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I don't know what has happened, but it's done it twice now..

The first time I was like, fine, i'll reupload everything and set it up again. Lucky I only had a few posts. Now it's too much. And their support is majorly incompetent.

Now they are saying it's my fault and that there's nothing on their databases, not a single post. I didn't even touch my database. It's been 2 hours now..

I'm moving to hostgator, or bluehost. any votes? I need back up though, and I think bluehost does not provide this?.

Btw. has anyone got that error before? before the error screen that you see on now, it just said, that I should run the install.php or something. Grrrr. Any ways around this?!..

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Avoid ... a company I used around 4 years ago.... terrible support..

Comment #1

From the looks of it, it looks like they are creating a WordPress Blog to help market their hosting....

Check out my sig for the Sixty6 Hosting Promo!..

Comment #2

It's really the users responsability to do the backups. Although most hosts will tell you that they do backups nightly, they also have a disclaimer saying more or less that they cannot make any I read that as just something to cover their ass because they probably don't do regular full backups...

Comment #3

You're preaching to the choir there deronsizemore. I basically just started that site and posted only about 4 posts. Didn't think I really had to back up just quite yet. Boy that sucked. I was raking in a few 100 uniques just on those posts...

Comment #4

I have been with hostgator for about a year now and their tech support is brilliant. Always someone there 24/7, problems resolved quickly etc...

Comment #5

Just to followup: I'm on hostgator now. It's amazing. And changing of the nameservers took literally 10 minutes. I was so surprised. So far, no downtime, no slowdowns. A lot of wonderful things are happening now.

So's the adsense stats Ka-ching!..

Comment #6

IX is also pretty good. I had the same problem with IX, I came home from work one day and one of my sites was gone, contacted support and it was back up within hours. I was pretty pissed, but any hosting company you go with will eventually have problems it's what they do about them that counts..

Comment #7

*moved to appropriate section.

And since I'm wary of Dreamhost - they're nice and all, but man, are they having some performance/downtime issues.....

Comment #8

Has this always been the case with Dreamhost? I have been noticing downtime/performance issues lately as well. Hopefully they will get it resolved shortly because I still love their services. Great customer support and excellent incentive to stick with 'em (Upgraded bandwidth/storage by the week)..

Comment #9

I've been with Dreamhost for a little under a year and while there were some annoying downtimes, it was awesome compared to what's happening now..

I really, really hope they'll deal with it soon, since I'm almost on the verge of registering in their honor.....

Comment #10

Well done, you spammy faget. Thanks for your intellectual comment...

Comment #11

Hostgator is the shit... until my forums grew to large for shared hosting and I woke up with a teminated account and no forum.

Their support is good.. but they are also ruthless.. my forum isnt even that big.. is the money...

Comment #12

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