Help, I can't afford Medifast

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I have about two weeks worth of Medifast left. Due to financial reasons, I am not able to place my order so I have to bail on Medifast when my food is gone .

I can't cut back anything, Medifast is my only "splurge" and the rest of my money pays bills. I'm so bummed! I so badly want to finish what I started but I just don't see a way to keep it up..

Bummed :'(.

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Tracy, with 2 weeks of Medifast food left can you start transitioning? maybe contact nutrition support for a modified transition while you still have some food left? I saw where they suggested adding back in every 3 days instead of every week. I'm sorry you have to stop. I'm sure you have learned a lot to keep you focused on you..


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Oh no!!!!! Your doing so good! Not even using big crumbs and the 50 off coupons? I'll give you my oatmeals! lol Can you maybe cut back and use less meals and more L&Gs for awhile? Hope it works out!.

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Oh Tracy I am so sorry! I completely understand the whole financial thing. I think you should still come to the boards for support and change your diet to a lower carb eating plan that is simular to MF. Stick with the 6 meals a day. See if you can finish this on your own. We will be here to support you through the rest of your journey even if it isn't with MF. I wish you well and hope your situation improves so you can return..

Comment #3

Nooooo!!!! Don't go Tracy!! I completely understand your situation though. Will you at least still be on the boards? I love reading your insights and support comments!.

Comment #4

Noooo! You started around the same time as I did and I've always enjoyed reading your posts. I understand that you have to do what you have to do though. Maybe you could sell plasma? .

More serious suggestion - maybe you could find a way to stick with a Medifast-esque plan and stay active on the boards for support until you can afford the food again?.

Either way, best of luck!.

Comment #5

I'm sorry Tracy. This really sucks. As the others have said stay on the boards with your Medifast friends..

Comment #6

Sorry to hear that Tracy, I would strongly suggest you do a form of transition. Call Medifast and ask to speak to a nutritionist. They will work a plan out for you to maximize what you have left and ensure your continued success. Good luck!.

Just remember, not eating the food any more doesn't mean you need to bail on us here. Forums will still be open to you..

Comment #7

Oh no! I hope you can find a way to continue losing. Please still come to the boards for support. I'd suggest doing a 4 & 2 for now to make your meals last longer. Maybe go look for some protein shakes with a similar nutritional profile as Medifast shakes (Matrix is a good one, very low carb). You can still do your L&G meal as usual, and perhaps find a way to have 5 other small protein rich low carb meals through the day. I hope it works out for you!.

Comment #8

I have a friend who was able to purchase food less expensive in ebay you could check craigslist too. I hope you figure something out..

Comment #9

I'm sorry to hear this. You're such a vibrant and helpful poster please stay on the boards even if you can't afford the Medifast meals. I suggest continuing to track, to help keep yourself from falling completely off the wagon. I agree with the suggestions to eat along the same guidelines for content of food. Maybe use the guidelines Nutrisystem puts out for people who run out of food between shipments (I think it's 3 small L&G, but I honestly don't remember)..

My sister has done Body for Life and used protein shakes (she's seen slow losses). I've used champion nutrition protein shakes (check the carbs, there's a really low one) and atkins shakes in the past. They were about the only ones I could stand the taste of. I didn't see a lot of loss, but I wasn't following Medifast guidelines for the non-shake meals, so I was probably undoing all the work of the shakes The champion ones were about $35 for 70 shakes (, which isn't too bad in cost..

I hope things turn around for you soon in $$ and that your weight loss continues....


Comment #10

I was buying protein supplements from here before Medifast and they seemed to work fine.


Like the others have suggested try to follow the Medifast nutritional guidelines with your meals. Keep your carbs in check and you should still continue to lose weight. Good luck. You can check out the nutritional information on their site and I think they are close to what Medifast has in the 70 shakes..

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I'm right there with you, Tracy. I recently ordered my last box of Medifast (silly me thought I'd lose weight super fast and be in transition by now). The credit card is at the limit, and even with shotathome and the $50-off coupon, I will not be able to continue after that. So, I will be starting transition, too..

