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Hello - as a completely NEW digital camera purchaser (Nikon Coolpix 2100, 2MP), can someone please tell me what is absolutely necessary to purchase for website photos. What size MB flash card do I need, it comes w/16MB so should I purchase now a 32 or 64MB card. What is the benefit of a flashcard reader, USB port... With all the available accessories I'm not sure what is excess vs. necessary. Also, which type of batteries/charger would be best? Thanks for any help you can give"clueless in digital land."..

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Go to the Accessories Forum (linked at left) for a discussion of batteries and chargers. (I happened to go against the flow today and got the Rayovac fast charger because it was available locally at WalMart and I have an event to support this week and didn't want to take the time to charge single sets of batteries on a slow charger. If your volume is low, then a slow charger may be more than adequate and will also be a lot cheaper.) I would go with the larger cards, 64 or even 128 or more. It's not critical but can add to the time you have between needing to swap cards or stopping to download. They generally are cheaper as they get larger but it's possible that one size may be on sale at a local supplier making it a better buy at any given time. You don't "need" a flashcard reader but they are convenient and preserve battery life if the camera doesn't come with an AC adapter.

However, there seem (for some folks) to be compatibility problems between cameras and computers and software and operating systems. The readers usually present an easy bypass route if you are experiencing these kinds of problems...

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Unless you're about to go off on a big trip hang on to only the 16mb card until you get an idea of how you use the camera. You can probably get 30-40 shots at 2mp on that card which (for me anyway) would be more then a day's worth of shots. Plus bigger cards will only get cheaper the longer you wait (until they've been made obsolete by the next great format and you can't find them at all). Same for batteries, this forum and others say you must buy a 2nd batteries and charger the second you unwrap the camera. My camera takes AA batteries so I did buy 2 sets and a charger (because I'm going on a trip) but my first set still haven't come up with the low battery warning after taking (and uploading) probably 100-200 practice shots. So I maybe could have made do without the 2nd set and recharge the one set every few days. Flash card reader? with rechargible batteries why bother?..

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With my kid's policy to "shoot everything that moves", and having bought a 128MB card right off the bat, the 16MB card came in handy on the return trip, as a backup when the other was full. In 3MP mode, that was only 12 photos. So you really want to know how many you can store on YOUR camera. But Art is right, I think. If you're planning to shoot around the house, then 30-40 shots are probably plenty. You obviously have USB capability on the camera.

If you don't have USB and you're running Windows 98 or newer, the cost is probably around $30 to get a 4-USB port card, designed to use many "toys" at the same time. If you're using a MAC, and if your camera has FireWire (another, but very fast, transfer system), you're in business. If you have to buy a FireWire card, used for one device at a time, then I'd look at the price. If you buy a card reader, then it's only good for that purpose. Card readers became obsolete with the advent of USB and FireWire.

One thing I always say, save a little money for a tripod if you're in the least interested in photography. I'm just an amateur, but I can safely say that lighting will not always be to your (camera's) liking. And the only way you'll make due is with that tripod, especially at my age, when shaking starts to become an issue. Mike..

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A tripod is probably a very good accesory, how much you need it will depend on your photographic style. I seldom used one with my 35mm stuff. Which kind of led to my other thread on changing habits/styles. The viewfinder type may make a major difference - I was able to shoot belly flowers or small flowers easily in 35mm, it isn't easy with my Fuji. Part is the focus zone, part is the viewfinder "optics." (Part is likely my eyes!) OTOH, I'm not thrilled with the USB cable on my camera, the camera end connector doesn't strike me as reliable as the standard USB cable and I don't think it will stand up as well as the internal card contacts, so I use a reader. I'm also pretty sure a reader would be more easily fond if a replacement was needed, a proprietary cable??..

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The camera's USB cable is not proprietary. It is simply what's referred to as a USB Type B connector. The Type A end plugs into your PC. Mine has an inline filter, or noise suppressor. It is not proprietary either, but required for USB 2 (the 602 runs under USB 1). As a matter of fact, my scanner runs under USB 2.0 and has the same cable. Mike..

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