GoDaddy reviews : Should I try GoDaddy?? Help, someone stole my domain name!

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I don't know how it happened but somehow a name that was in my Godaddy account has been transferred to someone else without my knowledge.

I sent an e-mail to Godaddy and this is the reply I received:.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to assist you because too much time has elapsed since the change of registrant took place.

Any dispute over the /img/avatar2.jpgship of the domain name will need to be sent either to the registrant, through an ICANN-approved arbitration provider (ICANN | Approved Providers for Uniform Domain-Name Dispute-Resolution Policy) or the court system. Per ICANN's UDRP, domain registrars are prohibited from becoming involved in domain /img/avatar2.jpgship disputes.

If you find that you are unable to contact the registrant because information in the Whois database is invalid, such as containing a disconnected telephone number or an undeliverable mailing address, please send a detailed email toAt that time we may attempt to contact our customer and request that they update the information.

Thank you,.

Ed Holschuh.

Domain Services.

What should I do? The person that stole the domain name has domain privacy...

Comments (31)

I would not bother with email I would be on the phone to GD. You have not said the name or time frame we are looking at but I hope you get your name back..

Comment #1

Are you 100% sure the domain was stolen?.

What is the domain?.

Are you sure it didn't expire?.

What is the registration date?.

Did you have other domains in your account?..

Comment #2

I would rather not say the domain name but it was a name I purchased from buydomains two years ago and I had it registered until 2010. I do have other names in my account but it looks like that is the only one missing. I am 100% sure the name was stolen. Post added at 02:10 PM Previous post was at 02:07 PM I was on the phone with Godaddy today but was told to send an e-mail to.

Is that Godaddy whois privacy?..

Comment #3

Yes that is the godaddy privacy whois.

Have you sent an email to "thedomainname"

Did you order whois privacy? Is your godaddy contact email still in tact?.

Does the domain name resolve to a site?.



Comment #4

Thanks I thought it was but was not sure. I have not sent an e-mail, I just discovered the theft this afternoon..

What kind of e-mail should I send? I did not order whois privacy and my Godaddy contact email is still intact.

The domain name does resolve to a mini site. It looks like Wordpress and has two posts and 3 pages of content.

Any advice on what I should do next would be greatly appreciated...

Comment #5

Here is the latest update, I sent an e-mail asking for more info on the transfer and this was the reply:.

Thank you for your email.

Our records indicate that on 3/24/2009, you placed a premium domain listing for "mydomainname".

From within your account.

It appears that the premium listing was successful, and on 06/15/2009, the domain name was awarded to the person who paid for the domain name. As such, our department will not be able to assist in this situation.

Any further inquiries regarding this matter will need to be sent to.

Comment #6

Did you have the domain listed for sale on GoDaddy? That email sounds like the domain was successfully sold on TDNAM.

If the domain has already been transferred to a different registrar, you'll either need to file a UDRP or try and get the cooperation of the registrar the domain is now registered with. Ideally, they'll freeze the domain pending investigation...

Comment #7

I did not list the name on TDNAM, but I did list with Godaddy where when someone does a search they can buy your name. Hopefully this will all work itself out in a few days, but whatever the f#ck up is, it is on Godaddy...

Comment #8

Tragedy because this is hilarious and ridiculous at the same time.

Gotta love these Godaddy horror stories.

If this was "premium listed" then have you been paid? What are they saying this was sold for? If this was incorrectly sold by tdnam then not only are you screwed but the buyer is screwed too as you fight to get it back.

Godaddy...I shake my head at you...

Comment #9

So they sold the name, but never notified you and/or paid? Keep us posted, this is interesting...

I had GoDaddy allow a transfer of a domain name of mine because of an alleged trademark violation with no notification or formal TM dispute in which I was allowed to respond to the claim...

Comment #10

Pretty much the same thing.

Instead of asking BloDaddy where your domain is... I'd be asking where your money is...

Comment #11

I will be calling later today. I never did receive money or notification of a sale. Seems strange that the first e-mail says the name was transferred so long ago they could not do anything yet when pressed for more information, suddenly the name was "sold" just a few weeks ago by Godaddy.

Update: I just got off the phone with a Godaddy rep. He informed me that the name was sold on June 5th and that I should expect a check 45 days after the last day of the month in which the name was sold. He had no other information, such as the selling price or what the check amount would be. For that information, according to the rep, I need to send an e-mail to , which I have now done...

Comment #12

I had to go through two more reps today and spend a lot of time on hold to get anymore information. In the end I found out the selling price and had them send an e-mail confirming the sale...

Comment #13

Wow, that is pretty shady that they didn't do much to contact you about the sale. Hope it was for a lot of money!.

All the best Bodhi!..