I'm sure you will stay on the boards and I know you, like me, are still motivated to eat low-carb/low-calorie until you reach your goal.

I plan to still visit the boards, and hope you do as well..

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Hey honey - I just want to say I absolutely believe you're not done on your weight loss journey. You can take the things you've learned and apply them moving forward. You'll still get to goal, girl!!!.

Comment #13

Well, I hope you still hangout with us, but I'm sorry to hear you won't be suffering with us. I know you're a success, anyway..

Comment #14

I'm hoping your still on the boards ... I'd hate not having you around. If you decide not to stick on the boards - PM me so we can at least connect on Facebook or something. I think you'll reach your goal Tracy - transition using the Medifast food you have left and I predict you'll do mah-va- lous! .



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That really stinks. I totally understand. I am worried that I may be in the same situation before to long. Keep building on what you have learned and don't give in to bad food choices.

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So sorry to hear you may end up stopping MF, but definitely would encourage you to sticking around here! Do you have Dr. A's Habits of Health book? It is an awesome resource and I believe it will help you as you keep plugging along. What about the book The Secret is Out? I understand that is an outstanding resource as well and am getting a copy with my next Medifast order.

You can do this with or without MF! You have the tools and motivation and we'll be here to see you through. It may go slower than if you were on the Medifast meals, but you can reach your goal!.

Comment #17

Tracy, that's awful. I have a hard time with that, too, so until I could afford the meals, I used a lot of the Atkins stuff from the grocery store. Walmart now has Atkins-like shakes and bars, too. I've lost five pounds in a week and a half doing that as a 4&2, and not even totally committed to that..

You're such a wonderful presence here, and we would all hate to see you give up and go away. I, for one, promise to keep supporting you even if you aren't a MF'er.

Keep plugging along, see what you can find, and know that YOU deserve to keep going..

Comment #18

Tracy NOOOOO!!!!.

I completely understand, but darnit!!!.

Stay on the boards! OK???.

Comment #19

Tracy, so sorry to hear that. I had read somewhere about an accelerated transition, 3 days at each stage. I hope all works out for you. You have been a big inspiration to me and hope you continue to be on the boards because you have such a positive attitude and help people so much. Good Luck!.

Comment #20

So sorry to hear this. Like other's have said - stay with the boards for support and continue with 6 meals a day. To continue losing find a good lo carb or lo glycemic plan to follow. You can still do this, it just may take longer..


Comment #21

Awe that not fun! But you have done a great job so far and you are only 18 pounds from goal and you can still lose the rest I'm sure of!!.

I wish you luck!.

Comment #22

Bummer for us and youI agree with the others with transitioning. Then if you just control your calories and stick to low carb you could probably continue that way..

Comment #23

Thank you everyone! I will still be around the boards for a while, I'm not done yet .

I love talking to everyone and supporting and being supported here! You are all great!.

Thanks for the alternative suggestions, I will be checking those out to see if anything is doable for me. I don't want to quit losing weight and most definitely do not want to GAIN, so I'm trying to figure out what I can do to continue on the course I'm on. Thank you all for your support and nice comments.

Comment #24

Hiya kiddo... I'm blue!!.

I know you will find success in whatever route you take, but I like having you HERE!! I probably have some extra food that could give you another week or so??? Loves!!!.


Comment #25

Oh no Tracy!!! I do hope you stay on the boards and continue on some modified plan of sorts. You are such a valuable member of this community I do not want to see you go!!!.

Comment #26

Oh my gosh this thread brought me out of posting hibernation!!! Please dont leave the boards. You bring alot to the table here. I hope you stick around as long as you can. You make the boards fun! You would be missed that is for darn sure..

I think transitioning is a great idea. Let us know what you decide to do!!!!!.

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Oh no!! I'm glad you're sticking around. I've been doing some research looking for non-MF foods for when I transition and think that you could make some shakes that fit their profile pretty easily... milk, decaf coffee, protein powder, inulin powder and there's the cappucino..

