How did you choose your goal weight on Medifast?

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I know this a bit of a personal question but I am toying with the idea of changing my goal weight. My ultimate goal is to get off my BP meds and I will never know if I have tried everything until I get my weight down as low as is healthy. For my height and age the numbers have a pretty big spread 104-140lbs. 104 is probably too little but 140 is way off in the other direction. My doctor isn't much help either, he just talks about BMI which I think is really not very accurate for the average person because it doesn't really tell you anything concrete. My cardiologist, had one since my BP first spiked in my early 40's still uses the 100lbs for first 5' and 5 lbs an inch. Which puts me at 115 lbs which I haven't seen since college but perhaps I should go back there and see if my BP improves enough to get off the meds?..

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Well, I'm a medium frame and 5'5" so a healthy weight range would be 136-150. 168 is my lowest adult weight ever so I'm shooting for 150 and will reevaluate when I get to goal...

Comment #1

The top end of my healthy range (5'7") is 158. I set that as my goal as I hadn't been there since college. When I got there I just kept going until I settled in. My happy weight found me. My goal is 148, but I am much happier a little below that. You will know when you reach a weight that is easy to maintain.

Fight the good fight every day!.


Month 1: -8, 5, - 2, - 4 = -19.

Month 2: -3, -2, -1, -3 = - 9.

Month 3: -4, -2, -4, -2 = - 12.

Month 4: Scaleless in Maine = -11.

Month 5: -2, -2, -3, -2 = -9.

Month 6: -2, -3, -4, -1 = -10.

Month 7: - 2, -2, -2, -2, -2 = -12.

Month 8: -2, -2, -2, -2 = -8.

Transition: -20 (for a total of -108).

GOAL: Black Friday, November 27, 2009.

Current Weight is 138. I am healthy!..

Comment #2

I used past experience. What I weighed when I was thin. I changed it after having a body comp done. I tend to carry extra mass so the BMI charts are of no measure. You can base weight on someone similar to your build. As you get close to goal you can change it based on how you look and feel.

It puts her around 20 to 22% bf with is a heathly BF for her...

Comment #3

Mine is based on how I was when my metabolism was at it's best.

Until I started my career, I was consistently between 97 and 105 lbs. (Lest this upset anyone, I'm 5'0". I have a very small frame.) Because that was my resting weight for most of my life, I know that I'm supposed to average out about there. (I also know that I feel really awkward once I get above around 110.) As an adult, I don't mind 110, but I do like to have a little flexibility...

Comment #4

Originally, I chose a weight, 170, that I thought I could realistically reach. I didn't want to set a goal that would frustrate me. When I got to 170, I lowered my goal to 165 because it puts me into the healthy BMI range and I can fit into size 12s and mediums. Now that I am there (as of last week) and getting ready to transition, I'll see how 165 feels. I might go a few pounds lighter. 165 is still 20 pounds heavier than when I got married 33 years ago but then, I was a bean pole back then. I don't think bean pole is in the cards for me any more...

Comment #5

My weight goal is in the middle of the healthy range for my height. When I get near goal I may reevaluate. I have a large frame (I really am big-boned ), so I might do better at the higher end, maybe 160...

Comment #6

I let Medifast pick my goal when I filled out my profile thing online, which is halfway in the range for my height. Once I get closer, I will re-evaluate if I want to be higher or lower than that midpoint..

The lowest I was at was 123, but I was in my 20s. Other points in my 20s I was more in the 130-145 range and felt pretty good there but a little chunky at the 145 area. However, I'm in my mid-40s now and I think if I get down to 120ish I will look too gaunt and wrinkly. We'll see!..

Comment #7

I am going for a goal size rather than a goal weight. My goal size is a 10 petite loose and some 8 petites. If I can just walk in a Talbots, Nordstrom, or J.Jill and throw on a pair of 10P jeans and they fit comfortably I will have arrived. The scale is in constant motion. It seems so easy to get hung up on a number. Does it really matter if I weigh 147 or 153? So easy to get caught up on the number.

Happy Melting..


Comment #8

I didn't want to pick something unattainable, so I chose 170 pounds which still has me mid-way in the "overweight" BMI category (I'm 5'6"). Once I get closer I may reassess or I may not :-).

Either way I'm going to transition at probably not that low before an overseas trip in the summer. I'd come back for more losses after that trip if I want to keep losing at that point..

I'm glad you started this thread - makes for interesting reading!..

Comment #9

Well, in the Medifast book that I got with my first order, there is a height weight chart. For my age, 41, and height 5'5," the range is 126 - 162. I had initially set 135 as my goal, but then I changed it to 150. There are things that I like to do that I am sure as I become smaller and/or less self conscious in public I will start doing again. Like working out, canoeing, and hiking. So, I figured I would probably have an acceptable level of body fat% at that weight considering how much I believe I will be doing physically.

