Hair will fall out from Medifast?

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Like a blabby fool.I mentioned that I was going to start Medifast today when I was getting my hair colored. Her response about ketosis is that my hair will probably fall out. Has anyone experienced this? Geez...

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Now that's encouraging huh? I have had no problems with it at all. I wish you much success...

Comment #1

I have no problems. There are different levels of ketosis too. I still have a full head of hair after 9 weeks...

Comment #2

I don't think she knows what she is talking about...

Comment #3

I have experienced the hair falling out after I lost 50 pounds...HOWEVER, I can ASSURE you that it is growing in just as quickly...I am sure of this, because the grey keeps coming back.

Make sure you eat your L & G AND your healthy fat and you'll be fine. It certainly doesn't happen to everyone..

Take care and good luck...

Comment #4

Hair loss is a *possible* side-effect of rapid weight loss. It can happen on any diet. Some people get it, some don't. You can take biotin and omega-3s and use biotin shampoos should you start having trouble..

I lost more hair for a while but it's stabilized. Oh, and whatever you do lose comes back within about a year after you stabilize your weight. The follicles get reactivated when the body isn't so freaked out...

Comment #5

I have started to notice more lost during showers and baths but nothing major for me and I am almost 80 pounds down. Some people have experienced more hair loss than others on this plan...

Comment #6

Hair loss with Medifast is all over the web, but I would think it grows back..

I do know that alli causes hair loss -.

I used alli for a long time - and it was remarkable at keeping weight off - but massive hair loss..

Comment #7

Hair loss can happen whenever you drastically reduce your calorie intake. I've been on Medifast for 14 months (finishing Transition) and lost 120 lbs. At about 5 months in, I noticed hair loss, and have recently noticed it again. It does grow back when you increase calorie levels (takes 6-8 weeks to notice). I'm back on my biotin just in case!.

Hope you're doing well!.


Comment #8

I did shed a bit more than normal for the first few months on MF, but it filled back in right away. My hair stylist still comments on how much hair I have!..

Comment #9

Yeah, Im shedding hair like crazy but hey it's just hair and I could care less, not like you are going to go bald or anything LOL. This can happen on any diet!..

Comment #10

Everyone's different, but I will tell you that I am losing it like crazy. My hair has really thinned out and doesn't seem to be slowing down, eventhough I've been using Nioxin for at least a month and a half to 2 months. I also take Super Biotin, but don't think it's made a difference. I'm just hoping that it'll adjust soon or when I someday get to transition, it'll get back to normal..

Freya...I thought you were using some special Bosley program or something like that?..

Rawhide...hopefully you won't have this issue. Good luck to you!..

Comment #11

It's official - I'm a weirdo. My hairloss has slowed down since starting MF. I wonder what THAT means?..

Comment #12

She was kind of like Debbie Downer." know your hair will fall out." I swore to my one friend that I was going to tell no one except a few family members. Learned my lesson to shut the old piehole...

Comment #13

Has anyone actually noticed that taking biotin DOES make a difference? My hair is thin enough as it is... if there's any evidence that it works, I'm thinkin' I need to try it I'm just finishing up week 4, and haven't noticed any greater-than-normal hair loss yet.....

Comment #14

I started losing hair at the 50 lb mark..but none of my other Medifast buds had this problem and they have all lost tons of weight. so it doesn't happen to everyone. I just ordered nioxin 3..figured I would give it a try...

Comment #15

ANY large amount of weight loss will affect hair loss in most people,,,,,ketosis is not the cause of it,,,,any diet can cause it. Biotin does help some people and getting extra zinc where you can through foods will help, this is usually found in red meats, veal, etc. but also in some dark leafy greens. get plenty of rest and try to keep stress over worrying about this hair loss, to a minimum! it will straighten itself out, and also get a shampoo system such as Nioxin or Bosley , both sold through salons, but sometimes found on web, like, etc. Really, don't worry about it so much, it will be fine,,and you will be skinny!!..

Comment #16

As a hairdresser that just started the program myself and as a person with thin fine hair to start with it did cross my mind. But after looking at the amount of protien this program gives you daily. I know it's not going to be a problem. You see hair loss alot in people that have ungone weightloss surgery and a huge reason for that is, that their bodies are not getting enough protein and other vitamins it used to and needs. Shampoos might help a little but getting the nurishment into your body is ALOT more important!..

Comment #17

I too am a hairstylist, for almost 40 years. Back years ago, when weight watchers first hit the scene, it was lots of fish, and less red meat allowed. we saw so many women lose hair, major amounts of hair , with that old form of WW. In the salon where I worked then, I always felt the lack of red meat had a lot to do with it, but statistics prove now that the hair loss usually occurs after 40 pounds down, and is the bodies reaction to what it sees as "trauma" due to the loss. if you search back on these boards, you will find many who have experienced this loss. As I said above though, it will straighten out eventually...

