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Let me make this very clear, ive been doing domaining for 14 years, I know what I'm doing. Back in June of this year, I bought a domain name, transfered it to my godaddy account in august. A few hours ago I just typed it in for the hell of it and unknown to me it's at another domain registrar. JUST updated yesterday...WTF! I am obsessive with the security around my domains, How on earth is it that godaddy has NO RECORD WHAT SO EVER of my domain being in my account. IT WAS THERE. Anyone else experience this and how did you go about getting your domain name back, if you got it back at all? I have the receipt when I bought the domain at snapnames, I also have the transfer email request that I NEVER AUTHORIZED AT ALL. Since this never happened to me before, what do I do? Please help me...

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Someone with premium or paid domaintools membership can help you out with this, all you need to have is the screenshot.

Just replace with actual domain name and the screenshot serves as proof, you can use.

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Godaddy has NO record of my domain of EVER being in my godaddy account, BUT IT WAS. I've seen it in there with my own eyes over and over and now it's gone...

Comment #2

Yeah that's a given already. I got a feeling you never read my post.

Like I said use the link above and it will show the registrar changes and someone from here with paid domaintools membership can you who are the registrars...

Comment #3

If it was with GoDaddy, just check your old emails. They must have sent you something about it over the years...

Comment #4

Yes, please post the name so we can see what we are dealing with...

Comment #5

The domain is, you guys are providing me with great help and I really appreciate it. I tried to contact Tucows where it was transfered to and where it's parked now but the offices are closed on the weekends, making this even more painful for me. I also filled out a form for customer support issues but something is wrong with the form, after you fill it out and submit, you get a line code error. Whatever the issue it's on their end...

Comment #6

That's weird. It appears to be at Tucows right now...

Comment #7

Sorry to hear about your issue.

Just out of curiosity I made a whois search in (domaintools) and get following historical info:.

Look at attached file.

I dont have paid membership, so cant see the actual whois on the different dates, but one can see what dates the whois was updated, and it's weird but the dates you mention in your post, the month you bought - june, and the month you transfered -aug., is not there?.

But as Weblord suggested and you still havent listened to his good advice, either pay for a membership or ask one with a membership to look at the different history check up you can do in domaintools.

I hope you will get your domain back.

Good luck and best regards,..

Comment #8

The registrant appears to be Tucows as well. One of the previous owners had Belgium Domains LLC as the registrar. This might be part of the problem.

This is the hosting history for the domain:

It may have been a tasted domain until you bought it.

The registrar in your registration is not Godaddy:.



Created-date: 2008-06-16.

Updated-date: 2008-06-19.

Registration-expiration-date: 2009-06-16.


Comment #9

Your plight illustrates again biggest flaw of the thin registry model - sync issues between registry and registrar...

It appears GoDaddy never possessed the domain - what you saw in your GoDaddy control panal was an illusion and not reflective of reality.

When transferring (and likewise when renewing) a domain, one needs to check both the registrar and the registry to ensure they're still in sync.

My suggestion is to go back to the registrar you originally bought it from (via Snapnames) and see what insight they can provide about how the domain got transferred out, and proceed from there to contact the 2nd and 3rd registrars involved with the registration...

And GoDaddy as well - they presumably have no standing whatsoever and thus will be of little to no help, but who knows ... may further help you in tracking down where things went wrong.

Ideally, the first registrar will acknowledge you still being the rightful owner and will seek to recover the domain from Tucows on your behalf.


Comment #10

Thanks for all the advice everyone! it's greatly appreciated. I called snap and left a message yesterday, called tucows but they dont have the option to leave a message anywhere (their closed on the weekends). I tried 10 times to submit a help request on tucows website but the form wont submit, keeps saying sytax error with a long code. I'll give updates on this situation so check back. I should hear something from snapnames monday at some point. I'm also going to call tucows during normal business hours and see what they have to say. Again, thanks to all...

Comment #11

UPDATE with - Ok so this is what I found out today. A Snapnames rep called me around 230pm this afternoon and basically told me once you win a name on snapnames they are no longer the ones that deal with the issues arising from the domain. So then I attempted to call tucows...what a joke that was. If any of you ever tried calling you know what I'm talking about. The automated phone system goes round and round like school bus wheels and you don't accomplish anything.

