Handling birthdays during Medifast?

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Today is my step-dad's 50th bday. We're all going to a really nice Mexican restaurant tonight to celebrate. I have made up my mind already that I'm not even going to attempt eating there. I'll have my Ahi Tuna Marinated and ready for the grill when I come back. I'll enjoy sipping on my diet coke while the family eats, I very much fine with that. My mom just came home with the most delicious looking guitar shaped bday cake and I broke the news to her about my plan.

Her reaction was to encourage me to eat with them since "it's just one time!, have fun, have some cake!" I tried to explain to her the implications of me going off plan even just one time so she let it go. I'm absolutely ok with not eating at the restaurant, but now all I can think about is this delicious looking cake in the fridge in the garage and how badly I want to devour it. I'm really scared I'm going to cave in and have a piece and I know it's not worth the consequences but right now my taste buds and stomach are trying to override my sensible brain...

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Well, the great thing is that you are thinking about this ahead of time!!! If you make a plan and stick to it, you will succeed!.

You can have a Medifast brownie, or some other OP treat while everyone has cake. Other ideas could be getting a big glass and seeing how many glasses of water you can drink while everyone else is eating cake. Will they all be in the kitchen? Perhaps you can find something in another room to do to keep you distracted. Heck, you could even take a nice brisk walk around the block during cake time..

Make a plan, and STICK to it!! You can do this!!.

P.S. Think how great you'll feel when you come back to this thread later tonight or tomorrow morning to tell us all that you resisted temptation!!!..

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I like the brownie plan. You may even consider a chicken breast at dinner. You will not go off plan because you have committed to loving yourself. The event is for your dad and you are there to support and celebrate with him. Seperating Celebration and food may be one of the most difficult things we have to overcome. Celebrate your dad and celebrate your decision to be OP..

Comment #2

Trust me, I know how you feel. I've had to endure a family reunion with homemade vanilla ice cream, and a baby shower with chocolate cake/peanut butter icing and tomorrow my mother is having a bd dinner for me and I can't even have the pumpkin pie! But I've decided it's not forever and I can have these things in small quantities in the future but that right now I need to stay OP. After the first two things, I left proud of myself that I had succeeded and hopefully everyone felt guilty. *L* Don't know, don't care, but I'm the one that got through it and I'm proud of that. Be proud of yourself for getting through it OP!..

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I get fajitas at Mexican restarants and then a side salad. I will dip the fajitas in some salsa and then eat with the lettuce. SUPER filling. Then I can still eat with everyone else. As far as the cake is concerned- you can make your own shake cake? I LOVE them and think they are SO delicious! They rival any fatty cake I've ever had and having one last night and then this morning go me through the day. You can find a recipe for them in the recipe section.

Or so of the light cool whip. SO yummy.

You can do it. Don't let the guitar cake take your weight loss goals away from you. Once you are finished with the Medifast journey you will have the choice to have a bite of cake if you want. And at that point you may not even want it any longer. You can do it!..

Comment #4

I've been REALLY struggling for the past week....... so I understand totally. I've eaten out twice, and both times stayed with just a salad, then ate my meat once I got home. My husband has been sitting next to me on the sofa every night eating cookies, munching on chips, eating MY dark chocolates that I've saved for maintenance!, and chomping on my favorite all time food - PIZZA!!!!.

The key make a plan to stay ON PROGRAM and don't let anything change your path. That cake looks and smells good - but eating some could result in a total ZERO loss, or even a gain for the week! ITS SO NOT WORTH IT!.

If you want to eat while at the resturant, have a nice simple salad with the dressing on the side...... then - just say NO to the cake. You're not depriving yourself of the cake...... You're gifting yourself with a better weigh in, and with the satisfaction of knowing that CAKE has NO power over you!.

You can do this! Let us all know you've been successful!..

Comment #5

Would you be more likely to resist the cake if you ate your L&G meal with everyone else at the restaurant? Someone else suggested a chicken breast. That could certainly work with a salad. Or even steak? Being able to still eat out is a great aspect of this plan. And then you could have a brownie or something when people were having cake later...

Comment #6

We started about the same weight. Do you have a before picture that you can take with you in case start to feel yourself slipping? I know that helps me sometimes. You don't want that cake trust me. My youngest 3rd birthday was in August and I though a little tiny piece of cake wouldn't hurt. Wrong! I hate a headache from h#ll from the sugar. It definately wasn't work the tiny bit of enjoyment I got out of the cake to deal with the headache afterwards.

You could order that...

Comment #7

If you go for the mexican food, just be aware that it often has quite a bit of sodium... a couple pounds may appear as temporary water weight. No big deal but sometimes a bit surprising..

Maybe sugar free gum for you during the cake eating endurance trial?..

Comment #8

I have gone for mexican once too...couldn't get out of it...and also got the fajitas...I asked for no cheese and no tortillas and it was no problem...the sodium is high though..

With regard to the cake. With little kids at home, we have celebrations A LOT. That being said, you can either (a) make a brownie; (b) make a shake cake with cream cheese frosting to pretend it's a real cake; or (c) suffer....I would definitely go with either a or b since there is less likely a chance you will cheat if you are really struggling.

I am not sure how far out you are in this program, but it does become much easier to turn down the food/sweets...

Comment #9

My first two weeks I was faced with three cakes and an enormous fruit arrangement complete with chocolate covered bananas and strawberries. Hi, temptation. I did get through them all and have not strayed once, despite the numerous cakes and candy that I am surrounded by daily at work (seriously, you've never seen so much cake).

