GoDaddy reviews : Great idea to go GoDaddy?? $4 domains thru Oct 31st

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No coupon or anything needed. The link is at the bottom of their main page...

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I've always loved their hosting support. =) Though do you have to buy hosting with them?..

Comment #1

Really? I haven't really been very impressed with it. I don't think you have to buy hosting for the offer though...

Comment #2

Is this a reputable site to get a domain from? I'm reading some bad reviews online...

Comment #3

What kind of bad reviews? I've used them for a year. I haven't been overly impressed, but haven't had any serious problems either. I have like 10 domains with them...

Comment #4

$4 domains is pretty cool, and that's all I'd use them for; I wouldn't use them for hosting...

Comment #5


Just a quick note, they do charge an extra $2 for a "private" whois..

And this is really more of a pet peeve, but I hate BS like this:.

Honestly though, I'm not bitching. I'll probably get a few domains from them before the sale is over...

Comment #6

OK their DNS administration is very primitive compared to godaddy/etc..

Also, I saw no way through their menus to change the name servers to, for example, park a domain at Sedo or use my own nameservers. I could probably e-mail them to do it, but that seems like a pretty basic service to offer..

Purchase was simple and fast, but here I am an hour later and no WHOIS entry, but I do have DNS..

So, if you expect to buy a hundred domains through them to take advantage of the price, be aware of the lackluster administration interface...

Comment #7

Ok, I grabbed a domain with them earlier this morning.

Supergeek, you're absolutely correct - the DNS management is a pain in the ass. You actually go off-site to a different "control panel" to lock/unlock, set nameservers, etc. Link here. You enter the domain you registered (yes, one at a time...) and use the same username/pass you got from hostmysite. Yes, that is their site, it's not some phishing BS, confirm it for yourself before you string me up..

Quick note: one thing I noticed is that your hostmysite's case-sensitive password mysteriously goes to all lowercase. Yet the login there is still case sensitive. So if your pass was "paSSword1," you'll use "password1" there. Though this could be different for others..

Figuring all of the above out at 7am isn't how I like to enjoy the first cup of coffee for the day. Textbook clusterfuck...

Comment #8

I didn't look through their FAQs or help files.. I just kinda though it would be in the DNS menu, y'know? Heh..

Thanks for the info, elime!..

Comment #9

All right, I have a few more things to report about these guys. I know that $4 domains are pretty damn tempting, so hopefully this will help you guys make a more informed decision.

I'm somewhat anal about private whois records, so I decided to cough up the extra $2 in the registration process for their private whois "service." It seemed to be an automatic thing, but apparently it's not. A while after running the gamut this morning with the DNS crap, I checked the whois for the domain I registered. Lo and behold, it's all my personal info. Lovely. I realize that one of the emails sent to me after registration (you get four of them) was this:The Whois Privacy bulk update you requested on 21-OCT-2007 08:48:44 has been processed.

And uploaded to the OpenSRS live system. Please review the following Results.

Report and direct any inquires to OpenSRS customer support..



Non-existent or invalid domain(s) (1):.

"elime's domain" .com.

Riiight. So I click their live chat support to see what's up with this. One good thing, it loaded up pretty quick. If you ever have need to use it (I wouldn't be shocked) remember to open it in a new window. Yes, it's one of those lovely "I'll resize your entire browser to an IM size" support systems..

So I get a somewhat-literate fellow, Doug. He says the privacy should have been implemented automatically, then changes his mind after realizing the registrar needed to send out a confirmation link. So he gets them to "resend" it to my email. Click the link, confirm. Our chat ended like this:Elijah: I'm just trying to determine if not receiving a working confirmation link was a fluke or if I can take actions in the future to avoid such an issue..

Doug B.: don't know what might of went wrong.

Doug B.: I thought it was automatic until I went to the registrar.

Elijah: Well, don't worry about it then. Thanks for your help..

Doug B.: Your are welcome.

Doug B.: Have a god evening.

Yeah. Anyways, here we are about an hour later, and the whois records still aren't private. I'm sure it's just going to take a while to kick in, but I'm seriously not holding my breath..

So here's the verdict for I would have rather dug deep into my pockets for the extra few dollars to register a domain elsewhere and have saved a shitload of time.

Ouch, sorry for the long ass post...

Comment #10

Ok, I hate to keep drawing this out, but in an effort to be fair: the whois records of the domain I regged are now private.

Are you having issues with it?..

Comment #11

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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