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I need to a host for some blogs. I was thinking of Hostgator. Are they good?..

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Yea and then a week later you will be asking how to move a blog to a paid host...

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I like Hostgator. They have always worked well for me...

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I always recommend Hostgator to my members who want to become resellers and Bluehost to those that can't be bothered with the extra hassle. Bluehost is currently paying much higher commisions via CJ than those available through the affiliate program on their website. So for those of you promoting that, be sure to use your CJ link and no theirs. The difference is an extra $30 a sale!..

Comment #3

Check out Hawkhost. Use a coupon to get 40% off your first year's worth of hosting...

Comment #4

I only got a single domain with Zensix, and unlimited subdomains with the package I bought. If you want unlimited domains don't buy Zensix's economy hosting...

Comment #5

All accounts have unlimited domains enabled. Just click on add-on domains and follow these instructions:.

CPanel - cPanel 11 Documentation : Domains - Addon Domains.

None of our packages limit the amount of domains you can have..

Edit: In fact, I just found your account via your AIM name and saw that you submitted a ticket about this on "11/22/2008 22:51". We replied telling you how to add a domain 3 minutes after you submitted the ticket. However, it looks like you never read our reply (but you should have still got an e-mail). If you log in to your billing account you'll see our reply under "My Support Tickets" and it's still in bold, meaning you never read it...

Comment #6

Hostgator used to be rubbish but I bought a quick trash account the other day for some spammy sites and it is pretty good now. I paid and had my sites online in about 1.5 hours...

Comment #7

I use hostgator, and I think theyre OK. My shared account got shut off a few times due to scripts consuming waay to much power - but that is in order, they have to protect their other customers. I use a dedicated solution now...

Comment #8

Hostgator is good but there are companies that specialize in blog hosting. check out LivingDot or Blue Host...

Comment #9

I'm happy with HostGator I signed up during their Black Friday sale when all plans were 75% first payment I couldn't pass it up.... That deal was a one day thing and is over but they still do the $9.94 off and 20% first payment coupons...

Comment #10

I prefer Hostgator using Hostgator service from last two years never got server down problem..

Comment #11

I use hostgator and have ALOT of problems...mysql issues, shared hosting crashes, etc. Nice people, great cust service, BUT,.


I am in the process of switching to a ded server as we speak..

Comment #12

Ditto quite a bit if technical issues, support is friendly but not too helpful..

I use dreamhost, no cpanel but works much better for me as a developer...

Comment #13

It may help if you had a link on the client access area to the cpanel interface as she nor I could find that. And I can usually find settings on numerous hosting providers...

Comment #14

Never really had much of a problem with them, been with them for almost a year, have done quite a bit of automation stuff. Maybe I'm just on a really good server...

Comment #15


It is in the client access area: My Products & Services > click the green arrow > " Login Details" choose cpanel or webmail...

Comment #16

So was just a little green arrow to the far right, would explain why we missed it..

FYI in dreamhost, once your in the client area, it's :.

1) Manage Domains on the left..

2) Add new Domain/Subdomain at top. (which can either be fully hosted, google hosted, redirected, mirrored, parked, or cloaked.).

And if you use cpanel, maybe it'll be easier for your clients to do what host gator does..


As opposed to logging into client access, finding the cpanel button and going to

Comment #17

We do that.. takes you to your cpanel account..

EDIT: I just looked at your clients domain... she never changed the nameservers to and as stated in the welcome e-mail. Of course won't work if the domain isn't even pointed to us yet. She's using "NS1.KARLBLESSING.COM"..

Comment #18

After she said she hasn't heard back from you, and couldn't find 'cpanel' (the natural reaction to someone trying to add a domain would be going to "My Domains" on the left, instead of "My products, 'green arrow', scroll down, login to cpanel, scroll down' :P) She ended up switching the name server so that it's now hosted with me.

I forgot she moved pollkitty over along with others she had elsewhere. Thought she was going to at least keep pollkitty at zensix since she did after all pay for it..

So ya, she had them at the correct name server at first, but I forgot that she changed them later along with the other domains that were not zensix hosted. I basically mentioned the above, because with some client's they're not going to understand that little green arrow takes them to more functionality and that to get to domains you gota goto my product instead of my domain..

The designer I work with at times uses host gator for his clients, I mentioned that maybe he could move over to dreamhost. But he's afraid to use any hosting that doesn't have cpanel/whm because thats what he knows how to use. He doesn't neccessarily give all his client's cpanel access info so normally he could switch and it wouldn't impact the clients any, just his learning curve. But he's had problems with hostgator off and on over the last year, sometimes DNS issues (internally), mail issues, site going doen for a bit, etc etc etc...

Comment #19

Well we don't tell people to go through the billing area to get to cPanel at all, at least I never have (with the exception of this thread), because the welcome e-mail gives a link to cPanel..

Anywho, we did respond to her original ticket (in 3 minutes), so there wasn't really much else we could do until someone replied. And in the original ticket she said, "I didn't see any functions to add domains - only subdomains"... so I naturally assumed if she found a way to add subdomains she must have found her way in to cPanel..

But I think everything is cleared up now? If not let me know what you guys need and I'd be happy to help...

Comment #20

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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