magazine one day, and saw the advertisement for MF, then I went on line and started researching about it, and bought my first months supply a couple weeks ago. This is my first week on plan, and Im not going to lie, I have had to adjust to some of the foods, but I love that they are Gluten free and Sugar Free, and my body is adjusting! Cant wait for my first weigh in on Monday, Im already feeling SO MUCH BETTER!..

Comment #10

I started gaining weight in the mid 90's. A bad marriage, two miscarriages, me just not caring how I looked... It all just kind of added up. I slowly went from 140 to 150 to 160 and up. Finally I stopped weighing myself.

I got divorced in 2006 and decided to take better care of myself. However, I was unable to lose the weight, so I kind of stopped trying. I got remarried this past July and am happier than I have ever been. Now it is time to take control of the weight issue..

I have a good friend who started a diet second week of September (Lindora, I think it's only in So Cal). She wanted me to do it with her. I was going to, but decided to do some research first..

A friend had done Medifast and lost weight and she highly recommended it. I remembered that my dr. office had Medifast posters. So I researched Medifast and decided it was the choice for me..

I know I made the right choice...

Comment #11

I've know about Medifast for years, but I think that I always had it stored in the back of my mind as the most extreme, last chance diet out there. It was what I would try when I knew that my eating was completely out of hand and nothing else had worked.

Well that time came this summer and, of course, now I'm kicking myself for having found Medifast years ago and never trying it until now. I was saving it for later when I should have been working at it...

Comment #12

I was starting to research bariatric surgery. Some friends of mine have bypass or lap band, and I thought it was time to finally look into it. I've done pretty much every other diet out there. I came across Medifast while researching, and thought I'd give it a shot before calling a surgeon for a consultation. I'm SO grateful I made that choice. My blood pressure is normal now, I'm not in chronic knee and foot pain anymore, and I'm down over 30 pounds already. I wish I had found it year ago...

Comment #13

I've been a struggler for all my life... After getting married~gained some weight; after kids~gained alot of weight. I've been on everything.. WW, Nutri, Atkins, etc... Last year I was going to go the extreme route and get GB surgery, however my insurance denied me. (someone above looking out for me?).

*sigh* One day I saw an x-girlfriend in the grocery store.. She was half the size I saw her last.. She told me she was on a program that she got to eat 6 meals a day and that she was a life coach. I figured she was on a "Shake" diet. Well..

Again I saw her at a distance and she was even thinner.. I was getting bigger, she was getting smaller. I decided to look up the program at this point..

I did research, went to other consumer sites for reviews.. I looked at the success.. read the discussion boards, etc. I still had skepticism. I decided to try it.. I knew I had to do something.

When I started it wasn't hard because my calorie intake was already low, but I was able to eat more often and I only had to think of one meal a day... WOW.. this really works.. Medifast is so easy and most of the food I like.. Unlike GB..

I'm ready to be healthy and THIN..

Comment #14

I had never heard of Medifast until a year ago when my hairstylist told me she was on it. I thought it was nuts but then I got desperate from not being able to lose weight on WW, JC, South beach, etc and gave it a try. I <3 MF!..

Comment #15

Years and years ago I was invited to a Party. Just like a tupperware party or a True Romance party, but this was a Medifast party. I was sold the minute I saw the host unvail her before and after pics. Too bad I was too poor to be able to afford it. After I seperated from my then-husband I decided it was time. I lost 40 pounds, reached my goal, met my now-husband, got married, 2 weeks later got pregnant, and 4 years later here I am doing it for the last time. No more babies for me so now I get to look forward to not only reaching my goal but maintaining for the rest of my life..

Comment #16

I was getting my annual lecture about my weight from my doctor. They offer a weight loss program so I asked about it. I found out that they use the Medifast plan. I went home and Googled it. I decided I couldn't afford the doc program but I could afford to try it on my own. The first try (last year) didn't work because I wanted to "do it my own way".

I came back to the message boards for inspiration and realized that it didn't work because I didn't work the plan correctly..

New committment and a decision to DO IT rather than TRY. :-) Here I am 6 weeks in and 21 lbs lighter. Love it..


