Had to go to ER during Medifast

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What a day I had yesterday! warning...this might be TMI.... the last couple of weeks I have been stuck in a plateau and I have been constipated. well, yesterday the constipation became so severe that I almost had to go to the ER. it was so painful and scary.

After 2 colace, 2 milk of mag, an oil enema and a bottle of mag citrate...i finally got some relief. today is my weigh in day and I lost 3 lbs!.

I am never going to let that happen again. I know there has been a thread about this before, but can anyone suggest something that I can take on a daily basis to prevent this from happening. I already take a probiotic daily...

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I have the same issues and a little more severe sometimes..

I take a probiotic tab, omega tab, 1 TBSP psysillium powder, and I make sure I drink half my body weight in plain water daily. It really has helped me out..

Many folks use stool softeners and miralax type stuff too. I do not recommend those for every day use though..

Hope that helps you...

Comment #1

I battle the issue. It's the only downside of the diet I think. I take a probiotic daily and that worked for awhile but then started having issues again. So now, I have added miralax every other day. That seems to do it for the most part. Miralax is safe to use long term.

Sorry you were so uncomfortable but good for you on your loss this week. Here's to good BM's!..

Comment #2

I guess I'm lucky, or I eat enough veggies that keep things moving. I've been taking probiotic capsules two to three times a day, plus all of my water. I have been more regular on Medifast than I've ever been. Must be the leafy greens or the squash. LOL..

Comment #3

Miralax... it does a body good ! I mix it in 6 ozs of water, let it sit while getting ready for work, then drink it. No taste, no thickness, and I get in some water too!..

Comment #4

Water! Are you drinking your water? If you're not it will get that bad, probiotic or not. Your colon needs a lot of water on a high protein, low carb plan like MF..

Hope you're feeling better and this doesn't happen again...

Comment #5

That is scary! It's crazy ... with all the fiber you'd think it would combat the protein. I'm sorry you had to go through this ... but awesome loss! I hope you find a plan that works!..

Comment #6

I have the issue of getting constipated as well. At the advise of my doctor and my RN of a hubby, I have been taking stool softners. You can get them really cheap at walmart or costco/sam's club. Take one a day, if things aren't going well, take 2 a day till it does then go back to one. If while taking the pills things are REALLY bad and I mean REALLY SUPER bad take 2 exlax. And as we all know you are gonna wanna stay home after taking the exlax.

This is what I do and it works. Also make sure you take in your water for the day...

Comment #7

Flaxseed oil tablets...I take 2 of them daily. No more problems with this issue...

Comment #8

It's so weird so many people have constipation issues....I have had diarreah more than 3 times since I'm on the plan and that's only been a week and a day. Not sure why though?!..

Comment #9

I was feeling REALLY backed up so I drank some Smooth Move tea, and omg. In the morning I felt absolutely sick until it "took action" and yeah, it really works...

Comment #10

I also use miralax. Not only am I on Medifast, but I'm on about 900mg of Iron daily! YIKES!!!..

Comment #11

I take a probiotic, 2 flax seed oil capsules, and 3 capsules of psyllium hulls. You can buy them at a supplement store, a health food store, or the natural section of many grocery stores. The nice thing about the capsules is they're not sweetening them up like the Metamucil powders or whatever that you mix in drinks, so there's only 1 carb (and I'm not even sure it's a digestible carb, I don't know)..

When it got really bad last week, I took Miralax for 3 days. Now I'm back on track..

Good luck!!!..

Comment #12

Mrstullier, I too get the runs! Some of the worst I've ever had without being legitimately sick. I've been on the program 11 days & I've had it several times. It always happens in the evening. I sort of wish I had the opposite problem, but that is also extremely unpleasant as Pam can attest.

Pam, I hope you get things sorted soon!..

Comment #13

Being constipated means your not eating enough greens in your lean and green meal, not enough water, and remember to take your 1200 Essential Fatty Acids. If your still getting that stopped up feeling, then smooth move tea does work wonders, so does Some 7 (it is Benonite clay that the Indians use for the cleansing of the internal organs.) Remember sleep and excercise or lack of those two can also throw you off...

