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HI, new to domaining and NamePros. The first .com name that I bought (probably the first of many foolish mistakes to come) has the word "Pepsi" in it. Is this a bad thing? It is two words, such as i.e. PepsiAddict or PepsiPlease (but not those names). Surely the name 'Pepsi' is trademarked but, is it ok to have the name Pepsi in a website name when I am not selling any products?.

(I may want to sell the domain name in the future though).

There is more to it than that but I would like input based on what I said so far if possible. Totally green here!.

Thank you,..

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This is called bad-faith intent.

This is the best advice you will ever get here.... Read my Sig and follow the instructions..

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And when you've done that, drop the domain ASAP lol...

Comment #2

I agree... I had some google domains and I let them expire without trying to contact google or anything like that.. best bet is not to advertise anywhere that you have the domain and forget about it.

Some sites though do just fine with TM names in them, like but I'm half tempted to think someone in google owns that domain and they are posting info about themselves..

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Hmm, ok. thanks. I see a lot of Pepsi-related sites out there, fan sites and whatnot. Seems to me there shouldn't be a problem, but maybe there is.

I made the site for my nephew, just threw a few html tags in there when I bought it. The site also has to do with the movie Back To The Future II.

DNQuest before I posted I did like you said, I looked all over for trademark stuff on the site, I read hundreds of posts. There was so much conflicting information on the subject though, so I thought my best bet would be to post and get advice.

The name I was talking about that I made is Pepsi Perfect (dot) com. It's a fictional drink in the movie. It is more for fan purpose than anything, that he wants to build up over time.

I would hate to take the site down for his sake. Can someone please look at it and see if there is any wrong intent? I really do not think there is but would like more input.


Comment #4

It really depends... if you see other pepsi fan sites with the term pepsi... if you tread very carefully... but usually isn't worth the risk. If you really want to be safe, and it truly is a fan site and not a commercial site trying to make money off pepsi's name, give them a call or email and ask. Maybe use a different email than is on the whois and don't give them the domain name, but ask them if a fan site is ok to make with the term pepsi in it.

Basically, if you intend to sell a name with their tm, or want to make money off it (selling pepsi products etc), you are standing on a volcano just waiting to erupt.

My advice if you really want to keep it: do not ever try to sell it to pepsi... or at all ideally. Don't sell commercial goods on it, especially anything from Pepsi. Ask Pepsi if your intended use is ok. Then you will know for sure if it's ok, and maybe ask what is and is not ok, then they might spell out what they allow and what they don't.

Just my opinion.....

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Yeah I agree here with flamewalker. It's not impossible to host a fan site, you just have to be certain that it is making $0. Otherwise, you open yourself up to legal risks. Even if you are using it properly, you never know what a company with lots of money will try to pull..

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We could talk for hours (pages/posts/threads) about that possibility, but your statement that was highlighted above (The "sell it to them" line) sinks the ship every time.

Pepsi probably won't ever waste it's time on the name, but as the big guys turn over their IP protection to trolls, you never know when you'll get a friendly little C&D - compare it to someone else's that he/she received and you'll notice the boilerplate.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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