Has anyone read The Beck Diet for Life book??

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I have been reading the original Beck Diet Solution and just started looking at the Beck Diet for Life..

On page 107 you work out the calorie level that you should start out at, and mine came out to 2200 calories. Yowza!.

Here is the computation for Women:.

A Your age in years x 7.31 = ______.

B 387 - A = _______.

C Your weight in pounds x 4.95 = ______.

D Your height in inches x 16.78 = _______.

E C + D = _______.

F B + E = _______.

G F-200 = _______ (your calorie goal).

What have you come up with?.

And what do you think of this book campared to the first one?..

Comments (23)

Love this book, other posts on it if you do a search...

Comment #1

That is the amount of calories she is saying you should be on to lose weight. Pretty big numbers!.

Its making me rethink her process..

Comment #2

I am reading it right now and it is very good, I haven't got that far, but there are a lot of profound bits, I am still wrapping my head around the sitting down to eat, because I am stalling and I am nibbling this and nibbling that and all the while standing up.This is something I have to really work on,.

Did you do all the exercises like make the card ect?..

Comment #3

Actually the author is correct in my opinion. At a weight of 278 pounds your basal metabolic rate (BMR) zips right along keeping your body functioning. As you lose wt. the BMR decreases also.

The author is saying if you ate 2200 calories per day, considering what you burn at rest & I suppose they expect a little effort in the exercise department (meaning a brisk walk or whatever is appropriate to keep one from injury), yes you would lose weight at the rate most weight loss professionals suggest, that being 1-2 pounds per week.

As your weight goes down, you would need to adjust this caloric intake number to continue losing. Just as with the weight watchers program, one can have more points at a higher weight, but one has to re-calculate as the pounds decrease and the allowed points also decrease (same principal).

Personally, I would not dismiss the author at all. It is another way to approach weight loss, actually sounds like healthy weight loss. Good, bad, or indifferent there are many ways to approach this beast!.

Happy Melting..


Comment #4

I think that would make a normal 1-2 pound weight loss also. I guess that is why I LOVE MF. I have never stuck to anything else like this!..

Comment #5

That doesn't make sense since I am losing about 2.7 lbs a week now on 1000 calories, how could I lose on 2250 calories?..

Comment #6

But I do have to say that on the cognitive behavioral stuff, she is tops, I love the original book, I am working it and am on day 10 as of tomorrow. I was just questioning the newer book because of the calories..

Comment #7

The Beck Diet Solution is a great book, especially for those of us who are emotional eaters. The second book I never bothered with since it is a plan and I'm on Medifast which is a different plan. The first book is not plan dependent; the second one is all about her plan. Since I chose Medifast for my plan only her first book applies to me. That was the decision I made.

Rps, yes I did and still do the cards from the Beck Diet Solution. It's how I'm able to stay on plan...

Comment #8

This does indeed work - but what to keep in mind is how you use those calories. My "count" came to 1876 calories to lose.

Now, I can spend those 1876 calories on milkshakes, fast food, candy and wonder why I'm not losing the weight and feeling miserable.

OR I can spend those 1876 calories on healthy choices and feel great, satiated, and only battling the mental demons that want all that junk food..

Comment #9

Well, my Beck calories said 2,083 and Medifast says I need 2,569 to stay at the same weight, so I think the Beck calorie count is right on. I listed myself as active on my Medifast profile since I exercise a lot so the Beck calorie count is right on (it doesn't take exercise in the equation) for me to lose 1-2 pounds a week. Medifast is the only diet I've ever been on that says 3-5 pounds a week is average. Most diets say 1-2...

Comment #10

To better help you answer your question, you could google BMR calculator and input your age, wt, ht, and it will tell you your BMR. BMR is the calories burned per day assuming no activity and simply resting. It represents the amount of energy required to keep your body functioning normally assuming you participate in no activities. I am guessing you are not at rest all day, but are out and about moving.

So if you burn close to 2000 calories per day just via your BMR and then you add in your activities of daily living meaning moving through your day with or without formal exercise, you will be burning more than 2250 calories. When you have a calorie deficit, (burn more than you eat), you lose weight. It sounds like this is the premise the information you have been reading is based upon..

Also remember on 1000 calories per day one just is not going to have the fuel to exercise like one would have intaking 2250 calories per day. There is a thought that some believe in putting heavier folks on a low calorie diet because they either can not or care not to work out or it is felt it is harder on the joints to work out hard at a heavier wt. These are all theories in the discussion of wt. loss. There are so many theories and plans as you know, we as consumers just have to find what works best for us. As your weight decreases that 2250 caloric intake would have to decrease as well.

It is just another approach at weight loss. At the end of the day if we have a calorie deficit day after day we will lose pounds. All my humble opinion of course..

Happy Melting..


Comment #11

My number was 2035. For me, this does seem awfully high to lose weight (at 191.5 lbs)..

