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Hello everyone,.

I've been lurking for a while so I thought I'd register and say hello. I have a small portfolio of domains, but more importantly I am a clerk with an IP firm that has a large domain dispute practice (We are listed in the recommended links, but I'm not going to advertise so don't worry ).

I've written a few UDRP complaints and answers, and I can answer any basic questions that you may have about trademark, copyright, or IP law in general. I can't give you legal advice though; you'll have to contact a real attorney for that. Please forgive me if I am slow in getting back to you though. We are entering the law school reading period for exams, so it's a hectic time.

Happy domaining, and try not to be identical or confusingly similar...

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Do you think that using a name like "lawyer evolved" in a legal forum might give some people the impression you are a lawyer?.

Taken ethics yet?..

Comment #1

LOL JB, you hit the nail on the head....i believe he is just a kid who wants a little attention :-).



P.S: Welcome to NP :-)..

Comment #2

This forum is great!.

So many scammers lately, but they dont go too long.

Before getting put in their place!.

JB, you're quick!.


Hey Good luck to you....

Lawyer evolved,.

This is a great place, but you'll get alot more respect.

If you change your username!.

I'm serious or my name wouldn't be GynoDocRedRockPhd!.

Take Care,.


Comment #3

Maybe you should get out of law school before you start playing lawyer...

Comment #4

Fair enough JB. I will re-reg to prevent deception out of respect, though under the Model Code it shouldn't matter anyway...

Comment #5

Welcome to NamePros. I wouldn't create another account if I were you. You'll get banned. Just change the name of the account you have already...

Comment #6

The next thing you know, a TM lawyer will be using a without a registration...

Comment #7

If you were subject to the Model Code, or your state's implementation of it, as an attorney, no, it wouldn't matter if you gave a public impression that you were licensed to practice law.

I have other issues with attorneys who do not use their real names in public forums, but that's a story for another time.

The issue here is one of simple common sense, aside from unauthorized practice. There is enough bad advice and misinformation bandied about these online forums by folks that it does not help for a non-attorney to solicit what would amount to unprivileged communications on the chance that someone thought a user with "lawyer" in their name was, in fact, a lawyer.

An email sent to you seeking legal help is discoverable. An email sent to an attorney seeking legal help is not discoverable.

I'm not trying to give you a hard time. But ranging from aggressive self-promotion in violation of most state variations of Rule 7.1, to outright false representations as alluded to by DNQuest, there's been a lot of weird attorney behavior in this area, and I'd like to see you start out on the right foot...

Comment #8

Thank you, John. Repped.

I see your username hasn't changed OP. I wouldn't wait too long for that...

Comment #9

Welcome aboard, also. Just PM -RJ- to change your username or so.

Hmm, maybe this should've been in the Welcome section. Then again, John B.

Might not have noticed and given you free advice...

Comment #10

He (or she) apparently as "evolved" form being a just a lawyer. The evolution of most lawyers I have known has been into Judges, Politicians, or Prosecutors. I'd bring up Bill Clinton here as an example, but I think in the blue dress and cigar period he Devolved from a lawyer to a rich playboy. Legal Disclaimer: No harm intended against any lawyer, judge, or politician. The above was meant as humor only, and should not be taken seriously. If not found funny, please disregard, as I am not licensed to practice humor in any state. If your erection last for more than four hours...oops wrong disclaimer.....

Comment #11

LOL, repped for the laugh.

OP, Take Jberryhill's advice....

Comment #12

I am of the opinion that you've clearly provided enough disclaimers in your post to explain your status. But also being new to this forum I am not privy to the standards required here to offer free advice. If nothing else the cynical reception you've received, should bode you well in developing the "thick skin" you shall require in the future practice of law.(Lawyers like cops are only truly appreciated when they are desperately needed).

I don't personally require any legal advice at the present time (knocking on wood) but appreciate that you could add insight to any forum such as this through your connections and acquired knowledge in a newly developing and evolving field of internet precedence.

Now, hopefully I have put you at ease (and won your confidence LOL). I own this currently unused domain, and may be interested in selling or co-developing it with an interested party...

Comment #13


Are you the same guy,.

And just opened a second account?.

Just Curious???..

Comment #14

Ahhh I love lawyers`s fights.....that`s why I may start studing law next year..

Comment #15

I was watching some whacked out fantasy kung-fu movie the other day on the Sci-fi Channel. It was the classic story where the heroes fight their way through a myriad of henchmen, finally arriving at the end fight with the main boss(es). Just as the battle was about to ensue, a messenger from the Jade Court arrived to inform the heroes that the villains had filed a lawsuit against them and then basically handed them an injunction against fighting. They than had to goto court to decide the outcome...

I don't really know what this has to do with the topic, but there has to be some deep meaningful message in that related to the current state of the legal system...

Comment #16

What was the outcome? I can't take the suspense any longer...

Comment #17

Gee OP never replied, "you got the right to remain silent.. blah blah blah..

Comment #18

Actually I didn't see the ending, but it's probably rather predictable, haha Sorry!..

Comment #19


You just made this thread interesting again....

Then you go and leave us hanging.


Comment #20

Aww, calm down. It was merely a helpful suggestion that using "lawyer" in a username may not be a good idea. That's all.

If you liked the kung fu movie, then you must read The Kruton Interface:

Krutons are shape changing slime molds. They are also all lawyers. Now they have a plot to sue the Human race and only one ship of the line stands in their way; the USS Repulse. The Repulse has a new captain, Captain David Wanker (Vahn-ker) and a crew made up of the worst in the service. Wanker and crew must escort Rufus T. Strangefinger to the Kruton Interface to test a new interstellar drive.

Basically, every life form on Kruton is a lawyer, and the way they establish dominance over everything else in the galaxy is by suing it...

Comment #21

I sent the OP some NP$ so he can change his name. I'm sure he meant no harm nor do I believe he was intentionally trying to misrepresent himself.

At the same time, I don't think anyone who isn't an actual lawyer should be going around giving any legal advice in this subforum without a HUGE DISCLAIMER that they aren't actually a lawyer. Choosing a name with the word lawyer in it certainly does suggest to others that one is a lawyer...

When I come to this subforum (as someone who knows nothing about the laws related to domain names), I want to know the law not what someone thinks the law is. I certainly wouldn't appreciate getting advice from someone who I'm led to believe is a lawyer and then finding out that:.

1. This person isn't actually a lawyer..

2. The advice I received is incorrect and potentially exposes me to legal ramifications...

Comment #22


This is why you were voted Member of the Month..

That was a very kind act!..

Comment #23

In point of fact "legal advice" cannot be competently given on a forum anyway, lawyer or not.

For one thing, the immediate waiver of confidentiality and privilege would be malpractice.

A question like, "If I register a TM as a domain name, then what's the worst that can happen?" can be generally answered, as can any number of general questions or hypotheticals.

But you should never, ever, ever, mistake anything you read on a forum with legal advice...

Comment #24

People do have lives other than obsessively reading online forums, you know...

Comment #25


You hit the nail with him on that.

And regarding "the lawyer`s fights" I was just kidding, sorry.

I really like law and am seriously looking forward to study it soon, I`m just settilng a few big things in my life right now...

Comment #26

Just goes to show how little I know about the law Best of luck with that Lorenzo! If I was motivated enough to ever return to school, law would definitely be my choice. Ever so fun to read up on domain disputes and admire the lawyers who win them..

Comment #27

Thanks, you never know, I may specialise in domain and TM issues.

We`ll see, possibly I`ll start this year. The housing crisis here has delayed my plans that was to start this past February...

Comment #28

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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