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I am currently creating a site that will need a dedicated server. My site will be a sports social network with some pretty cool features, not just an affiliate landing page.

I am looking at Rackspace right now because everyone has great reviews, but their price is extremely high $400 starting/mo without a firewall. But I can't find another company with dedicated servers that has great reviews..

Cheap is expensive and I understand that, but does anyone know of any companies like Rackspace, but cheaper?.

I appreciate any response and everyone has been really helpful with my other questions. Thanks..

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A few people around here use for one... a couple of others got listed in a thread a week or so ago so you could search for that..

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DimeNOC has excellent managed servers. If you don't need managed services, SoftLayer and The Planet (depending on the datacenter) are good...

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Just to let everyone know:.

Softlayer is unmanaged servers..

The Planet is unmanaged for Windows but managed for Linux.

I also found these two companies that have great reviews on all different forums:.

They are all around the same price so I will be filtering for uptime and customer service...

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Just wanted to contribute ....

Softlayer is the shit for unmanaged dedi's..

LiquidWeb is the shit for managed dedi's.. is the shit for managed dedi's as well LW & Fused are about the damn same. I've known Fused staff for a while, all amazing folks...

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Soft Layer and The Planet would be solid choices, but I haven't used either provider..

From my experience, I'd recommend Layered Tech - Dedicated Server Web Hosting | Layered TechI've had a server with these guys for years, and they've provided great service even for an unmanaged server that costs $110/month. They acquired FastServers in the past year or so, beefing up their managed capabilities (see Managed Services | Layered Tech ). LayeredTech also has some pretty crazy scalable grid solutions (as does RackSpace) at GridLayer ...

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Sidenote: Bofu - my sister is currently at Towson University.

I think I will be focusing on The Planet and LiquidWeb as FusedNetwork is kinda steep in comparison (just received quote this morning).

Johu - I will check out Layered Tech.

Thanks guys...

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Cool man! PM me her name maybe I know her..

And... maybe I know her in more than one way..

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I am not against a good rack by any means but please keep in mind that not all reviews by any company are always 100% legit. Its known by many that some small hosts and even some larger ones pay for people to write those. Research as best you can to check all options before you go with anyone and make sure what they offer is what you need (hosting + extras)...

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There's definitely been some posters in multiple forums and you can kinda sniff them out. However, when people have over 100+ posts in a particular forum and I read some of there other posts, they are definitely not getting paid..

Thanks for the heads up though...

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I use Rackspace and Softlayer. I guess it depends on if you really need managed or not. Rackspace is good and all, but it isn't the end all host. You still have to do stuff on your own and they can't answer all your questions. I was actually considering ditching them and moving everything to Softlayer a few months back, but I'm stuck in a contract. I am still not sure if I want to stay with them or not when the contract is up.

It also depends partially if you plan on scaling or not. Like I want to add another box onto my Rackspace account and everything w/ them is almost double. So if I have 3 boxes with them it would be roughly 3 x $600 where at Softlayer you could pull off roughly 3 x $300. It's not as big of a deal if you're just doing one box, but if you plan on adding on it may be something to also note..

I'm somewhat of the opinion that managed hosting is over-rated. It seems like you pretty much get everything you do w/ managed on an unmanaged. Like my box at Softlayer is way solid and they were still able to install some add-ons and stuff for like $3. They still answer support tickets and all that, so what isn't managed about it?.

I'm still not sure myself, it really depends on what you need. I will say that both Rackspace and Softlayer are solid. I somehow feel that having my important stuff on Rackspace helps me sleep at night and know that things are under control, and I'm not sure if it'd be the same on another host..

Just my opinion. Hope that helps a bit...

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Oh, just an update - with SoftLayer for a new dedi now .....

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Thanks for the response. I feel with Rackspace I am paying a premium for their fanatical support and that's it. Their one year contract isn't that enticing either. I am looking at upwards of $700/mo for a server I can get at The Planet for $350/mo. The downside of Softlayer is that I do not know anything about servers and can't go to an unmanaged company...

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$30 / month : Platinum Server Management, Inc..

They will manage your server for you and there's no limit to the amount of support tickets and requests you can send in. I've used them many times in the past and they are totally worth the $30 fee..

That way you can go with any dedicated server you want...

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My recommendation was not paid, and I didn't even throw in an affiliate link (which apparently pays 30% of the first month's bill). I've had a server with LayeredTech for years, plain and simple..

There's a difference between managed services by an outside company, and managed services by the datacenter. Back when I ran an host, one of my shared servers (at went down at around 6AM, and I put in a reboot request within 10 minutes. By 6:30, when I saw that my reboot request hadn't done anything, I gave the datacenter a call, and I was put through to their lead tech who was in the process of bringing up a fresh server with the correct OS install, and transferring my backup HD into the new server. Turns out my main hard drive died. The tech then spent a few hours reconfiguring everything, restoring all of the accounts, and fixing any CPanel issues caused by the transfer. Having the managed service at the datacenter level was one of the reasons that no clients left..

An unmanaged server provider won't notice if your server doesn't come back up after a reboot, and sure as hell won't start trying to save your business before you know what's up. I should also mention that Interserver actually spotted the server being unresponsive before I did. At 6 AM. That's service..

Oh, and I forgot my other server provider recommendation (though I'm not sure of their managed services these days) - InterServer, Inc - Advanced Hosting and Custom Dedicated Servers with Managed support ...

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Try Hostgator It provides very good services ...Its value for money..

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Hostgator may not be that good for dedicated servers. I've never needed to use a dedicated serer until now, so I can't advise you on this. There are some popular ones in every business, for dedicated servers, I hear, softlayer is a better one...

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Just to let you know the Rackspace sales team is a bunch on pompous dicks. He actually said to me in response to me saying that I was contemplating them or The Planet, that you would want to go with us than a hosting company that is unprofitable and losing money. I replied saying that The Planet is a private company and therefore you do not have access to their income statement or balance sheet, so how do you know they are unprofitable. His response was well I guess you're right, I don't know. What a fucking bitch..

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