GoDaddy reviews : Recommend I buy GoDaddy?? Hostgator or Hostican

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Dear Forum,.

I'm looking to switch my hosting from 1&1 to either Hostgator or Hostican. Looking for feedback of people who could compare both companies in regards to hosting several niche sites on their shared hosting accounts..


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Hostgator =) Was with them for 2 years without trouble before I moved to PowerVPS...

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I think HostGator is good, been with them for almost 2 months and hosting 10 addon domains, never seemed to have any problems till now...

Comment #2

I also like Hostgator. I haven't used HostICan however I do have a $50 HostICan coupon listed..


Comment #3

Thanks for your answers. Anyone knows anything about hostican?..

Comment #4

I have been with hostgator for some time and I'm loving their service.

Hostican could be good as well, but I've never used them.

You'll find a lot of people who use hostgator here on WF, more than those who use hostican but this doesn't mean hostican isn't good, it's just that HG is often used and recommended here.....

Comment #5

I use them both and they are both very good..

Comment #6

I've used Host Gator in the past with no issues. WebHostingTalk is a good resource to use if you need to find reviews on companies; there's a section on "shared hosting"...

Comment #7

You can also try out HostGator for just a penny here.


Comment #8

I use hostican for most of my Affiliate Sites, kick the shit out of any other shared host I've been with..

Comment #9

Despite all the glowing praise, hostgator suck. They ban you for even imagined infringements, and you get no warning. they just turn your sites off. still, for $10 a month, what do you expect?.

More importantly, google also has a real down on the ip blocks hostgator use, because so many spammy sites live there. hostgator = the original 'bad neighborhood'. I got that from matt cutts at a party last year, and no he wasnt particularly drunk...

Comment #10

I have to agree, my account got suspended once for a TOS infringement (I was hosting a site that wasn't permitted by the TOS, nothing illegal, just an image hosting but it had no traffic at that time, zero, nada).

Ok, it's good for who's hosted that they suspend these sites, and this is the good part, but they suspended a dead site, and not immediately but after some months that I had kept it on the server. The bad part is that they suspended ALL my sites....crap!.

Anyway in few hours I had moved that site to another company and my sites were back.

The only thing that I didn't like is that I didn't get any notification about it so I happened to open one of my sites and noticed that it was suspended...thing that I could have noticed hours or days later......

Comment #11

True. when I had the misfortune to host some tiny little sites with them (cos that's all the typical hostgator server can handle - THOUSANDS of crappy niche sites on average - check with if you dont believe me) they shut down an account (fess up) with hundreds of my sites on it because of an unsubstantiated complaint against ONE of those sites..

I immediately offered to take th e'offending' site down, but get this:-.

Those hostgator fuckers wouldn't allow me access to any of my sites until I'd fixed the offending site..

So come on then,m grade school educated semi literate eeeeengleeesh not mah first langiuuuuage maaaan' 'support staff', how the fuck do I modify a site if YOU HAVE DENIED ME ACCESS TO MY ACCOUT????.

Hostgator = assholes..

Host with hostgator and YOU WILL REGRET IT..

Maybe not today..

Maybe not tomorrow..

But SOON, and for the rest of your career in IM..

Sorry, that should read (in hostgator supportese) "Mays be not being in this day. being may not in the next day. Being but imminent, dood, is for rest of life, yes??? Nice deay now be having, oks?..

Comment #12

Don't go with Hostgator. I've been a customer for 7 months and just lost $150 because they suspended my account without even a warning email. Hostgator sucks, stay away...

Comment #13

1and1 does not provide me with the services I needed. First, service requests were not answered under a week (loss of a lot of business). Second, there is no possibility to host unlimited adon domains and MSQL databases. I am running several niche sites, and this is really a pain in the neck. Third, servers are not the fastest. Al in all, there service is not worth the money I had to spend. (That's my personal opinion)..

Comment #14

I've heard a lot of good things about HostICan and I'm actually considering signing up myself..

Found the promo code promo-12 which saves you $50 on all 12-24 month shared hosting plans. HostICan will also buy out your old hosting contract (up to $40) and move your files and databases to them...

Comment #15

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