Comment #14

It is totally safe to take a stool softener every day, such as Colace (docusate sodium) 1-2 tabs 2 x day weaning down to 1x day, on a regular basis. Also Miralax, or generic version, is also non-habit forming and can be taken daily (or every other depending on what works for you). My dear daughter has to take miralax every day just to poop every other day!! Since starting Medifast I too have taken just half a dose everyday and it sure does help. Neither of the above are stimulants they just help stool absorb water to make it easir to pass. Good luck!!..

Comment #15

I disagree - I eat all my greens, drink over 100ozs of water, take a probiotic and fish oil and still have constipation. I just think it's an unfortunate side effect of the diet, but I'm willing to deal with it. Miralax works well for me as well...

Comment #16

I take a probiotic and prescription high-grade fish oil (for cholesterol). I add ground flax seed to my soups and use flax seed oil on my salads when I go the oil/vinegar route. I was constipated at first, but things are OK now. I've never been a daily goer consistently, but adding the probiotic seems to make this more of a daily thing than not these days...

Comment #17

I mix two tsps. of ground flax seed in my oatmeal, pudding or soup every day. Have never had a problem. Worth a try...

Comment #18

I bought some miralax. i'm going to try it every other day and increase my water comsumption. thanks everyone!..

Comment #19

I NEVER had Constipation Issues BECAUSE I took a "Stool" Softener Every Day! Non Habit Forming and NO Carbs! They don't MAKE you go, the just make it EASIER to go. This way, the body can work naturally, but much easier. If that makes sense. I guess I did have a bit of an issue in the beginning or I wouldn't have taken anything BUT, after I started taking the softener per my doctors recommendations, THEN I NEVER had Constipation! I bought the Generic one's from Wal-mart. I love the fact that it works, has no stimulant and I was Never constipated. It's a GOOD Thing!..

Comment #20

Well for everyone's FYI....... LOL.

I have had that problem all my life! Have taken many things, some help some make it worse. Had many test cause as I got older started having bad pains in my side. Couldn't find anything wrong so they labeled it IBS....... I am not sure it is IBS, but it comes and goes. I have found diet and fiber has alot to do with me going. If I can go about every 3 days it is great for me.

I used to do the metamucil for some time, but since I have been doing Medifast I haven't had a problem too bad. I do get the severe side pains at times and I know what is about to happen. I do think it is the fiber and it seems alot of fiber and not enough water makes things bad for me...

Comment #21

I too took a Walmart stool softener the past two days (I'm on day 7 of MF) and it worked wonders, and my gastroenterologist has also said to take it daily or as needed as a preventative. Mine are even expired from 2007 and they still work!!!..

Comment #22

When I originally started Medifast in 2007, alot of people were recommending Metamucil and Nutrition Support said that you could take it without having to worry about the carbs at the time. I've noticed since then, they recommend that you consider the 5 carbs per teaspoon in your daily intake. Since I usually fall well below the 95-100 top gram limit for carbs, I've been adding a teaspoon to either my orange shakes or dutch chocolate shakes. On the chocolate shakes it gives it a really nice "orange stick (yes, the ones covered in chocolate) flavor. Those are my favorite ways to incorporate it.

If I didn't have these two huge Metamucil containers to go through, I like the other suggestions that don't include carbs though.

I think that many of us on Medifast have this problem because we're just not taking in as much as we've been used to. Many doctors will even tell you that 3-4 movements a week is perfectly normal. Anyway, good luck and I hope everything comes out ok LOL!..

Comment #23

Just to be a downer, don't forget to count the calories/nutritional value of some of the fiber things like Benefiber/Metamucil. They DO have sugar in them, unless you get the sugar free kind, but they still have calories, if I'm remembering what I read at the store right..

2 table spoons of ground flax seed can have 80 calories...

Comment #24

Hey congrats! gLAD YOU WERE ABLE TO get things "moving"..

Comment #25

So I am trying to read up on all this. I am having the same issue. I got about every 3 days or less. But is more regular than before The only thing I have noticed is not constipation.

I go, but......... don't wanna gross anyone out...... it's hard to go cause it hurts and there is always blood in my stool. I see some people say it isn't good to use stool softeners on a daily basis so what can I do?.