They make it nearly impossible to reach someone, so I started making up last names in the company directory in hopes of reaching someone that way. I reached a guy but he wasn't directly associated with tucows, yet he's on the company directory...whatever. He gave me the number to the legal/law enforcement dept at tucows....I called and it was a recording so I left a message. Then I called Domains Direct, a reseller for Tucows. Spoke to a very helpful guy for about 20 minutes. Ultimately he couldn't help me because tucows is where the domain is residing right in the domain name is now owned by Tucows and not an individual person who has a membership at tucows.

BUT he did say the domain expired and thats how Tucows aquired it...but then.

I is that possible if a transfer was requested and completed without my authorization or knowledge? That's not how domains expire and I had 12 months worth of paid fees when I won the name on snapnames. It didn't expire until June of 2009. He said I have to call DomainDiscount24 and figure out that missing link, the only way I can contact them is by the form on their website because my cell phone plan doesn't have international calling on it...increasing my frustration even further. I filled the form out again for the 2nd or 3rd time since friday and resubmitted the problem. The company is located in Germany and who knows if they can read what I typed. That's the status right now, when I hear back from DomainDiscount24 I'll update you again...

Comment #12

Umm, I just looked at the registration again and noticed the expiration date at the registry is June-16-2010.

So took another look at the history - it appears only two registrars are involved ... KEY-SYSTEMS GMBH ( and Tucows.

As for it being expired - that's impossible, unless Snapnames didn't pay for it ...

Or a more likely possibility is that the first year was paid for (when you won it on Snapnames) to June-16-2009, but then the domain was later transferred out by someone who didn't pay for the extra year added on by Tucows.

Certainly looks like a basic case of domain hijacking - keep the pressure on both DomainDiscount24 and Tucows ... and Snapnames as well - while they may not be responsible for your situation, they should at least help you out to the extent of getting you in contact with someone at DomainDiscount24 who can assist you.

If still no good ... continue to post far and wide - it's possible someone from one of the registrars or Snapnames will see it (or get tired of seeing / hearing about it so much) and consequently will put in the extra effort to truly help you.


Comment #13

UPDATE - DomainDiscount24 emailed me back. Here it is... dateWed, Nov 5, 2008 at 8:51 AM.

SubjectRe: [dd24#2008110310001172] dd24: Transfer allgemein [].

Dear Mr. (me),.

Thank you for your request..

Unfortunately the transfer of this domain occurred in accordance with the.

ICANN policies.

We have received a transfer request from Tucows on 24th of October and.

Immediately sent the verification request to (my email address)..

If no answer is received to such a verification request, we are required to.

Approve the transfer by ICANN regulations (ICANN Transfer Policy). In this.

Case no such answer was received by us.

Please note that no such transfer is possible without the gaining registrar.

I.e. Tucows knowing the proper AUTH-code. In this case a proper AUTH-code was.

Provided. So we had no choice but to approve the transfer..

It is the customers responsibility to make sure the AUTH-code is known only to.

Him and to regularly check his email account as provided in our terms and.


Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,.

Simon Rder.

Your Team @

Key-Systems GmbH.

Prager Ring 4-12 Web:.

DE-66482 Zweibruecken

Tel.: +49 (0) 6332 - 79 18 60

Fax.: +49 (0) 6332 - 79 18 61


CEO: Alexander Siffrin.

Registration No.: HR B 1861 - Zweibruecken.

V.A.T. ID.: DE211006534 So how the hell is this fair or even possible? What if you go on vacation and don't check your email for 5 to 7 days or your ISP is down for a few days or lightening hit your powerlines where you live WHATEVER ...since you didn't reply to stop the transfer does this mean you're out of luck???? According to ICANN YES IT DOES. How do you know to "be on the look out for" if you didn't authorize anything and have no prior knowledge the domain transfer was about to take place??? I NEVER authorized anything, I didn't give someone any code or transfer auth code, NOTHING. I'm so Pi$$ed, it really baffles me to no end!. I can't beleive better checks and balances aren't in place for this type of situation. I'm sure it's happening all day long around the world.