Comment #17

I had never heard of Medifast and was quite frankly resigned to being fat (I got fat VERY quickly and assumed it was related to an illness I am dealing with). My primary care doctor told me WW was the only way to lose weight and I KNEW I could not be successful on that type of plan (I hate to cook hate to measure hate to exercise etc.).

At my annual OB/GYN visit my doctor told me about Medifast in the kindest way possible (hey if you want to lose weight this might be a good plan because...). I needed a favor from her so out of guilt I signed up. I seriously thought it was a cult/fad diet that would not work or would work temporarily and then I'd gain it back.

Fat story short - 5 months later I am down 67 lbs and feel so much better about myself and life in general. I am waiting for the other shoe to drop (seriously this is too good to be true) but until then I am a believer...

Comment #18

I had been on and off WW for 3 years and was reading a dieting thread on a mom's board I belong to. Someone mentioned Medifast and that their husband had lost a lot of weight pretty quickly. I looked it up, but it seemed really extreme. I was thinking hard about bariatric surgery and a co-worked got a lap band over the summer. She has lost weight, but hasn't changed her eating habits and has had a lot of stomach issues. Since you have to try a weightloss program before having surgery, I went back to look at MF.

And then I read the 2008 research article where they compared Medifast to the diet prescribed by the American Diabetes Association and the Medifast folks lost twice as much weight. I am a behavioral health researcher by profession, so that sold me! I am so happy now that I didn't have surgery...

Comment #19

My neighbor stopped by to give us a Christmas gift and I hadn't seen her in a while. Suddenly, I realized how thin she looked. I said, OKyou look AWESOME, what did you do? And she said MF. I asked her if it was expensive or hard and she said, nope...and it took her 6 months to lose 35 pounds. She lost weight tremendously slow and yet, stuck with it. I thought, well, let me check this out. And here I am...

Comment #20

I waited until I was ready to lose the weight. When I was, I asked my friend who had lost a TON of weight how she'd done it.

I figured, take the plan used by someone who was successful, right?.

Oh, I did have another friend who had one of the surgeries and lost a ton of weight really fast, but then I saw her at lunch eating a salad with blue cheese dressing with EXTRA blue cheese dressing on the side. Uh, no. That does not look healthy to me...

Comment #21

I had basically given up on losing weight the healthy way until I was reading my SELF magazine and stumbled across an ad for MF! I was curious because there were no celebrities, just REAL people for the ads and it made me want to look into the program....

And the rest is history!!..

Comment #22

My mom and step dad started Medifast after Easter 2009 and had lost almost 75 lbs. for my stepdad and 55 lbs. for my Mom by Halloween. My mom and I were shopping at Kohl's last November and she was trying on all these really small clothes. I was trying on 3x and 4x clothes and they did not look good! My sister and aunt had both lost over 100 lbs. with weight loss surgery, but I didn't want to do that..

I didn't think I could do Medifast because of my gluten issues. I researched it online that night. I checked with my endocrinologist and the pharmacist about the soy (thyroid meds). After discussing the financials with my hubby, I met with a health coach my mom recommended on Black Friday. She let me try the chai latte (thank you Angie).

I started January 1, 2010.

Weird thing is, I thought I had never heard of Medifast before my mom did it. I was going through my recipes in March and found a Medifast ad on the back side of one I'd pulled from a magazine from 2008. Guess I just wasn't ready before that...

Comment #23

A friend of mine told me that a friend of hers had done Medifast and had lost 80lbs from February 2010 to August 2010 and that she was starting Medifast in the next few weeks. I thought she was nuts for doing the plan based on the information she gave me! Then my 4 year old DD decided to start calling me "fat mommy" and made up a song about me... I was so sad, devastated, and angry! Angry at myself for letting myself get so fat that my DD was making up songs about me, mad that I didnt have the willpower, I thought I was a complete failure at life and as a mother..

I decided to research Medifast and still thought it was too extreme, What if I fail? What if I cant do it? What if but decided to give it a shot! Would trying it for one month kill me?.

