Hey Dave.. Any chance we'll see a D100 Review soon ?????
I'm SOOO ready to buy this camera. Shipments in Europe are expected to begin this week. Who knows when we'll be able to get one in the states? I am really looking forward to reading one of your great reviews Dave, when might we see one?????????..

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Yeah, no kidding, me too! (Sooo ready to buy the camera.) Probably not right away, I have to figure out some paper-thin excuse to explain a $2K camera purchase to Marti, but I want one bad, sight unseen. (My film camera is an old Nikon 6006, so my limited collection of lenses are all Nikon-mount.) The review will tell the tale though, and I'm really eager to put it to the test. Shipments starting in Europe this week ??!! That really doesn't sound too likely. I've been told I won't have a "shootable" test unit until mid-June at the earliest, so I have a hard time believing that they'd be shipping production units to Europe already. - Where'd you hear that rumor? I'd like to track it down, then go press my contacts at Nikon. If you don't want to divulge any sources publicly, you could email me privately at (Kill the N*O*SPAM part there - I already get enough spam, and we've found that robots appear to be searching our forums routinely, trolling for email addresses.)..

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Hey Dave.. thanks for the reply. Regarding the Availability, I just returned from two weeks in Europe where I did quite a bit of Camera shopping. I was in a shop called Foto-Pro in Barcelona that had an enormous supply of Nikon Stuff (as a sidenote, most of the European shops had better stock of new stuff than most US shops I've been in lately). In fact, they had stacks of the UR-E5, UR-E6 adapters, lenses, and some of the other Nikon CP5000 accessories that seem to be virtually impossible to get in the states. I bought a bunch of the lenses and adapters and stuff for my 5000, and then decided to return the camera when I got back to the US.

I was speaking with the store owner, an oriental gentlemen, who was VERY digital camera knowledgable, and we were discussing the Canon D60 and Nikon D100 new intros. He indicated that he had confirmations on D100 shipments prior to the end of the month and that I could reserve one if I wanted to. I've really got no reason to not beleive him, but who knows? I would have bought one but was hesitant to purchase a 2K camera from out of the country for warranty concerns, etc... If you don't mind, how about emailing me some comments about the comparability of the D60 vs the D100. I am considering just getting the Canon since I can get one sooner (I think) than July/August....

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Tom - Very interesting. I checked with one of my Nikon contacts, and they confirmed what I'd already heard: We're only just *maybe* going to be getting an eval unit by mid-June, more probably late June (in time for the review to interfere with my vacation! Given that, it certainly doesn't seem likely that Europe would be getting production models to sell to customers by the end of this month. He's (this particular Nikon contact) going to check further, but it sounds to me like the guy wanted to get your purchase money in hand.....

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Dave.. you're probably right and are certainly better connected than I. Most likely, he WAS probably just trying to get a deposit from an unsuspecting American. However, he DID have a whole bunch of Nikon stuff that I'd not been able to find ANYWHERE. At any rate, I'm not gonna buy except from a domestic source and don't really want to wait another 4 months since I am now without ANY camera and that is a real pain. What do you think I might be sacrificing by going to the Canon D60 instead... I've heard alot about disappointing focus performance but your review seems pretty positive......

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I bet the D100 will not be available until August. Just a hunch.

The D100: With USB, NOT Firewire, and no X sync socket, and only a1/180 X sync, this will be their "starter" Digital 6 megapixel camera....which means.

The "D2" will have a CCD or CMOS or Fovean chip which will be physically.

Film size! At last, a 20mm willl be actually be 94 degress corner to corner !.

And not the 30mm it is now on the current Nikon D cameras !.

And the D2 will have an accordingly proportional increase in file size!! ....I am just guessing (dreaming). Andy W...

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