GoDaddy testimonials : Good idea to pay for GoDaddy?? Hostgator DOES have some bad support

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Heres the deal.. I have been involved with reseller hosting for years and all of it has been with Cpanel/WHM. I have never done "shared" hosting really, but since someone mentioned Hostgators shared hosting would allow me multiple domains for a good price, I decided to test the waters with some BH stuff I am doing..

I spent over 13 hours today wasted on their support to fix a simple problem of their "addon domain" function not working after I triple checked my DNS and info in Cpanel for the addon domain was correct..

The support guy didnt even bother to read my original support ticket which in turn didn't solve my problem and caused me to write yet another support ticket on top of this one and wait another 4-5 hours to get it resolved...

To be honest, I have not seen sloppiness like this in support since 1and1 hit the scene a few years ago...

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Can someone recommend some good shared hosting or reseller hosting besides Hostgator or ResellerZoom ( with them already )..

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Personally, I like site5. There's an aff link in my sig...

Comment #2

I had the worst hosting of my life with gator.

Useless support must be bigmac rejects..

Comment #3

Sorry to hear. I know many people like them but I have used them myself in the past and left for the same reason. Basically the support staff I was dealing with were dumber than bricks. They also didn't want to refund me what they promised when I upgraded my server until I made a post about it over at WHT. Here's the thread if you're bored. My issue was resolved in the end thanks to that guy who I think is the owner so good on him.

I've been with a few hosts in the past and what I've found is there is not one host that is perfect for everyone. It seems everyone has had good and bad experiences with different hosts. I think it comes down to which employees you deal with and with some of these companies being quite large you never know if you're going to get an idiot helping you out or someone that actually knows what they're doing...

Comment #4

Hostgator are pretty much as bad as 1and1. It's no secret, it's a bucket shop 'unlimited sites' player aiming at the bozo 'build a zillion niches with this free software I found' crew...

Comment #5

I use Sharkspace here or my aff link here. Every support question I've had has been responded to within 10 minutes and resolved within 30 minutes. They're up all night...

Comment #6

I completely agree, HG is terrible. I had a shared host with some sites that were doing well. then they froze my sites for 'using too many resources' and demanded I purchase a dedicated. I refused, and now I get emails from them daily about reopening the damn account...

Comment #7

You can find a list of hosting discounts here.


Comment #8

Somebody in their live chat has always taken care of things quickly for me so far...

Comment #9

Still now, I had no problems with HostGator. It seems that I am lucky till now after reading the above posts...

Comment #10

Today was my first half bad experience with their support. I had to spend around 2.5 hours in the live chat with 3 different support people, but they did get it fixed in the end..

The 1st support person Gary M. did something that fixed my problem for about 10 minutes, but could not tell me the cause or what was done to fix it. Chat Duration: 00:14:08.

The 2nd support person James Z. told me that my file permissions were wrong and I needed to set every folder to 755 and every file to 644. I knew this was not the problem, but I did it anyway and of course it fixed nothing. Chat Duration: 00:12:59.

The 3rd support person JeanKarlo spent 2 hours troubleshooting, before getting an admin to fix it in about 5 minutes or less. Chat Duration: 02:07:50..

Comment #11

HostICan and HostMonster would be my choices..

Take50-12 will give you $50 off a year of hosting at HostICan...

Comment #12

Try dreamhost! their webpanel is super easy to use...1 click isntalls for stuff like wordpress...and you can always find a coupon code or something to knock $100 off...

Comment #13

Been with them over three years now and until recently didnt have any problems..

Now I have material thats disapeared completly from subfolders and they only do backups on saturdays I was told so I could only go back to the previous saturday (shared hosting).

Also my logs are indicating that the server was unable to deliver my web pages 10% of the time. this is on a site that only has a paltry 20 visitors or so a day LOL..

Ah well, it's probaly time to move on I guess..

Comment #14

I recommend hostmonster / bluehost because they have excellent non-outsourced support...

Comment #15

HostMonster has excellent support? Definitely not through tickets. They're ok through the chat though..

Oh yeah. And <?php echo "Hello"; ?> exceeds your entire account's CPU limit pretty much...

Comment #16

For something different check out No probs so far. Give me a shout if you want an invite...

Comment #17

I've had no problems with hostgator either, been using them for a little over a year now. Anything beats 1and1 or BlowDaddy..

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