I also found Kays naturals and a lot of their products have a similar nutritional profile to the medifast pretzels etc and they're half the price..

I'm pretty sure whatever you decide to do next you're going to lose the weight....

Comment #28

Oh Tracy....I feel so sad. Please stick around on the boards....I'll miss you if you don't I know you"ll do great on your own, as you have learned so much and are so great at helping others. Sorry about the situation. Just don't leave us!.

Comment #29

Tracy, I wish you the best of success in your weight loss journey with or without Medifast. You are such a positive force on the Medifast boards so I hope you continue to check in here. I agree that you should try to transition with the food you have remaining and continue eating several low carb meals throughout the day, and you should continue to lose weight and get to goal. You have done so awesome on this program and you have made it to a healthy weight range! Yay!!!.

Comment #30

Thank you every body! You guys are all so sweet! You're gonna make me squirt :').

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Comment #32

Ohhhh! Totally bummed, Tracy! But I also totally understand. Medifast is a huge financial burden on us, too. Every month I just thank God that He's provided the means *one more time* for me to do it..

Comment #33

I hope you will stay with us at least on the have gotten great advice about accelerated transition..

Comment #34

Tracy, .

Ditto what everyone else said, I wish you the best on your continued weight loss and please stick around here. You are always so up beat on the boards, I love reading all your posts and your recent NSVs!.

Comment #35

You have done so well so far there is no reason to let this defeat your REAL goal of reaching 140 lbs. Remember your goaldon't let this be a throw in the towel situation. It's just life in tough times. Medifast is wonderful but it is not the only path to your goal..

Comment #36

That sucks! Stay focused and you can finish what you started. You deserve it and it's your time! keep us posted. We will miss you, your support and insight...and humor too! Good luck!.

Comment #37

Have you by chance read the book by Dr. Andersen? He has a meal plan in it for those who want to follow the plan and gives replacements for the Medifast meals. Things like almonds, celery sticks with peanut butter, etc..

My physician told me that this plan is good but it does not allow for as rapid of weight loss..

I got the book online and used the website and I only paid $12 for it..


Comment #38

I have the book! And guys! I'm not leaving the boards, just not gonna be able to buy the Medifast food any more. I'll be around still Thank you for all your encouragement!.

Comment #39

I'm in the same boat as you. I have 1.2 weeks left and that's it. We can no longer pay for it. At least your so close to goal and can transistion. I'm acutally (and I don't care what anyone thinks) going to by Atkin shakes over the counter. They are pretty damn close to MF.

The goal is get healthy and fit. I truely believe it can be done in many ways. We are all so afraid to explore options. Be true to yourself and know that you can continue to lose or maintain without MF. I have always looked at Medifast as a jumpstart not a life time situation.

It's very common for many people who have been doing the plan for awhile to HAVE TO QUIT due to the amount of $$ spent. Hang in there and you'll be just fine..

Comment #40

Aww I'm sorry you're in the same place right now. I have had a lot of good advice on this thread (in case you didn't read everything) about other options besides MF. I'm still not exactly sure what I'm going to end up doing, but I have some great options to keep losing and so do you I have not checked out Atkins products, but the next time I'm at the store I will. See, there's another option! Thanks I wish you the best on your continued journey to lose it!.

Comment #41

Oh no, I'm so sorry Tracy!! I hope you still stay here on the boards. Good luck..

Comment #42

For those who have spent many a dollar on medifast and now need to look to another source, my two cents is the best bang for your 30 bucks is to go to Amazon and order Dr. A's Habits of Health book. I think I paid around 30 bucks.

He is the Medifast guy, but in his book in Chapter 10 he discusses in detail the medifast diet model that one can do with food from the grocery.

South Beach Breakfast bars are also a great idea for one of your daily fuelings in my opinion. It is all about trying to continue with the 6 fuelings per day. 100 calorie almonds are another great idea. Strawberries (in Dr. A's book) and so on and so forth.

This diet model most certainly can be done via grocery food. It may take a little more planning and perserverance but I know you guys are well on your way. You will do it.

