Holiday blues during Medifast?

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So, single at 35 means the holidays have been tough for the past two years. This year is looking better-I'm actually kind of looking forward to the holidays. I definitely ate and drank myself through them for the past two years though. I know I'll hit the gym quite a bit over the next month so that'll help me to stay away from the junk that got me fat in the first place. I have this week off and then two weeks at Christmas, so it's quite a bit of alone time... I'm really glad for all of the support I'm getting off of this board.

Maybe just to vent...

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I think this is a hard time of year for many people. We have all the "ghosts" of holidays past and the expectation of togetherness, thankfulness, joy, peace, etc. And even when the changes we have experienced may be leading us in a new and better direction, we still grieve for what we've lost and the "what might have been." I wish you all the best as life unfolds during the next few weeks. Take care...

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I get the holiday blues pretty badly myself..

I think lots of people do, it's just tough to admit. The church near my home actually has a "Blue Christmas" service, where people who have lost loved ones, etc. can go and be honest about how they feel..

I don't have a legitimate reason to feel sad. Just general whineyness and malaise, I think.

It definitely drives me nuts that we waste so much money on junk that we don't need. Most people spend most of the year decluttering and then we buy piles and piles of more stuff...and it's bad for the planet and that stresses me out.

Another thing that I find stressful is that being single, my friends and family who are all married with kids insist that I come to them oin the holidays. I have this fantasy of cooking my own turkey one day, decorating, etc. but I always, always have to choose between being someone's guest and having zero control over how the day unfolds, or being alone..

Well, I could go on for a great long time, so I'll just cut it off there and say yeah, I definitely get holiday blues...

Comment #2

Yep. the blues appear to be my middle name this time of the year. They seem to have hit me hard today...

Comment #3

I think I have a hard time on the holidays because the media gives you so many pictures of this magical martha stewart christmas, so pretty much nothing I do is going to measure up. If I'm not in a pottery barn commercial surrounded by adoring family with a roaring fire, part of me feels like I'm missing out. Stupid I know, I must watch too much TV...

Comment #4

They hit me today! It was funny because I was thinking how easy it was going to be to stay OP because it's just going to be me and my mom for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then I realized all of the people that I won't be seeing. Especially hit hard because my cousin's two boys (my "nephews") are moving to China for two years and I'm not sure that I'll get to spend any time with them before they leave because their mom and I don't get along. It's going to be tough not to spend Christmas with them - they really changed how we saw it every year.

And I'm 33 and single so I feel that part too! We need some creative ways to celebrate..

Comment #5

This will be my first Christmas "alone." Usually I'm with my parents at least.

My parents just split. Luckily I'll get to see my mom and sister over Thanksgiving, and dad over Christmas. So not totally alone, but it'll definitely be different..

Because I wanted to be around people, I decided I will throw a Misfits Holiday Celebration & Potluck party on the 24th. I work in film and television in NM. Sometimes those coming here to work on location don't get to or simply don't go home for the holidays. So I invited those types to come and celebrate with me! I'm providing an 18 lb turkey and 10 lb ham, and am asking others to bring something too. (I realize there will probably be a lot of off plan food because I'm not restricting what people can bring, but I'll cross that bridge when I get there. My dad is bringing OP veggies for me for sure, and I can measure out my protein. So win win, I think.).

Right now I have 8 confirmed guests, and 9 maybes with quite a few who haven't responded yet! I might just have a full house come Christmas Eve!..

Comment #6

I can totally relate! I have only been on medifast for one month and all jazzed about it and I can make it this holiday.........but as it approaches I am getting a bit sad..

I lost my mom, dad and brother all in one year, this will only be my 2nd year of not having anyone for the holidays, so I rented a cabin on the coast with a hot tub and fireplace to surprise a friend and go away....and nobody can come!.

So I am single, and alone in a cabin......maybe movies and medifast for meditation, huh?..

Comment #7

I think that as you get older, the holidays get harder. At least for me they do. I miss my family this time of year. Even though I have my hubby and dog (and there are no two people I'd rather be with ) I miss the big family gatherings. I guess that's what I get for moving to the opposite side of the country.

In trying to look at the bright side, I'm starting to look pretty daggum good, and this year I'm begging for Santa to bring me some new sweaters and workout clothes. The pickens' are a little slim in my closet and that's a good thing. I'm getting better. Even though I'll be missing a lot of the people who are important to me, I'm getting in a good place in my head, and that's worth a lot. I guess I'm not isolating myself as much anymore because of my weight and that will help me feel better overall...

Comment #8

I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year and have Christmas trip plans with a friend, but I'm still suffering some holiday blues over being 38 and single. I guess I'll enjoy life as much as I can and endure what I can't change. But it's cold, and I'd love to snuggle...

Comment #9

I've lost 5 babies to miscarriages, and have 1 son who is the pride and joy of our lives. But the holidays ARE tough because I miss what could have been sometimes...

Comment #10

Thanks, everyone, for sharing your stories. It's refreshing to read people's heartfelt, honest struggles. It helps me realize that I'm not alone, or a complete weirdo.

My heart goes out to all of you who have lost loved ones - parents, children, siblings, dear relatives or friends - and to those of you who will be separated from the ones you love this holiday season. I too will be missing some of the people I love the most this Thanksgiving and Christmas.

You're right, RedRockLobster, the media makes us think that the holidays are supposed to be "perfect," and when ours don't measure up, we feel like failures..

One thing I've found that helps me through is to pray for others. And so, I hope you won't think this is silly ... but I've written down each of your Medifast screen names, and I plan to pray for you each day from Thanksgiving to Christmas, that you'll feel God's presence with you during this time.

Another thing I like to do is to spend Christmas day at my local Salvation Army. They provide a Christmas dinner for those who either don't have the finances to make their own, or who would otherwise spend Christmas alone. The folks from the local synagogue do all of the cooking and other preparations, along with volunteers from the community, so that the regular Salvation Army workers and volunteers can have the day off to spend with their families. We spend the morning wrapping donated presents for the children, then we deliver meals and gifts to shut-ins, and then we serve a wonderful turkey dinner to those who have come out to join us there. One of my most cherished photos of my sister, who died in June from breast cancer, was taken last Christmas at the Salvation Army. She had just finished chemo, and we were there together working as volunteers, and celebrating that her cancer was in remission.

God bless each of you!.


Comment #11

Thanks for your post and prayers Deb! You pretty much summed up what I was going to write...

Comment #12

I know how you feel Sassy. My freshman year of college I got into a 3-year relationship that ended last summer. Last Christmas was the first one in 5 years (I had short-term boyfriends for the other two) that I was single. And it was tough. I was able to make it through though because I was "talking" to one or two guys that helped keep me distracted from the fact I was single..

This year. Ugh. Nothing. So - actually - this is the first holiday season in 6 years that I am 100% alone. I'm not saying that all single people should be depressed during the holidays, but it's definitely a change from what I'm used to. Ugh, that makes me sound spoiled! That's not what I mean....

...what I mean is that even though we are single (REPRESENT SISTA) we are going to be surrounded by all kinds of other love. If you need a little bump, PM me and we can exchange numbers. Happy texts are my specialty.

Hang in there girly! We'll all get through it!..

Comment #13

Y'all are cordially invited to my Misfits Holiday party! Seriously. I would open my home to you guys in a heartbeat! Then we could all pick out the OP food choices together!..

Comment #14

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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