GoDaddy review : Should I pay for GoDaddy?? How can I get this domain I paid for?!

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I have a problem with a domain I purchased last month. On top of being ripped off for a whole site I bought, I now can't even get the seller to hand over the epp/auth code.

He did update the nameservers to my server but that's it.

I am wondering if there's anything I can file to get this domain from him? I believe it's registered with GoDaddy, he said it's with an affiliate of them but today domains by proxy told me to look into filing a dispute at GoDaddy, I don't know how.

I paid via PayPal, so yes no help there. I just want my epp/auth code so I can transfer over to namecheap and get something out of this mess.

The site/domain/mess I am in is here,

If anyone has ideas how I can get the domain, please help. He won't respond to any emails I send, nothing. Please advise.


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Disputes happen every day. That's what Courts and mediation panels are for.

Unfortunately even if you file for one, you have no guarantee you'll get it...

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I buy all the time online and run in to things like this every once in a while. Because you bought it through paypal open a dispute with them first. This must be done normally within 60 days. While the dispute is open it puts a hold on the other persons monies in paypal. The hold will last until the issue is settled and there are ways of prolonging the hold like waiting till the last day you can to reply. This helps because it forces the other person to deal with you.

Whatever you do DO NOT release the hold until your issue is resolved.

Other then that if you can pull his whois info maybe the number is listed and call him up...

Comment #2

Dave Zan, thanks, I already know that information.

Jerdei, I already did the PayPal dispute, they can't help, it's digital goods.

I just want to know if there's a way to now get the domain epp code as I don't have a lot of experience with domains and Domains By Proxy told me to file a Dispute with GoDaddy, I don't know where or how to do that.

His info is private, I've tried to call other ways and get a busy signal...

Comment #3

This is not quite accurate. Paypal does not guarantee any kind of safe transaction on electronic goods (Domains, Sites, Scripts, ect). Non Physical goods are not a good idea with paypal - If you are spending a chunk of change - I recommend using or Sedo's escrow service. Paypal is not a good way to do business unless you feel safe with the person you are working with.

Sounds to be like your in a bad spot, hopefully this wasnt too expensive a transaction for you, because my money is on this not getting resolved.


Comment #4

You can contact Go Daddy to get the EPP code if you're listed on the domain.

Name's current WHOIS record. If you're not, then there's no way you can get.

That domain name short of filing suit.

This is a dispute between 2 parties that domain registrars are in no position to.

Judge, unless otherwise mandated by ICANN. And no, they're not going to help.

As well...

Comment #5

Why didn't you ask the owner to transfer the domain into your Godaddy account? That is the reason why I use

Comment #6

Hello Colleen,.

I would suggest sending an e-mail to the support team of Tell them the name of the domain, and the rest of your situation. Then, include a screenshot of your payment via PayPal. If they do nothing about it, you can try to contact the ICANN board. (Good luck with that :-P) But if you spent a lot of money it may be worth it.


Comment #7

I read your thread on the other forum as well, you seem to have been getting screwed around on this deal since day one Do a whois on colorteck [dot] com as that appears to be his main site and doesn't have privacy protection. Also if you plug his name and address in at you can find his personal phone # I'd try contacting him to get the domain transfered. He lives near me, you want me I should go break his legs? j/k!..

Comment #8

Exactly what I was going to say ...if you go the I dont think it would be of much help....

Comment #9

Thanks for the suggestion, RageD. The domain had/has privacy on it, he told me he had to mail in papers to have it taken off to be able to transfer, he said we had to wait on that. I did this yesterday, colorteck was sold in December, new owners. I did contact the new owner though hoping he can contact Bill (seller) for me and he said he will try to get a hold of him.

No leg breaking, just need him to be a man and finish the sale, it's bad enough how it went, now I just want my domain so I can proceed and try to recover from this loss...

Comment #10

Someone with a monthly subscription to should be able to recover the previous registrant details by using the whois history tool..

Then you have the address and full name of this person.

A subscription would cost you $15 or so but then you can track him down..

Or someone may be so kind to find this out for you..

Comment #11

Is that true about "privacy" you have to write in to release it?..

Comment #12

I don't know, I never tried. Here was what he said on Dec 12,2006. Obviously I can't just pull even if it's unlocked, I need an epp code...

Comment #13

What you're probably referring to are a few allegations posted online that Go.

Daddy will "easily" reveal a domain name's contact details upon receipt of any.

Notice of dispute. For the most part, registrars are mandated to do that upon.

Receipt of notice of an actual dispute filed with the proper authorities (Court.


During the time I worked for a registrar, we receive a lot of legal threats. We.

Merely keep them on file and reply back we'd only take action upon receipt of.

Either one I mentioned above.

Only a very small percentage followed through. For those that did, we locked.

Up the domain name pending resolution.

For this problem Colleen is going through, this is one of the most common ones.

We've handled. Before I came in, the registrar botched up a few of these for a.

Variety of reasons, and have learned their lessons since then by not stepping.

In at all.

Meanwhile, I can only wish Colleen good luck. Seriously her only options are to.

Seek the buyer or go to Court, and I doubt Go Daddy will do squat if how they.

Approach this is very much similar to how the registrar I worked for does it...

Comment #14

Their site in ( is showing a contact number of (512)-255-7652 from May of '06..

Might be worth a try, who knows...

Comment #15

Hey Slip, it's most likely a outdated number, I guess...

I found this at the colorteck forum, bottom: "Colorteck is part of Splashpress Media".

@Coleen-just contact them(splashpress, maybe they can help you out to get a hold of the scumbag who ripped you off?(their reputation is at stake?).

If they won't help you,.


Is available, put up a site!!!.

Hope you get your money back...



Comment #16

Frank, ColorTeck now has new owners, so they're not part of this, I did contact them and they've contacted Bill for me, yesterday, I haven't heard anything yet...

Comment #17

I can send you the domain history...owners and contact info if you want. Also, I can give you a name at Wild West/Go Daddy who may be able to help. PM me if you this will help.

Edit: Info sent. Hope it helps.


Comment #18

Having read this I am feeling very sorry for you. It's a real pity that a few bad eggs spoil it for the rest of us. When buying a domain in future I shall now only use Escrow unless it's through a reputable reseller. Shame on them...

Comment #19

If it is a substantial sum of money, the best advice is to have a paper trail. Print everything out, store it, and make sure it is not written on or altered. Do not scan these papers, as computer storage is volitle. Take him/her to court if this extreme is needed. However, make sure you have the paper trail...

Comment #20

I have a paid account and would be happy to do a Whois history for you. Just PM with the domain name...

Comment #21

Thanks so much everyone. I have GOOD news. The new owner of Colorteck spent all day figuring everything out and got the domain for me. I finally just got the authorization code. The domain was registered under the Colorteck network. Finally, something good comes out of this and much thanks to Will at Colorteck, he's been very kind and didn't even have to help me!..

Comment #22

Im glad to hear it turned out ok.

(i havnt participated in thread due to lack of knowledge on subject, but was hoping it would turn out ok for you)..

Comment #23

Pretty risky on Colorteck's part, IMHO. But what's done is done.

Good luck. And I hope everything's turns out fine...

Comment #24

GREAT! I am so pleased for you. This thread must have helped lots of people (including myself) avoid similar problems.

Thank you...

Comment #25

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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