Well the rest is history and I am bound and determined to make it to GOAL! I know that it will take me awhile, but I realized that the next year+ will be going by anyway, why not lose the weight in the process and come out on the thinner side!..

Comment #24

When I got married I was a size 6, but had been heavy in junior high school. I did OK until after my first child, when I never really lost back to my prepregnancy weight. The years passed and the weight piled on. I tried to lose weight off and on, but never got back to my newlywed weight..

My husband started gaining weight when he got out of the Army and the required physical training. Diabetes runs in his family, but he seemed healthy enough. He quit smoking and drinking and the weight really piled on for him in the last few years. Last summer he was told by his doctor that he was in metabolic syndrome..

That's when the rubber hit the road for both of us. We knew what we needed to do, but felt if we could only "start over", we could maintain Ok. But how to get to the "start over" weight?? I googled "weight loss systems" and figured we'd be stuck with WW. DH is not a "joiner" and was not interested in going to meetings. I found Medifast online and told him about it. He did his own research and then it was just a matter of defining our start date.

He has lost 46 lbs and I've lost 42 so far. We have stayed OP 100%. He is looking like a new (fine!) man and says I'm looking really good too. Medifast definitely works and I'd endorse it to anyone!..

Comment #25

We have a lake house that we go to all summer on weekends. Starting in the spring I noticed a couple of the Dr.'s that also have places out there had dropped some significant weight. I asked someone if they noticed it and she told me that she heard that they did the Medifast program at their clinic where they work (they reside in a different town than I do.) Then Memorial Day weekend again we were at the lake and a friends grandmother was grilling her turkey breasts over the camp fire and I asked her if she was not going to join us in the pot luck?? She went on to tell me about her doing the Medifast diet and I asked her a litltle about it. Then another friend piped in and told me about friends of hers that had huge success with it and how good the food was (she tried some of it because she is diabetic) I went home on Monday night and did some research on the internet. The program sounded great! I ordered that night and could not wait to get my food. I decided in the mean time to do my own Medifast "type" diet.

I kept calories under 1000 and carbs under 100. I dropped some weight that first week while waiting for my food, and you know I never really felt terrible the first week of the real Medifast diet! It took 5 months to loose 50 lbs and that was peachy! I have lost lots of weight several different times in my adult life but I also have never had a transition and maintenance plan...I am hoping that this is the difference that will help me keep the weight off for life!..

Comment #26

I've always battled with my weight. When I was 18 I got diagnosed with PCOS the meds got me sick with awful side effects so I just stopped taking them. Weight gain got out of control between PCOS and emotional issues. I did nothing but pack on lbs for 5yrs. I made a move to TX for a new job and one of my co-workers had gastric less than a year ago lost over 100lbs. So I started going to appointment after appointment to be approved for GBS.

While my GBS friend was complaining to me that she was gaining weight, I could never get her to workout with us, her eating habits weren't so healthy either so that was just a HUGE eye opener. I was getting awful anxiety as GBS appointments kept going well and I was getting closer to surgery. It was going to be my first surgery and I just didn't feel comfortable. So I talked finances over and ordered my first month of Medifast now 41lbs down. No more GBS appointments.

I'm with Medifast for the long haul and loving it!..

Comment #27

I lost 65 pounds and hit goal with Jenny Craig in 1991. I kept it off for many years, but after a battle with depression and taking zoloft, I ballooned up. Since then I'd try plan after plan and nothing worked. I even tested for thyroid, because it seemed crazy that NOTHING worked. By the end of this summer, my Mom was mentioning to me for the bazillionth time that my weight is what was causing my aches and pains and general crappy feeling. I asked her if she would pay for a "formal" weight loss plan for me and she said yes.

"You eat 5 meals a day, one lean and green meal and the weight comes off. And the best part: they don't ask you to exercise!" Sounded great to me! I researched it and knew it was my way to go. I'm two months in, 28 pounds lighter, and feeling better than ever!! I'm a 100% OP MF'ing Warrior!..