(She was fat like me, but lost weight on purpose by cutting out soda, ice cream, chocolate, you know, crap) She was not "too skinny" from being ill, she did it on purpose. BUT, my body is unique, so I will see what happens when I get there, maybe I will go further, maybe I will stop sooner. It will depend on how I feel, and what my doctor says...

Comment #10

I've never had a normal BMI. My goal is to see a normal BMI so I picked the very top number LOL. I'm 5'4" so that is 144. My lowest adult weight in memory is 162. When I get down to 144 I will be SMOKIN HOT and skinnier than anyone has ever seen me. That's good enough for me.

I think we can't really know if our goal is good until we get there..

I know many overweight people who really don't believe they'll ever be at a normal weight. So they set their goals at higher weights and when they get there, they lower them little by little..

I also agree with clothing sizes as goals. I wouldn't want to be in a 2 or 4 because that would be hard for me to maintain. A 6 is iffy. An 8 would be good. I really can't wait until I can shop in JCrew, Banana Republic, etc and pick something off the rack knowing it will fit. Instead of looking automatically at the end of the row or bottom of the pile for the Big Sizes..


Comment #11

Thanks for sharing everybody, someone mentioned body fat % and that seems like a good measure to me. I don't know what mine should be but I guess no matter what my frame size is there is a place where I have the optimum body fat compared to lean mass. I actually have one of those biggest loser body fat scales. It is too cold to moisten my feet first thing in the morning to see what my numbers are right now, not sure I want to really know yet...

Comment #12

I had a chat with my MD when I did the 50 pound down visit. We both agreed that 150 was probably unrealistic for me. His advice was shoot for my prime weight when I was 18 or so. So that was about 165..

My main focus at this point is getting below 190, which gets me out of obese. After that, my final weight is still not really fixed. 165, 170, 175 - not sure yet. I think I'll know when I'm close to there...

Comment #13

I went with what Medifast suggested after I plugged in my info, which is 118 and somewhere in the middle of the weight range for my height (5' 1 1/2"). I haven't been that weight since high school and I may end up settling into the 120s, maybe 125. I'll reevaluate as I get closer.

I'm also working out with CrossFit and they are serious about building/ strengthening/ developing muscle, so that may factor in as well. The woman who runs my program is 150 and looks 120, but because she is all muscle, she weighs more...

Comment #14

I am 5'6 and I chose the middle of my healthy BMI. My goal now is 145 but I would like to keep my weight between 145 & 150. I weigh 154 right now :-) This is lower than what I was in high school!!..

Comment #15

Low range for me according to BMI is 107. This to me makes me look skeletal. I chose 125 but I may change it to 120 or I may change it to 130. Just depends on how I feel about my appearance. Choose your goal weight on what feels best to you. Once you reach it, determine if you want to change it.

You are in control!..

Comment #16

I chose 140 b/c it's gets me into the normal BMI range. Once I hit 140, I will see what size I'm wearing, how I look, how I feel, and then decide whether or not to shoot for 130!..

Comment #17

I'm 5'3" and like Nora I want a size more than a weight. My goal weight is 125, but if I am in a size 10P/8P at 130, Huzzah! I am also getting in shape and muscle weighs more than soft and squishy..

Please don't make getting off BP meds a goal. When I lost weight with other programs and still had to take the BP meds, I felt like I had failed the diet. But my high BP is genetic and not weight related. Taking the meds will save my life and NOT make me a diet failure...

Comment #18

I picked my original goal with input from my doctor. Then my actual goal wasn't a number on the scale so much as a body. I had achieved the body I wanted. The scale is a few pounds less than my doctor's wish but this is easy for me to maintain. I've had travel, social occasions and lots of stress, but I'm maintaining within 2 pounds of where I decided goal is. That's the whole key to it.

This is effortless. I'm rarely hungry (unless it's right before meal time) and my calorie budget is satisfying and balances my activity...

Comment #19

I chose mine because it is in the middle of the healthy weight for my height. I have a medium frame so being in the low 100s wouldn't make sense for me and being in the 140s, I would still be heavy. I figure that if I get into the 130s and I'm comfortable I can re-evaluate my goal. I don't really know what 130-135 is going to look like on me. It's been a while since I was that small...

Comment #20

You know what? I didn't use this formula, but it's perfect for the goal I'm going for! I'm 5'5" and am going for 125 pounds. I'm assuming you're 5' 3" ... personally I think this is a good way to go about it, I mean, just based on the irony that it EXACTLY works for my goal. I would say shoot for somewhere between 115 and 125 and then stop when you feel that you look and feel the way you want to. If that means you only go down to 130 then fine. The bottom line is getting your health back and looking great, and I think anywhere in that range will do the trick for you!.

Keep it up <3..

Comment #21

I chose my goal based on my lowest adult weight. The charts say I should weigh about 115-120 5'4", but I was a size 6 at 133-135, so I am aiming for that. I turn 39 in March, so age is a factor in my decison, too. Maybe if I was younger I would still shoot for the 120s but honestly, after decades of being overweight, anything under a size 10 will feel WONDERFUL!..

