Headaches back from Medifast

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Headaches back. Edamame and peanut butter took me out of ketosis. Lesson learned. May have also been making mistakes with too much FF Coffeemate and Sweet and Low. Have just requested a health coach...

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FF anything is going to have more carbs in it. If you must use creamer, go for the SF rather than the FF. Rather than wait for TSFL to assign you a coach you may or may not like, read the posts in this forum. Most health coaches state either under their member name or in their signature that they are HC's. Find one you like and that you think will work for you. Also, be sure to use the My Plan to log your food in every day.

Guzzle water and hang in there. Hopefully, the headache won't last too long...

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The best source of information, better than a health coach who might or might not be correct in their advice, is the plan materials. Print out the pdfs from Success Tools: Eat Right. You want Lean, Green, Meatless, Condiments, and Healthy Snacks. If you stick to ONLY what is on the lists, you will be OP..

Sounds like condiments are really getting the better of you, so maybe start there. I carried the printouts with me for weeks (months?) until I got my routine down...

Comment #2

Ibuprofen for headache.

Is edamame and peanut butter OP? I'm not an edamame fan, so I wouldn't have even noticed if it was on the list..

And I agree with previous poster - sugar free (SF) has less carbs than fat free (FF). If you are like me and don't like artificial sweeteners, one serving of FF isn't the end of the day, but 5 or 6 kinda would be.

I wish you good luck!..

Comment #3

Sorry you are going through this. I swear, just the thought of having to start over is enough to scare me out of eating the wrong things.

Lots of water and stay OP. Like you said, lesson learned...

Comment #4

Edamame and PB are both off plan, if you ask me. Edamame is actually off plan in all senses. PB is "unofficially" on the snack list, for 1T, if you ask Nutrisystem here, but Medifast has not added it to any PDFs so I don't consider it to be officially OP. Opinions vary about the PB...

Comment #5

Actually, I saw a post from someone yesterday that said PB was listed in the printed materials she got with her first order. Guess they just haven't updated the on line lists yet. I still disagree with WHERE they count it (snack instead of healthy fat) though...

Comment #6

Ah, good. I'll drop back to the reactionary "in my day we had to eat snow out of the gutters and walk uphill both ways and there wasn't any peanut butter, young lady/sir, and I don't believe in all that mollycoddling anyway" default stance..

Not in my kitchen! *grin*..

Comment #7

I don't think PB was listed in the material I got 10 days ago. That was part of my confusion. It's listed as op "somewhere" on this website but searching it was difficult. I don't remember where I saw it. For the sake of my plan.I'm not going to consider it an option...

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This has all been SUCH a learning process for me. After eons of eating so much FF I need to switch my head to no-FF. I'm learning but have made some mistakes.such as the new, unopened FF half & half in my fridge along with the FF Creamora. Both will be thrown out. WHAT the heck do you put in your coffee?? I used to put use FF half and half plus two Sweet-n-Low. I take it Sweet-n-Low is not op but Splenda is? I've tried vanilla soy milk in my coffee but kinda ugh. I'm fine with giving up coffee and I might just have to do that...

Comment #9

I read that some people use the vanilla shake...take a TBSP or 2 in their coffee and then mix the rest as a regular shake...and PB was also not in my stuff from hmm...who knows...I'm with ain't on my paper, it ain't on my plan!!.

I used to drink coffee everyyyy what I am doing for my coffee "fix" is making my dutch chocolate shake...and then throwing a teaspoon of instant coffee granules in and blending...tastes like a mocha frapp from SB!..

Comment #10

Yep make up a vanilla shake for breakfast and use it for your coffee. Makes it sweet and light and filling. You can use the cappuccino that way too...

Comment #11

Sweet N Low is considered a condiment the same as Splenda, Equal, and Stevia. I think more people use Splenda because it simply tastes better. I use the SF Creamer hazelnut in my coffee...

Comment #12

I've found mixing that hateful vanilla pudding with my morning coffee also works in a pinch. Gives it a thicker texture but, hey, you get used to it, and then you use up stuff you don't like!..

Comment #13

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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