High sugar levels from Medifast?

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I had my annual bloodwork about a week ago, and it seems my SUGAR levels were high. Today I went in for the 2 hour fast, and glucose test.

I am freaking out....I had to drink that bottle of glucose, basically PURE SUGAR! Before I went, I stepped on the scale and was down 2 pounds from my Monday weigh in. I am so bummed, because I am sure that threw me out of ketosis, and the day before TG......

HELP! Has anyone else done this while OP?..

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Well, that just sucks! But remember, when concerning medical issues you need to do what ever you need too... It was just once... any idea what the nutritional value of that stuff was? Account for it and move on....

Good luck to you.....

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Doesn't matter. You do what you have to do for your health. Get immediately back OP and don't use this as an excuse to eat off plan tomorrow. Don't skip any Medifast meals. Just move forward. Hang in there.minimal...

Comment #2

I agree with the pp's. You didn't have a choice; this is not a case where you willingly crammed yourself full of sugar. You had to do what you had to do. Now just get right back OP and you'll be fine. I've had days of falling out of ketosis through poor food choices, and still losing weight that week. Don't give up! You can do it! Think how much BETTER your sugars will be when you hit GOAL!!!!..

Comment #3

I agree totally. As a diabetic for 26 years now, I can say that you should do anything you can to determine if you have this disease and then treat it. You are already 100 steps ahead of the game by being on MF. So I wouldn't worry about falling out of Ketosis, I would worry about 'not knowing' if I had diabetes and how it would affect my life. Believe you don't want to be in the dark about this. You will be fine and probably will be able to control it, that is even if you have it, with diet and exercise since you got a head start. I wish you the best and if you do get diagnosed..just check in with me anytime and you have my support...

Comment #4

Ok guys, thanks for the posts. I have read of people becoming violently ill after going off plan and putting sugar in their bodies. Well guess what? I was sicker than a dog all day yesterday after drinking that crap. WOW my body is still rumbling and feeling sick and upset. It DID NOT like that at all.

Absolutely NO PLANS of going further off plan than my Doctor already took me. Especially now how I feel, I am having a hard time wanting to eat anything at all..

I agree, I need to do what I need to do for my health. I have been borderline before, and it runs in my family, so I am not surprised, just surprised it was high after 8 weeks OP. My dad has controlled his blood sugar with diet and exercise for 15 years. I WILL be the same if that is indeed how I am diagnosed. ANOTHER huge motivation for completing this journey, transitioning and maintaining....a blessing in disguise perhaps.

I am a true believer that all things happen for a reason...

Comment #5 doctor also told me she could NOT believe I weighed 181. She thought MAYBE 160. She suggested my 150 goal was too aggressive...hmmm..

Comment #6

How tall are you? My starting and goal numbers are almost the same as yours. I'm 5'7" and don't feel like 147-150 is "aggressive" at all. Maybe if you have been over 200 for a very long time she might be thinking you won't be able to sustain that? Hmmm. Not sure..

Hoping your glucose test comes back normal! Take Care!..

Comment #7

Can someone tell me how to put the cute little strip that you all have that tells your progress? I have only been on the plan for 2 days, but I like what I see on each of your posts. Thanks!..

Comment #8

At the very top of the Medifast Connection board is a "Ticker Tutorial" which should be able to get you started..

Welcome to MF!..

Comment #9

I am 5'6 with a large frame. I was very comfortable at 140 way back in the day.

For now, I am keeping my goal at 150 and once I hit that, I will see how "I" feel....because no one else can set my goals for me.

My daughter who is built very similiar to me but is 5'10" weighs 170 and wears a size 3-5. I think we have rocks in our bodies. :P..

Comment #10

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