Comment #22

I follow this rule:.

Women 5' 100lb than add 5 lbs for every inch.

Men 5' 120lbs then 5lbs for every inch..

Comment #23

This sounds a lot like me. I did briefly get below 160 my freshman year in college, but it was because I was very sick and flat-out didn't eat much, even when I did manage to drag myself to meals. (So, you CAN lose weight, temporarily, eating mostly oranges and dried cereal, but I wouldn't reccommend it!) I honestly have trouble even picturing myself below that weight at this point, so I think I need to get a lot closer before I can gauge what's right and realistic for me...

Comment #24

Another question that plagues me! I picked it because Medifast said 137 and I thought it was too low... I spoke to my doctor and she said maybe 140-145, but said to re-evaluate it because she thinks I may look sickly any lower or even at 145. It's a guessing game right now LOL. I have junk in my trunk and a small waist these days. I could stand to lose some booty. I'm keeping my ticker at 140 for goal, but am definitely planning on re-evaluating as I go until I find where I'm happy.

And right now I fit into a size 10 jean, some 8 pants (both first time evers!!).

Go with what you feel is right and definitely get some doctor input - they know you and your body better than us!.



Comment #25

I actually looked at the BMI chart with my doctor and it said 165 would be my ideal weight. Now I am currently at 185 down from 226. I think If I get down to about 170-175 that will be fine. I can't see myself in the 160s with my frame. Geez there would be nothing left of me and plus I have muscle which the bmi chart does not take into effect. I am more concerned now about my body fat.

I want to get down to about 15% eventually...

Comment #26

I personally think your ideal weight is what you feel comfortable with. I haven't been "normal sized" in so long I couldn't say what my comfortable weight is. I looked at several different charts on line and only confused myself. I am 5'4", 41 yrs old, and have a medium body frame. If I go by the chart based on height and frame size, 121 to 135 is ideal. If I go by the chart based on height and age, 122 to 157 is ideal.

I may change it when I'm closer to 135 or 140...

Comment #27

Normal weight per the charts for my height of 5'4" is 115 to 145. I settled for right in the middle of that at 130...

Comment #28

I chose a weight in the middle of the suggested range for me. As I have over 100# to lose it seemed like a good starting goal. I DO think that as I get close that I will revise my goal though because currently it is lower than my lowest "fighting-weight" when I was 19 y/o and in the Army! I look back at those pics when I was about 145# and I look anorexic....hip, wrist and collarbones sticking out and able to count every rib! I think that when I get closer I will be able to pick the goal that is right for me...

Comment #29

I've decided to change my goal weight, but that decision is based more on finances. This program is simply too expensive for me. I'm 5'5" with a current goal of 140. I'm 60 years old so I'm realizing that may be a bit unrealistic. I figured I'd change my goal to 147 which is just 10 pounds away and at the top end of a normal BMI for me. I'll start transition at that time and should lose a few more pounds during that time.

I agree with all of you who say one should go with what is attainable and feels right for each individual. Just my 2 cents!..

Comment #30

I revisited the weight of 135-140 about 10 years ago and remember how much better I feltloved buying clothes, loved I how looked, etc. But then, I got remarried, cooked again, ate out more, blah, blah, blah. Basically, let myself go. Well...after seeing recent pics of myself, I thought "wow! why did you let that happen?" so I am aiming to get back to a weight I remember loving.

Not very scientific or anything but ...there ya go...

Comment #31

My goal weight was 140 lbs but after a physical at my doctor, she said 140 lbs is too low for my frame and height and she told me my goal should be 150 lbs...

Comment #32

Has anyone noticed the trend of their doctor advising them to go higher than the mid-range BMI? This seems to be the case for a lot of people and I am wondering how outdated the BMI really is.

I was going for 122, which is the mid-range BMI for my height 5'3". but the closer I am to goal the more I am struggling so I changed it to 130. I have been 130 before and am comfortable with that weight. If I hit 130 and want to keep going I will but for right now that is my "first goal"!..

Comment #33

My goal is my old high school weight. It is on the lower end of the healthy BMI, but that is the weight I felt the most healthy, and what my body actually should be at without the addition of fast food meals and massive amounts of candy bars :-)..

Comment #34

Maybe it is just me but my doctors are pushing me toward the lower half of my healthy BMI range. Might just be because they know my health problems and figure that is my best bet to resolve some of my issues. Still haven't had the nerve to check out my current body fat numbers, it's too damn cold in the morning...

Comment #35

Wow, really? Hadn't heard of that! I know BMIs aren't the best measure all the time, but I thought that they were at least still pretty standard...

I'm still probably aiming for the middle of my healthy BMI range. I don't want to be on the upper end of anything... I've had enough of that my whole life..

Comment #36

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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