What are some questions I can send in the reply? It's driving me crazy because I feel like anyone I talk to on the phone or email about this besides people here at namepros aren't taking me seriously...

Comment #14

I just found out I have the same problemalso 2 domains registered at godaddy are now mysteriously owned by someone elselocated in vietnamyet the sites are still working..

Comment #15

Yeah I have no idea what to do. The domain company in germany pretty much said it was a legit transfer because I didnt stop the transfer in time. A bunch of domainers and programmers should get togeather and team up to figure out once and for all how to stop this from happening. What if you cant get online for a few days or you go on vacation and wanna get away from the internet/email/programming/gaming whatever! and it happens then??? should that be your punishment because you didn't stop it?? PLEASE! some other kind of bullet proof step should be in place...

Comment #16

Gaining registrars are required to have a form of authorization (FOA) approving the transfer prior to sending the request to the losing registrar. Most registrars authenticate transfer requests by sending an email that has to be approved. The losing registrar can request the proof of authorization from the gaining registrar and if they can't provide they are supposed to transfer back.

The domain had to have been unlocked and the valid auth code so if it was hacked then they could have approved the email but it would be surprising if Tucows did the hijacking (as dirty as they are). It is difficult if you don't have a top tier registrar who will battle for you and Snapnames doesn't give you any choice in the matter.

Sorry to hear about the situation, not much advice to give but maybe keep pressing with both Tucows (blog or contact their CEO, Eliot direct) and DomainDiscount24?..

Comment #17

UPDATE 1/15/09.

I am getting the domain name back after a few months of back and forth emails with a few people. is being transfered back to me as of today. THE PROBLEM WAS....SnapNames created a dublicate account for someone else on accident for different names a customer won and by doing so my domian name was put into that account with the same account number. My domain was in both our accounts, the other person transfered all the domains they won and was transfered that way on accident. A MAJOR FLAW if you ask me. I've spent almost $5k on domain names last year along at snapnames.

I've been trying to get ahold of someone at snapnames this afternoon but I keep getting the machine...

Comment #18

Glad to hear there is a logical (although odd) reason AND a happy ending! way to be persistent. sp..

Comment #19

Don't be the last rat off a sinking ship.

Glad to hear you'll *finally* be getting the name back.


Comment #20

Sorry to here about the problem..

I dont want to name name the registrar ( Hint: Euro***) doing this kind of ridiculous stuffs.

I had the same problem when trying to register for a domain name and finally I found out that the domain name I wanted to register was already registered years ago by someone else.

I had to paid for the register fee (not refundable) and time consuming over this registrar...

Comment #21

Wow..that was interesting to read. So glad you got your domain name back. I'm going over to Go Daddy and make sure all my names are locked, and will also take screen shots and save them. It's not infallible, but it will help give some credence to claims of hijacking.

I'm also saving any emails I get concerning domain name purchases now.

Lesson learned..sorry you had to go through so much to teach us all, but I do appreciate your keeping us apprised along the way of this awful journey...

Comment #22

I can say some things about this case, and your errors done in this case, but i,l be blocked agan, so I want to say only: Then you win domain in back order firm you must transfer it at same day, because no one for you renew domain while you sleeping. Also what you have to do is to protect it for illegal transactions and after that you must just buy damn privacy service and no one steal from you domainI make it hundreds time for my clients and not get that problem. Even and old domainers making errors.

I write a guide in next time how to bypass illegal transactions off domains because the hosting companies have bugs but I make it next day..

Also most domainers or domain owners making serious errors what helps hijackers to hijack domain.

Hopefully you get it back..

Comment #23

Yes, to emphasize something in excell's list, I'd first read his webhost's Terms&Conditions, see if there is an outright violation in him doing that..

And even if not, a complete plagiarized website of that nature, you might get them to remove it anyway,.

I doubt they want anything to do with hosting something as blatantly illegal as that, even if your ability to enforce your rights has difficulties and possible costs.

That is something that can remove his current web presence very quickly, and he will at least know you are onto him, will likely pick on someone else's work...

Comment #24

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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