I look at the medifast meal replacements as healthy fast food to jump start my weight loss and get me out of detox and get some caloric restriction back to my life. I do agree they are expensive. But that just goes with the territory. Stuff costs money. If the company could figure out a way to make the meals more cost effective that would be a blessing. In the meantime know that you are a success and you will continue to be.


Comment #43

Good to hear!.

Comment #44

I totally agree with Nora! You guys CAN do it! I started with eating whole foods (nothing in a package and nothing with additives). My losses were not as quick, but I totally lost inches and the pounds came off, just a little more slowly. It is all about ebing healthy in the long run so as long as you are working with what you have you can do it! Praying that the financial stresses alleviate quickly, I know how crappy that can be! Please message me if you have any questions about a whole/clean foods lifestyle and I can direct you to some wonderful resources! Much luck! Sarah.

Comment #45

Tracy~ .

I think you feel the love from everyone that you have touched on these boards! You always have a positive outlook and I know you will continue to do well. You'll have to keep all of us updated on what you do to continue your journey..


Comment #46

Boo!! You look amazing though and are in such a will be able to continue on your journey, no doubt about that.

Comment #47

I'm disappointed that you can't continue to use Medifast food, BUT I know that you will be successful with another plan you use. You can do it!!!! This is not the end for you AT ALL!!.

Comment #48

You don't have to bail completely, remember the packages of Medifast meals gives you the guidelines of what a mini meal should have and you can go from their and make up your own 2 or 3 meal recipes a day and the rest Medifast packages. Buy your favorite by the case. I think the Atkins products are way too high in fat. You can also buy other brands of vitamins that will cost you less than half. We have to remember that people get kick backs when Medifast products are purchased which raises the price. I don't know how they figure that people spend $16.00 a day on regular food who are not on MF. I certainly don't or didn't before Medifast..

Comment #49

Tracy, we haven't interacted, but I have read a few of your posts and enjoyed them. Glad to hear that you are not leaving the boards and will continue working at it. You'll be fine!.

Comment #50

Yes the money issues always raises it's ugly head. It was one of the reasons I hesitated to join from the start. But if you add up the cost of eating out some weekends and some of the junk I was buying before I can justify spending it on Medifast truthfully it's still a killer out of food budget for the month when I have two other adults to feed........I don't want them to do without at my expense. Its hard no doubt. Just try to keep posting and get the emotional support you need, I find that is key also to success just sharing ideas and venting and having that positive feedback ! Helps to keep you motivated !! Good luck and keep us posted because after all soon we will be out there with you so some good tips on products you find would be great !!! go girl !!!.

Comment #51

Tracy, I'm sure glad you'll be sticking around the boards!! Come over to lowcarbfriends and check out some of the threads about low-carbing on a budget. There are some wonderful suggestions there for people on REALLY strict budgets ($25 a week or so) and some wonderful people there, too! My screen name is the same there as here..

Comment #52

Well, Tracy I too am glad you will still be here to give us your always positive comments and ideas. You have "trained" yourself now go and live it your way! You can do it..

Comment #53

I haven't read everything so I hope someone else hasn't posted this already.

When I thought I wasn't going to be able to keep going on medifast due to finances as well I decided that I would do what was suggested here:.

Just a thought..

Comment #54

GoddessLynne, thank you for the invite to lowcarbfriends - I will check it out!.

Medchaney, thank you for that link - good info!.

And again, thank you to all for your support, advice and nice comments! I'm not as afraid of this dilemma as I was! I have tons of tools, ideas and friends!.

Comment #55

Yes, I DO feel all the love! <3.

Comment #56


Along with everyone else here I know how you feel. I'm relatively new here and have enjoyed reading many of your posts. I know that I barely make it from order to order and I have to plan extremely carefully. I was down to the wire last week and had to place an order (limited) after I should have. Consequently, I'm having to do a 3&3 plan for the next few days. Very frustrating since I start week five tomorrow. After this long I suspect you'll end up being successful..

Take care, Sheila.

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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