I know it is harder than anything to resist when everyone around you is enjoying it and it will be difficult to try to remove yourself from the situaion, since it's a party of sorts, but believe me, it is so worth it when you do. Make the brownie or shake cake, as suggested, so you don't feel left out. Remember, it's just cake, and there will be others when you've reached your goal. It really truly does get easier to stick with putting what is good for you in your body. You can do it, you really can. Suerte!..

Comment #10

I definitely think you should try to eat at the restaurant with your family. Depriving yourself while everyone else is eating will make it very hard and you can get something that is OP at virtually any restaurant. I agree with the suggestions above... Get your favorite Medifast sweet food and eat that while everyone else is eating cake. They won't bug you to have cake if you are eating something and you won't feel totally isolated. You can do it.

The cake in the fridge is probably gross anyway. A little while after you started MF, they started making cakes out of dirt and kitty litter...

Comment #11

I have been through several family gatherings and several work gatherings in the 8 1/2 months I've been on MF. The family things, I plan ahead as much as possible and work in something I can eat either bringing a Medifast meal or selecting an option I can have (i.e. salad bar so I can pick my veggies). It bothers my family if I'm not eating too and that can put a damper on the whole event. For birthdays, I've either brought a Medifast brownie or, lately, soft-serve that I pre-made. It gives me something to eat (and I'm usually due for a meal anyway) and makes them happy, so win-win..

BTW, for the work things, I've gone to most of them and not eaten. I will just have a beverage (diet soda usually) and make chit-chat. They're not looking to take care of me (like family) so they don't seem to care..

These are things that will come up during your time and probably affect your weight even after you reach goal, so you're going to have to have a strategy. Since it's Mexican and you have tuna already planned, I would recommend eating some of your green with the family. And a brownie, shake cake, or something Medifast when they have cake..

I never consider going off plan, even as a 'one time thing' but that's always an option and your choice. Some people do and it goes fine. Some people find it hard to get back on track after..

Let us know how it goes.....


Comment #12

OMG, I really Loled at the dirt and kitty litter comment Irisggirl, that was awesome, thank you!.

Many really good suggestions and wow, thank you so much for the support here, you guys are really great. I'm actually really ok with not eating at the restaurant. I'll enjoy my tuna at home much more than I would enjoy what I could have at the restaurant, plus I really don't want the extra sodium. I'll take some of your advices, along with my diet coke, I'll chew on some gum (I love love love trident tropical flavor!!). My brother has an old picture of me, about 100lbs heavier on his phone so if I feel tempted, he'll gladly show me the picture to snap me out of it! what a great ideaWhen we get back home, I'll start grilling my tuna and hopefully they'll have the cake while I'm doing this. Then, I'll go ahead and make myself a nice shake cake with cream cheese icing, haven't had one of these in a few weeks so yum! I'll make sure to have an Medifast meal on my way to the restaurant so that I'm not starving when I get there.

I'll let you all know if I succeeded later on tonight but for now, I'm feeling pretty good about my game plan...

Comment #13

Great decision. No offense to your mom, but was she part of the reason you gained weight in the first place? Moms like to be helpful, but some moms like to be enablers when they THINK they are helping. Just smile a lot and no one will even notice you aren't eating for recreation. =)..

Comment #14

Well, I did it!! I'm very proud of myself, I resisted temptation. Boy that cake looked good, but it wasn't halfway as bad as I thought it would be and I actually got congratulated and commanded for how look I great and to be able to say no to all these food tonight. You know what the best is? I didn't even feel the need to make myself a shake cake. I had my Ahi Tuna and Broccoli and was very satisfied. I'm studying and writing late into the night so I'm keeping a smores bar and diet sunkist for later on. Success feels much better than cake and again, thank you all because all your replies are what truly motivated me to not give in to temptation. Truly Appreciated...

Comment #15

Yeah!!!! Congrats!.

Staying on plan is such a victory!! Much better than the few seconds of dessert. I needed that inspiration!..

Comment #16

Yay! Congrats to you! We all knew you could do it! (*Question: When you saw the cake again, did you think "dirt and kitty litter"?)..

Comment #17

Congratulations!! Thank you so much for posting about what you were facing, and for how it all worked out.

Also, thanks to everyone posting advice - it was a learning experience for me too :-)..

Comment #18

Success! You did it! Next time will be even easier! Today I made homemade cookies and cream ice cream for my DH and DMIL and I didn't even have a taste! They told me it was good - that was enough for me...

Comment #19

Thanks guys! I unfortunately didn't think of the kitty litter in that moment, I wish I had, would've looked much less delicious. My step-dad is bringing the rest of the cake to an AA meeting. I'm so glad it won't be in the house for days!!! I'm really glad some of you can get something from this because sooner or later, we all have to face things like that..

OMG tomifast, I have no idea how you can be that strong! Congratulations, really!..

Comment #20

GREAT JOB!!! I am going out of town the next couple of days and will be eating out, so I was thrilled that you posted this topic and that YOU SUCCEEDED!!! Yay!..

Comment #21

I went through 3 bday cake events this weekend. I just walked away... well, kind of. It was my son's bday... so I had to stick around. =) But I did not eat the cake, I did cry at the end of the day because I did not get to "celebrate" like everyone else....

Maybe next year I can have a piece and then walk away and guess what?.... one piece will be fine then... and then I also think, that maybe I won't eat it anyway....

As far as the Mexi food goes... that's a tough one. The fajitas are a good choice. The place I love has a mexi cob salad with grilled chicken.... it's all about choices... and pre planning, which you are doing...

Comment #22

I am very sorry for your sadness but try to think about celebrating moments such as birthdays, etc., - without indulging in food to make it "special". Try to instead appreciate the people you are with, those moments, etc..

I know this is hard and something that I also have a hard time dealing with as well...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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