Handling Medifast transition for diet friends?

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Diet friends, the ones that you used to get together and talk diet strategy, how to lose it and how to be healthy, how hard it is, etc. As my sense that I'm figuring it out increases, I'm wondering how to handle people who haven't yet. I really don't need generic advice or suggestions of new techniques. I'm actually finding success. I haven't spent much time around those friends of late, just wanting to give myself a break from it, but I'm feeling the desire to reconnect with them. How do you handle it when such topics are introduced?..

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Weighty: I am looking forward to responses to your post because I am in the very same position. I am not being sabotaged by these friends, but they all thing Medifast is a quick fix and that nobody keeps it off. I have gone so far as to say "nobody can keep it off no matter what diet or food plan you use if you go back to your old habits". They still say Medifast is not a good way to go. I find myself avoiding them and these are people I really care about...

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Maybe let them lead the conversation. I find in some of these type situations the less I say the better. I don't get into the pro's and con's of the Medifast diet. I simply do what I am doing. While I don't agree if they say things not true about Medifast I simply don't get into a "discussion" either. I let them say whatever and let it roll in one ear and out the other.

If someone asks it is usually more of a one on one conversation and I explain the program and the way I felt during the weight loss. I am also very non-confrontational so I might be stewing a little by the end but that is okay too. To each his own is my way of thinking...

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I have a hard time with this issue. I have several coworkers who are on-and-off dieters and they constantly pump me for information but don't really take anything I say seriously. For example, the one who came to tell me this morning that she'd joined JC because another friend 'lost so much' and then came back at lunch time to tell me she was going out to pick up food because the meal she had just wasn't going to be enough food.

For the most part, I just listen and nod. If there's a specific question, I'll answer it. I've even occasionally offered a Medifast package (i.e. brownies or puffs) if they wanted to try something to see how 'bad it tasted'. But most of them are still in denial and just want to complain (at least that's the advice I've been given by others here who face the same challenges)..

If you don't want to lose these friends, you may just have to go with letting them chatter and knowing that when they're ready, you'll be there to help....


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My workplace is full of wannabe-dieters. They're always talking about how badly they need to lose weight, but no one ever really does. Except me..

When they bring it up, I just listen. I talk about things in general terms, like the fact that I have found I need a plan that limits my choices, or else I will always make the wrong ones..

Someone above said that these people really just want to complain. I think that's true. So I just listen and when anyone asks my opinion, I keep it as vague and general as I can without applying it to my Medifast experience or pushing the program...

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It's frustrating because diet talk can be such a bonding experience...

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Yes it can be, but it can also drive a wedge through the best of friends when one is successful and the other is still struggling. It's a fine line to walk...

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One time in my totally hopeless fat days I said to a friend who had just lost 50 pounds, "Well, just don't throw out your fat clothes." Cringe. It was awful, and it just slipped out and I apologized sincerely right away. It was a total reflection of where I was in my own despair, but it was cruel and stupid. I still feel guilty when I think of it. So, been there, done that. I forgive everything and anything someone says to me about my own weight loss..

I remember every time I failed over the years, so I am extremely humble when others are talking and complaining about their newest, latest, "this time it's forever" diets. When people ask how I lost weight I pretty much don't say much, I say vague things like, "Its a miracle." or "Somehow I managed to get started." If I have a friend who is seriously looking for advise I will tell her what worked for me but that it takes some deep thinking about one's life and relationship with food...

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A year ago, I was the fat friend. I'm sure everyone around me thought that I should "want" to do something about it, but I just wasn't ready to make the commitment. I wasn't happy being fat, but I also wasn't emotional ready to do something about it. My mom would make comments about different diets now and then, and it just made me want to drive to the nearest drive thru and pig out..

After a vacation when I couuld barely fit in the airplane seat, I knew it was time to take action. Everyone has their own "ah ha!" moment, and that was mine..

I guess what I'm saying is if you have friends that aren't ready yet, then don't push them. If they ask, then tell them of course...but just be aware that they might not be in the same emotional place that you are. Good luck!!..

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Smile and let them do the talking. If they say stuff about MF, then simply say, it's working for me, and I'm extremely happy doing it. Short and sweet comments that really don't lead anywhere.

They aren't ready to get it until they are ready to just listen and hear what you're going through, and willing to accept that it's working for you. Any negative comments they come up with are simply excuses for them to justify not trying it. It's hard to hear sometimes, but knowing that it's about their own denial more than anything negative about you should help to get through.

I completely agree with Jennifer. Anyone who has made the decision that they MUST get this weight off, is going to listen to someone who's clearly achieving it, when it's a plan that doable by anyone willing to put their willpower into it. Considering some of the crazy stuff my friends have done or recommended to me, this latest hormone shot with VLCD that some have been doing, Medifast is completely sensible and more importantly, it works...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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