Is Nutrisystem ok for Muslims?

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Hi Everyone,.

My name is Anam and I would like to get started on this program but I have a few questions/concerns before I get into it. I was wondering if any of you could please help me out here. My goal is to lose about 30 lbs. Even though I'm good about being on a 'diet' it's just that sometimes I cheat and go totally off-track.

I drink a lot of tea so one of the things I started to do was drink sugar-less tea. It's been over a year now and it's been very good. I did lose weight with controlling what I eat, how much I eat and of course exercise however, I'm a full time college student who hardly has time to do anything anymore. Even fitting in gym time is getting difficult started this new semester (in three days!).

Some of the questions/concerns I have are as follows:.

1. Is Nutrisystem okie for Muslims? I was going to choose the vegetarian plan but I'm wondering what kind of products are using to make the meals? Oil, etc..

2. Is it possible to just get perhaps breakfast and dinner and skip the lunch meals from the plan? The reason being is that I hardly eat lunch and usually it's just a salad as I'm always on the go and fitting in a quick salad in between classes works out most of the times.

3. Is hard-core gymming required while being on the plan? That's one of my biggest concerns as I have absolutely no time to fit that in as the time I get back from college is when my local gym is closed. So not sure what I could do.

Any help you guys can provide would be extremely helpful and appreciated. Really would like to lose the lbs I've packed on since high school graduation five years ago. Skipping my reunion in couple of weeks just for that reason! .

Thanks a bunch!.


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Hi Anam, I'll answer your questions the best I can.

1. I don't know what is allowed or not allowed on a Muslim diet. But if you call one of the counselors at Nutrisystem they will be able to answer that question..

2. It is not okay to skip lunch or any meal. But there are lunch bars that you could have with your salad. It is very important that you eat all of your meals and add ins..

3. Hard core exercise is not required. There are many people who have lost weight on Nutrisystem who cannot exercise. That being said, exercise always helps..

Hopefully someone will jump in with additional info for you..

Good Luck with your weight loss journey..

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Hi Anam,.

Here's my 2 cents:.

1. I would call a Nutrisystem counselor to find out if the Nutrisystem foods are ok for the muslim diet..

2. You cannot skip any meals or any add ins. You will need to eat the Nutrisystem entrees for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Along with the vegetable, fruit and dairy/protein add ins. You will be eating a little something every few hours. You'll be having 5 - 7 mini meals every day.

3. You don't have to exercise to lose with NS. I haven't started a serious exercise program yet, and have lost over 60 lbs. I follow the program 100% every day. That being said, I believe they say that you will lose faster if you exercise..

Best of luck to you!!.

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No clue on dietary requirements for islam. The counselors/customer service are your best bet for that. The question has to have come up before..

You do need to eat everything called for in your alloted daily servings. None of them are optional. You can move stuff around during the day however you want, breakfast for dinner, dinner for lunch, etc... but... it is not a good idea to hoard up your servings and have just 1-2 huge meals for the day. As I understand it, the spacing of the mini-meals is to keep your body drawing upon existing fat reserves, so only having small mini-meals throughout the day to keep it burning strong.

Which none of us want.

Also, infrequent large meals would make the urge to cheat a lot harder to ignore mid-afternoon when you haven't eaten anything for nine hours and friends come in with donuts or bagels or muffins or pizza. I really think you would be shooting yourself in the foot with that approach. Much better to keep pack up some snacks to bring with you and have them during/after classes. You can always munch on an apple walking to your next class, etc..

EDIT: I did minimal exercise for my first six months. I walked maybe 10-15 minutes a day, and twice a week, I'd guilt myself into using a set of dumbells for 10 minutes. It shames me to say it, but I'd been a slug for 10 years, and I figured heart attacks wouldn't help me any, so I wanted to lose a big chunk of weight by raw diet before I kicked in doing much exercise. I've still had fantastic results, just sticking with the food plan as written, and not cheating. In the last 4 months I have picked up the exercise a lot more, and it's good to do. But if you only exercise a couple times a week, you will still make progress, as long as you don't cheat foodwise..

Comment #3

Other than no pork, I'm not sure about your dietary guidelines. There's not many pork meals other than one on the dinner meal. You can look at every food and it's ingredients by clicking on the "Menu" tab. That might give you a better idea of what's included.

If you have time for a salad then adding a lunch bar should not be a problem. I've had to schedule exercise into my life but some do without it and still lose.

Welcome aboard and good luck to you..

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Thank you all for the wonderful advice. Truly appreciate it. I spoke to one of the Nutrisystem counselors online and she told me that some of the meals are prepared using alcohol. However, she didn't say which ones and I read every label and none of them say anything regarding the alcohol used. Now I'm really confused as to what I should do. :/.

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Alcohol? I don't think so. Why not wait until Monday and talk directly to one of the Dietitians:.

Dietary Dept, 800-585-5483, ext 1341.

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