I thought a 2,000-calorie diet was the recommended calorie count for mainting weight. I guess you must have to already BE at a healthy weight to maintain on 2,000 calories...

Comment #12

2,000 calories would have me gain a lot of weight very quickly. LOL That guideline doesn't take body build into consideration. I'm 4'11" with a small frame. 1200 calories is a good day for me. This is why you need to take guidelines like even BMI with a grain of salt. Most of them are based on a body size (height and build) we're not...

Comment #13

Mine was 1927. Are you feeling like you can't be satisfied unless you take in more food? Cause seriously, it's all just math, calories in, calories burned, but remember all calories are not created equal. (maybe more like algebra ) I've been doing a lot of reading lately, mostly around carb addiction. We also need to remember Medifast is not simply a "Low-calorie" diet. I have to agree that you have to find what really works for your body AND your mind.

This is a very low cal, LOW CARB, diet, for the weight loss phase. Some of us are VERY sensitive to carbs. (I'm sure I'm am and I was in the wost kind of "that just can't be true for my body, " denial for a very long time.) I did WW about 12 years ago when my top weight was 182 and lost 30 lbs. Of course I gained it all back and then some. Before I started MF. I started to try WW again but I started noticing that for me not reducing the carbs was a real issue.

And I also noticed that as I got heavier I became pre-diabetic and started monitoring my blood sugar. Just before Medifast I had a couple weeks of very frightening blood sugar issues. (Carb related).

That was the kicker for me. I was totally anti-MF because I thought it was unsafe to lose so fast and I felt like I could have the will power to control my calorie intake. It's not true, the more I notice positive changes from the reduction of carbs (and loss of weight) the brighter the dang light bulb gets. As I'm getting used to the program I'm realizing that my very high carb fruit and veggies (and other carbs) diet wasn't working for me. I wasn't consuming enough protein at all. This is forcing me to reduce the carbs and get the protein.

I don't want to gain everything back.

Of course this is just me and everyone is different. I hope you figure out what works best for you...

Comment #14

I just wanted to add that I am very happy with Medifast and with my choice to use Medifast on my way towards better health..

I was just dumb-founded by the number of calories that Dr. Beck thought was right for me to lose weight and curious about what others might think about her food plan for losing weight..

I think that her original book (The Beck Diet Solution) is right on the money and I am following that program right now, currently on Day 12..

Thanks for all the responses!.


Comment #15

I don't give it a hill-of-beans in terms of credence. I gained ALL my 140 lbs BACK eating about 1700 calories/day for a year, and according to that formula if I want to LOSE weight I "should be" eating 1831 calories? Nope. It's not correct...

Comment #16

You gained 140lbs in a year? Or am I just way too tired from work and reading this incorrectly...

Comment #17

It is better to use lean body mass and not total weight in calculating calories nedded. Fat does not use any calories(add to calorie need) in creating what your bmr is, only muscle. Simpily put body fat is stored energy. It does not require any. If you want to make it slow and steady it is best to do with at 80% of what you would need to maintain and use a baseline of 50-55% carbs, 30% protein and 15-20% fat and tweaking from there depending on carb sensitivity. Medifast is quick and easy..

BMR=370+(21.6 x Lean Mass in KG).

Multipliers for maintainance.

Sedentary= BMRx1.2.

Lightly active= BMR x 1.375.

Mod Active=BMR x 1.55.

Very active =BMRx 1.725.

Extr Active = BMR x1.9..

Comment #18

Yes I did. It was the 140 lbs I had just lost on Medifast the first time around...

Comment #19

Did you exercise? What are you planning on doing differently this time around?.

Please note I am not judging in any way I have been there with other diets but losing everything you lost quickly while eating that amount of calories is scary to me...

Comment #20

It just seems strange only eating 1,700 calories and gaining nearly half a pound per day. Did you have any other health issues at the time that might have contributed to this? Did you finish t&m before the gains? It would seem that if you were on the low end of 5&1 you'd just be maintaining.

I hope the tone of what I said earlier didn't come off as offensive. Personally I've gained a lot of weight in a short time before Medifast (25lbs in 3 months guhhh), but I was eating everything under the sun. I'm just curious about the circumstances behind such an unusually rapid gain...

Comment #21

Yes there were underlying factors. Lots of stress. The death of my mother, the death of a child, a severe sickness in the family, lack of sleep, quality of calories. The bottom line is I did not Transition, so my body, fresh from the 140 pound loss, and fresh with all the cortisol it was producing from the stress and lack of sleep, was aching to gain it again. This time I am doing transition...

Comment #22

Which proves out the starvation mode thought you'll read a lot about here. When you eat so few calories and you're in a high stress situation, your body will go into fight or flight mode and retain all that you eat because it thinks you'll need them to fuel your body for a long run or for a fight to the death. That is why everyone who's not eaten enough here will tell you why it's important you get all your Medifast meals and your L&G in. If you don't you will slow you losses or even gain because your body is shutting down, just like it did before when you gained...

Comment #23

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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