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OK, this is the last time I'm writing this. After that, I'm going to start demanding people send me little trinkets in the mail..

1) Go get yourself a prepaid credit card that can be purchased in cash from a store. Down under, I get VISAs backed by the ANZ bank from my local 7-11..

Caveat Emptor: I've never had a problem paying for a domain on Moniker or GoDaddy using my cards, but I can't gaurantee that yours will be issue free..

2) Load up a good proxy, or for tin-foil-hat level surety, go to a local internet cafe..

3) Create yourself a new account on a perfectly mundane service. I like Moniker because they're fucking lazy about responding to any requests for your info..

You're going to also need a fake email address for this. If you ever want to re-use the domain, I'd recommend just setting up an account with Hushmail - Free Email with Privacy.

If you're setting this as a fire and forget sort of deal, then Disposable Temporary E-Mail Address will do you nicely. They expire in 60 minutes, so be quick, or make sure you press refresh a few times while you're doing it..

4) Register your domain. Now, this is the bit where you should make up fake details that sound realistic. If you're at the internet cafe, just look up the details of some poor schmuck the next suburb/county over. It sounds perfectly plausible that they'd be at the net cafe if they're from nearby.

Alternatively, find the details of some schlub in another country that speaks English. Don't use New Zealand, it's too obvious because no one there knows what an internets is..

Here's the rub: DON'T use provacy protect. Your pirvacy protection is the false details. Putting privacy protection on makes it look like there's something you're attempting to hide. Keep your privacy by only doing updates from said netcafe or through a proxy.

5) Register hosting somewhere else. Something off shore is good. Try to get a similar time zone though, not more than 4 hours either way. It's a bitch when there's a tech support issue and one round of communication can take up to 36 hours..

If you're going to do updates, and you're not going back to the net cafe, make bloody damn well sure there's a decent cpanel on your host, so you can upload stuff through an HTTP interface, and maintain some privacy through the proxy..

6) Now, the big issue is where are you going to send that money so that it remains anonymous? It's frustratingly hard to setup a fake PayPal account, and still more than easily traced if you pay from one account into your own..

There are a few affilaite networks out there that will pay into relatively anonymous services. Others will pay into cards that can be used as debit cards of their own, and you can withdraw cash through ATMs at a nominal fee..

You'll have to do a bit of research into which networks provide these, because I'm too lazy. I will say that the one I'm with does have ePassporte, and we have been known to make cheques out to "Cash" if we've been given a decent reason..

7) Begin less than legitimate marketing campaign and bank...

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I know all the other stuff Harvey, I am more interested in step:.

But, yeah, useful guide to a beginner. *cough* trades are untraceable *cough*..

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I already commented in this thread, but this needs thread needs to be stickied...

Comment #2

"How to be invisible" by J J Luna. Highly recommended. Try having a legit driver license where your home address is some dead end street where nobody lives in ... or having your license plate registered to an an anonymous LLC..

Comment #3

Looks like someone copy+pasted your guide and called it their own.


Comment #4


He edited his post 2 minutes after you posted this.....

Comment #5

Someone tell the fucker to at least give me and or WickedFire some cred for that, please..

I don't mind helping people for free. I get warm and fuzzy when I do, especially when it flows on. But I would like some credit..

I dunno. Digg this thread for me or some shit...

Comment #6

I just checked local prepaid VISA - no, there are none of them available...

Comment #7

How about MasterCard or Amex? It doesn't have to be a prepaid Visa. As long as it is a prepaid card + the registrar accepts that card it doesn't make a difference...

Comment #8

A little tangential to the thread, but wanted to second amanda11's recommendation of How to Be Invisible. JJL actually has a live page on his site where he answers people's questions on privacy and security; everything is archived and the page is itself a great privacy resource:.

CanaryIslandsPress - Questions & Comments.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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