Hi one and all
I am new to these forums so please excuse me if I sound like a total idiot! haha...i am also a bit of a photography,"virgin"...i emphasize,"PHOTOGRAPHY",virgin!..

I am looking at purchasing a new digital camera. I have read many reviews,about many makes of camera,i have just read reviews for the cannon 400d...i was pretty confused before-hand,now I am TOTALLY confused!!!..

Do any of the world of experts out there have any advice that can help me?..what I am looking for is a camera that has all,if not most, of the following features. I know that the more a camera has,the more it costs..i will just list them straight,so, here goes.....

High number of digital zoom ,(6+),preferably as a fixed lens.excellent pixel qualityimage stabilizing feature"sd" memory card slotexcellent depth-of-field/sharpness/clarity.

A camera that gives superb quality images,(that would need very little editing,if any)..constantly.fully automatic modehigh quality lens.good shutter speed/exposure.and all the usual standard camera features..

I will be selling images on-line,so I am sure you can appreciate the quality I am looking for..

Not asking for much huh?!!!!!..

If I can get all the features above,in one camera,that would be fantastic,but I don't think a camera exists,with ALL the above features,but you guys are the ones with the experience and expertise..

I look forward to hearing back from any,and all,who have any advice..

Thanks very much,in advance..

Mr nice guy..

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What you're descibing is a quality point and shoot, but they generally won't cut it for stock photo agencies..

If you're planning to sell online from your own site, any camera will work, but if you're going to use a good stock agency, you'll need to meet their quality levels..

For starters, you'll need to learn photo editiing and raw conversion. Many agencies require specific densities and/or formats. It would be tough for a "Photographic Virgin" so to speak, to break in without great skills and great equipment..

There are some stock agencies on the web that takes everything, but they don't have market credibility nor sell much...

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Mr nice guy 1415 wrote:.

High number of digital zoom ,(6+),preferably as a fixed lens.excellent pixel qualityimage stabilizing feature"sd" memory card slotexcellent depth-of-field/sharpness/claritya camera that gives superb quality images,(that would need verylittle editing,if any)..constantly.fully automatic mode.

Sounds to me as if you should be looking at the Canon 450d, this is the new kid on the block and is getting rave reviews...

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If you want to fly with the eagles in the afternoon, you must leave your nest in the morning..

You will want (defined by your needs, but apparently not by your desire) a DSLR to get those "great" images. Needless to say, if one lens did all, that's the one we'd all own. Instead ask for advice on this forum about what lens to get, and you will be provided with more suggestions than posters..

You have to pay your dues to get great shots to market them, so relax, learn, and enjoy the photographic hobby. And yes, I second the 450D as a good place to start.Rationally I have no hope, irrationally I believe in miracles.Joni Mitchell..

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Thank you Joni for your reply...i respect your honesty.yes I have a lot to learn,but we must all start somewhere. thanks for the advice..

Mr nice guy..

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I was looking at the 450d too...sounds like a great camera. I will check it out further.


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I would seriously put aside any thoughts of selling images at first. A noob with virtuallyl no photography experience is going to make a name for himself... and it won't be a very kind one. Get yourself to be considered seriously first, then sell. Going the other way you may never get yourself to be considered seriously..

One of the things about photography is learning how to see images. I've been shooting DSLR for over 6 years now and I can honestly say I look at images with a more demanding eye than I did even a year ago. Some stuff that looked good to me in 2002 would be instantly thrown out today..

You are right that we must start somewhere - and we don't start playing guitar by playing with the Rolling Stones; a camera doesn't make you a photographer any more than a guitar makes you Keith Richards. Take your time - and enjoy your hobby, then go from there..

Mr nice guy 1415 wrote:.

Thank you Joni for your reply...i respect your honesty.yes I have alot to learn,but we must all start somewhere. thanks for the advice..

Mr nice guy.

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Thank you for that good,sound advice....i have no intension of selling any images on line,for some time yet,but it will be something that I will be doing.... what I am wanting to do is..1..get a decent camera,(i am looking at the cannon 400 or 450d)...2...getting fully familiar with my camera and what it can and can't do...3....getting a "feel",for the perfect picture.what may look good in a view finder may not look good on a pc/laptop. as a lecturer in the classics,i am used to taking my time on a topic,(in this case photography), to understand what I want to achieve/put across,and to make sure I have all the information I need before you rightly said,the one thing I don't want to do is start off with a bad reputation, a bad reputation,whether it is accidental or deliberate...will destroy a business, as I am sure you will agree..

Have a nice day Joni.

MR N G..

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The 'Buying guide' at the upper left of this screen. You can specify the features you like and it will guide you to suitable cameras..

One note: You might want 'zoom' but the best is "optical" zoom....'digital' zoom is less just crops the image and sacrifices detail..

And don't expect to have the best qualilty photos without some post processing. Ansel Adams didn't just develop the film....he did a lot of 'post processing' in his darkroom..

Good luck!.

LucyE- 510, 40-150 and 14-54 lens!U ZI owner!Olympus C30-20Z Member #98, Oly Division'Photography is the art of seeing what others do not.'..

Comment #8

Hi Lucy..thanks for your suggestion..i shall bear that in mind. mr n g..

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