Comment #18

I have had a good deal and was taking biotin from the start. About a month or so ago I upped the super biotin to 3 a day and it has helped a lot more I think. This is a water soluble vit. so you cant really OD on it. If my hair loss keeps it up (it is slowing, but still occurring) I may up it again. Good luck. I am down about 55 or so no...

Comment #19

Unfortunately, I am one of the ones who experiences hair loss. Last go around, I lost a lot of hair towards the end of my goal (about 50 lbs). It still hasn't grown back because: A. it takes head hair follicles several months, sometimes a year or two to completely come back, B. I got pregnant and that messed up my thyroid, which made me lose more hair, LOL, C. I highlighted my hair way too much for years, and it's damaged my hair and C.

I use Joan Rivers Great Hair Day for my scalp and Nioxin shampoo/conditioner, which makes my hair feel really thick. I also take Super Biotin and have noticed less hair loss. It doesn't happen to all, and if it does, it'll eventually grow back. No worries!..

Comment #20

Did this 3-4 years ago and the answer is "not really".

Just move forward and stay focused on your Medifast journey!..

Comment #21

I've lost 90.5 lbs so far, and no issues at all with hair loss...

Comment #22

No problems hear and I lost -88 lbs and was on the 5&1 for about a year and colored my hair every 4 weeks...

Comment #23

I lost 180+ lbs and within the last 2 months I have noticed a lot of hair loss!! I plan to get my hair cut short this week and hope that now that i'm in transition that it will start to grow back. with that said, I wouldnt change my decision to use mf!..

Comment #24

Tons of weight loss here. It started at about 80 lbs down for me, and doesn't seem to be slowing. But I will stay on Medifast until I see a bald spot, lol!! Hair will always grow back..

Comment #25

You are RIGHT ON!!!! After 45 pounds, my fine, thin, straight hair started falling out in handfuls. I lost around 35-40% of my hair on top. You told me to start using the Bosley system (which I found at a salon). I also started the Biotin and things you said for me to do. 4 months into maintenance my hair is growing back, there is no more hair in my hands after applying mousse, and I'm a happy camper.

I have had hyPOthyroidism for 26 years and have taken up to 5 armour thyroid pills a day. When I began MF, I was taking 3 per day. By the time I lost my weight, I had gone over into hyPERthyroidism and my doc said that's why my hair fell out. I stopped all meds for one month and after labs, he told me to go back to one 60mg pill per day.

Life is good. I also got really stressed about losing my already thin hair. But now I'm fine with it and it is coming back nicely. Try not to stress, ladies. Schu1 knows her stuff.......



Comment #26

Based on the condition of the drain after showers and my hairbrush after getting the tangles out: I noticed about two months ago that I've been shedding more. At first I was annoyed: since when does a BLONDE become the one clogging the drain?! What about brunette DH, huh? That's his job! lol.

Well I got over it. True, I do get the distinct feeling that I've become a shedder, but as far as my own personal experience, it hasn't impacted me much at all..

Here's some info about it and about what you can do to help the issue, should it occur:.


Good luck and Welcome..

Comment #27

No hair loss for me, and I've lost 171lbs as of this morning. Of course, I've always had enough hair on my head for two people so.*knocking on wood that it doesn't all fall out because I just wrote that *..

Comment #28

I definitely had major thinning during my initial 14 month run on MF. However, while it is still thinner than it was pre-MF, I do know a lot grew back because I had those annoying little baby hairs sticks out everywhere after I resumed a regular diet!!..

Comment #29

I have lost hair on this diet. I have thin hair to begin with so it does freak me out a bit. I keep a careful eye on it. I can notice my part is getting thinner. I have been on numerous other diets over the years and have never lost hair as a result. I read about this on the net and basically it says that when your body goes into a shock such as rapid weight loss that it will shut down all non essential functions.

It is basically survival mode. I don't think it has anything to do with the ketosis. The good thing is that is will grow back. I have purchased the Nioxin 3 shampoo and it does make my hair feel thicker. I will continue to use this.

The thing is it doesn't happen to everyone. I think it is a small percentage. Keep your fingers crossed and hopefully you won't be one of us...

Comment #30

GREAT info. Thanks all for the feedback and links...

Comment #31

I had a friend who lost a lot of her hair after bariatric surgery. To me, it was just another blessing for her because it wasn't very healthy to begin with kind of dry and straw-like. When it started to grow back in, it was thick and lush and she had these beautiful banana curls. Crashing off 100+ pounds was the best thing that ever happened to that head of hair!..

Comment #32

I told my husband that if my hair really fell out, I could get a wig..

You can hide bald. You can't hide fat..

FTR, my hair fell out WAY more after each pregnancy than it is now...

Comment #33

Yup, mine fell out. Must have been the MF. Couldn't have been that I'm a 53 year old man.

Seriously, your stylist is full of it...

Comment #34

Nope, didnt have a problem for more than 16 weeks, BUT, now my hair is falling out like crazy. Not worried, it's normal and will stop. (per my daughter who is a Dr).

I would rather lose some hair and be thin, than a full head and fat. It will grow back!.

AND ps, no one notices but me!..

Comment #35

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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