I drink my body weight in water ounces. Just plain water, all day everyday, and in the morning the only time I drink coffee and that is only 2 oz. I am eating all my veggies which I am proud of cause I have never ate these type of veggies EVER in my lifetime. I am 33 and that is pathetic. So I was wondering if anyone has advice? Sorry ahead of time if I grossed anyone out, but I just wanted to see if anyone else has had this same issue..

I am on my 3rd week and have lost 15 pounds..

Comment #26

Flax seed oil tablets and probiotics. I was having a problem with this and started taking this combo after seeing the info on a discussion board. My problem wasn't "serious" but was uncomfortable. It took a couple of weeks for my body system to turn around but things are good now. I've also been taking fiber caps (psyllium) for a while and I think the combination of the 3 things have helped...

Comment #27

Miralax is what I use it's safe for long-term no taste or anything i'll mix it in my coffee or in powerade zero i'm doing it twice a day right now..

Comment #28

I used miralax when I was on the 5&1 and things were better when I was taking it than when not taking it.

I think the 5&1 plan should incorporate more insoluble fiber due to the diet's constipation issues. Although, insoluble fiber clears out the stomach faster so maybe it is intentional that the plan is low on insoluble fiber so as to keep the stomach fuller longer...

Comment #29

'Phillips Colon Health' which is a probiotic works wonders...

Comment #30

You were smart to choose Miralax. My daughter had bowel issues starting at age 3 (and I thought it was an "old peoples" issue) and her doc put her on Miralax. It turns out it's not that uncommon in young children and other parents I've spoken to were also told to use Miralax by their pediatritian. It's not a drug and not absorbed in any way by the body. I will work and has zero side effects. The only downside is it's a little expensive...

Comment #31

Lgpintx: Philips colon health is great. I used it until I started having trouble with it. (it caused terrible gas) It made my body work like clockwork but I am lactose and soy sensitive, so I have had to go to a health foods store and get an enzyme pill for soy and lactose and switched to colace but I am going to have to add miralax too I think...

Comment #32

Okay, here is how you supposed to not get contsipated..DRINK ALL YOUR WATER, and take the Fish Oils daily, this is why the Counselors ask each time a weigh in occurs, hows your water intake! it is supposed to keep you hydrated and from drying out in the lower colon area. All that protein needs to flush out each day and if your water intake is not up then the "end " result is that you get constipated...

Comment #33

I drink upwards of 128oz of water daily, take fish oil and/or flax oil daily and still have to take laxatives to have a bowel movement. Sometimes the old wisdom just does not hold true.

Its also not true what they say about "hydrate from within" for dry skin. My skin is still horribly dry even with all the water...

Comment #34

I use Colon Cleanse I purchase at Whole Foods. It is a powder. I mix about 1 tsp in sugar free punch 3 to 4 times a week. Really helps. Not a laxative. I can tell when I don't use it as often if you know what I mean...

Comment #35

I take a stool softner gel, one at night. I get the generic CVS or Walgreens brand. It does a body wonderful, and even my OB/GYN said it was a good thing!! Haven't had that painful, constipation problem since I've been taking them. I don't ever want to feel like that again...

Comment #36

Hi I'm a brand new customer, ready to get started Sat morning after thanksgiving is this common.......making me nervous.

Comment #37

It might be "normal" but it's certainly not healthy or optimal.

If I didn't incorporate mushrooms into almost all of my L&Gs, I would never go. As it is, since starting Medifast it is like passing jumbo hardboiled eggs. With the shell still on..

I drink 100+ oz of water, have plenty of Omega3 in multiple forms (chia seeds, fish oil), eat probably a little more greens than I'm supposed to (a 1 to 1.5 cup salad and 1 to 1.5 cups of organic frozen veggies typically) but unless I eat my mushrooms, I'm in trouble. Once last week I skipped a day, to my horror, but then I went three times the next day to make up for it..

Comment #38

I also almost had to go to the ER. I had been constipated and by the time my body was ready to go the You know what was hard and huge and would not get out. I was sitting on the thrown for over 1/2 hour as if I was in labor and thought I would have to go to the ER for help. Now I take an occasional stool softener and put bran in my Medifast muffins and pancakes. I still get the bloating and feel like I want to be emptied but it's not as bad. I know TMI too....

Comment #39

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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