Comment #28

I had heard of Medifast several years ago and had that absolutely no way am I doing a liquid diet again feeling. 27 years ago I did the Cambridge Diet and lost all my weight but had no one to tell me how to keep it off. Cambridge has only 330 calories a day and it really messed up my metabolism. Last summer my DD was talking about her husbands boss was doing Medifast and had lost 50 lbs. My DH came home in late August talking about several people at his work doing awesome on MF. I thought good for them.

My mother passed away at the age of 63 of heart problems and diabetes. She always battled with weight. She was only 8 years older than I am right now. My sis is 3 years older than I am, is 5 ft and weighs at least 250 lbs. She was diagnosed with heart disease and diabetes.

I went to my DH after really looking at Medifast and said I have to do this. He said ok and he would do it too. I thank God for Medifast because I have not looked back once and have found this is not a liquid diet. This is what is saving my life. My 33 year old son saw me last weekend for the first time in 5 weeks and his jaw dropped.

He made me cry. That is why I do Medifast and will NEVER go back to the way I was...

Comment #29

I've never been claustrophobic. But in 2007 I felt claustrophobic in my own skin. I couldn't bend over to tie my shoe without first holding my breath. I couldn't sleep comfortably because my weight and breasts were crushing me and making it difficult for me to breathe.

In 2008 I joined a weightloss challenge through a message board I used to frequent. I designed a program myself where I'd control calories, and exercise at the gym at school no fewer than three times a week. It worked and I lost 30 lbs, but it was really hard, and quite frankly unhealthy. I know I wasn't getting the proper nutrition that I should have been, and I started to become a control freak about calorie counting and exercise and started to dip into old ED habits. I got into a relationship that summer which completely derailed me and I started gaining again.

Last summer I got a business email from the same gentleman who started the challenge back in 2008. A TSFL coach had paid him to run an ad with his emails and I happened to see it. For some reason I KNEW with absolutely certainty that Medifast was it for me. I ordered my food and began to experience success. However at the time I was unemployed and couldn't afford the second month. Upon securing gainful employment again Medifast was the farthest thing from my mind.

In July of this year I had a number of personal things hit me at the same time. For whatever reason, they all collectively lit a fire under my butt and made me want to get healthy, and stay healthy. This time it wasn't just about weight, but it was about health. I remembered my success from the prior summer and immediately ordered MF. It's a little bit of a challenge financially (I bought a house and have a mortgage now!), but I commited to figuring out the finances each month and make it work, and get to goal, so that's what I'm doing.

Reflecting, there are a number of things throughout life that I can honestly say I was 100% sure of. Is it weird to say that prior to even trying my first meal, Medifast was one of those things I was sure of? A year after first hearing about the program I was able to seriously start my journey, and now I'm also100% sure that I'll never go back to an unhealthy weight. Too much has changed physically, mentally, and emotionally in just the few months I've commited to Medifast for that to happen again. It is comforting to know too that after I reach goal if I ever start to gain more than my comfort buffer, I can always whip out my secret Medifast weapon and take a moment to get back in control...

Comment #30

I really loved all the stories about how you discovered MF! Thanks for posting them...

Comment #31

I had some mental things to deal with first, but I didn't know it until I'd dealt with them and gotten to the point where I was comfortable with who I was ... just not satisfied with my weight. So, when I saw someone I hadn't seen in awhile who had lost weight, and her doctor had recommended the diet, I decided to explore it for myself. And my doctor gave the thumbs up, too. I think it has helped that I'm not doing this for anyone but me...

Comment #32

It was ironic for me. I was doing Medical Weightloss, a pretty similiar program. It had 3 pre-packaged meals (called "nutrients") and a few regular-food meals throughout the day, comprised of certain types of meats, vegitables, and carbs based on your health and bodytype. My mom then went to the doctor's, and found out she had high cholesteral. So her doctor suggested Medifast.

She and I did our programs unknown to one another until one day I noticed that although I was losing about a pound or 2 a week, my mom had dropped about 10 in about three. I asked her what she was doing and VOILA!.

Now she and I are doing the plan together. She will probably finish before me, but hey, a nice little friendly competition never hurt anyone..

Comment #33

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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