Comment #14

So interesting. I hope you got your price but talk about bad customer service!.

People always say GD has some of the best service around. That when yu call them you get a human being.

Well this is the online world! If you have to make a phone call then your business is doing bad customer service imho. I never need to call Moniker because their system works as it should. It's not confusing, it works, and I get what I need.

GD's site is a complete failure imho. They need great phone support in order to retain customers.

Good luck OP...hopefully got a great sale out of this...

Comment #15

Seems like the domain is sold, not stolen..

So, congrats and hope you priced it good $ amount..

Comment #16

Without revealing the $ amount, can you at least tell us if you are happy with the amount.

Your domain sold for?.

Was there any explanation from GD why you were never informed of the sale?..

Comment #17

Its pretty amusing reading this thread. This has got to be the best possible scenario for someone who thought their domain was stolen...

Comment #18

Thanks, it is possible that the sent out an e-mail when the name was sold, but I read every e-mail I get from the registrars I use so I'm not convinced that they did. I guess I just have to give them the benefit of the doubt. Post added at 08:46 AM Previous post was at 08:44 AM Thanks labrocca. The costumer service reps were actually very friendly and easy to deal with, they just did not have access to the information I was requesting or did not know how to find the information. Post added at 08:47 AM Previous post was at 08:46 AM Thank you, I think I got a fair price given the market. Post added at 08:50 AM Previous post was at 08:47 AM I purchased the domain name two years ago for mid xxx and it sold for low X,XXX, so I am happy with the sale.

None of the Godaddy reps I talked to or e-mailed mentioned even one time that it was strange I never received any information regarding the sale or any reason why...

Comment #19

I'm glad my two days of stress has provided some amusement to someone! At least some good has come out of it, other than a domain sale of course.

The sad fact is, this could have all been handled by the first rep I talked to if he had access to the sale info. I even told him that I had listed the domain with Godaddy to see if it was possible the name was sold and he said "no that is not a possibility". That is when I went into panic mode and you can imagine how the first e-mail response I got only made it worse. Maybe I should sue for pain and suffering? J/K..

Comment #20

LOL You must have been relieved! I know I would be if that happened to me, that was a pretty good scare there.

Anyway, glad everything's settled and good on your end...

Comment #21

WOW.. Godaddy sold your name without your knowledge..

Same thing happened to me couple of months ago...

I found a .tv domain missing from my account...... after several email and phone, they revealed it has been sold..

I threatened them to file a case or dispute..... they paid me $5k......

I still dont know what price it's sold to.. I am happy wid 5K....


Comment #22

This is funny.

A few days ago I received a message from Godaddy that one of my domains is sold on tdnam, unfortunately I had sold it on namepros for less a few months ago and forgot to remove the tdnam listing.....

Comment #23

Yeah! You gotta be careful with those TDNAM listings. Of course it isn't funny for the TDNAM buyer. I had an LLLL listed at $100 which was probably worth high $xxx at the time. An old listing. Good news for the buyer..

Comment #24

Not sure if you already have this set up but maybe you should set up alerts for change of registration for your email. I have this set up at and it works well, maybe too well I hate dropping a name I thought was stupid and then seeing that someone else bought it but oh well..

Comment #25

Wow, nice thread, and some really useful information.


Comment #26

How do you know that?.

Are you "Bodhi" or "Bodhi" told you that?..

Comment #27

He is not me and that was not the name. Post added at 09:06 AM Previous post was at 09:05 AM I guess I need to figure out how to do that, I just assumed that it happened automatically. Of course we all know what happens when someone assumes something..

Comment #28

I'll have to admit i'm not 100percent sure, sorry if i'm wrong. I just copy and pasted the whois registration details that you provided into google and that was the match that came up. I thought I was being pretty clever, haha...

Comment #29

I can tell you 100% you are wrong. Even more so than the 100% sure that I thought my name was stolen after the Godaddy rep told me it was not possible that it had been sold and their first email didn't disagree. Of course, unless by some chance I regged that name in my sleep and get another check next month You were almost pretty clever, but the domain that was sold has privacy so you probably just got some random result of someone else using the same privacy protection.

Really though, in this case, the domain name is not important. The name could have been "" and it would not make a difference. If you own it, you own it, and if it disappears, you want answers...

Comment #30

What a heap of hash! Godaddy did nothing wrong - it was all on YOU - the guy who put his own domain up FOR SALE one day and was so flaky he forgot about doing so the next day.

Godaddy didn't think your check for the sale being on the way to you was anything to scream about, since it was no doubt a small and very boring amount. "Stolen" my Aunt Fanny!.

People, to avoid such daring "thefts" as this one, just keep a lock on your domains like most sane domainers do, and don't go around offering them for sale. Duh!..

Comment #31

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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