Disappointed with the Nutrisystem portion sizes

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I really debated on just keeping my mouth shut, but sometimes, it's just gotta come out......

After seeing all the wonderful commercials about this stuff, I was really expecting MUCH more that what I got. doesn't even have all the food!!! Now, I find out that on top of the money I spent for this stuff, I STILL have to go out and buy MORE food.....WHAT???.

The big, jucy burger he talks about is nothing more than a very small patty. That's it! "I" have to now go out and buy the buns, lettuce, tomato, onions.....what gives?.

This is REALLY NOT what I expected!.

And, did you see the chicken salad???? It's more like chicken soup....over lettuce????? Yummy!.

Ok, I guess I've ranted enough for one day. I'm just really disappointed in the amount and quality of this stuff. It all boils down to portion control, folks! Nothing more....and I could have done that at WalMart, and bought MUCH better tasting food..

I'm pretty confident this will be my last month! I truly hope that I am wrong about this....I truly do..


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Hey Rich,.

When I opened my food just four days ago I was just as surprised. But my biggest dissapoinment came when I noticed that all of the food I ordered must not have been in stock, so they just completed my order with any of the items. Now after researching I have learned that I now have to pay to send my unused items back in order to get what I had originally chosen...This is what made me mad. On the bright side of things I really do think this stuff is working and the food that I have eaten thus far is pretty good!.

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I add some celery and put my chicken salad on a whole wheat tortilla.

It's not gourmet food, this is true, but most of it tastes good..

It does work, give it a try and see how you feel about it after the month is up, you might be surprised.


Comment #2

Hi Rich, I am sorry to hear that you are not satisfied with the Nutrisystem program. I have been on the program for 13 days now and I LOVE IT. I know it was a shock to you when you opened the box and saw the portions........I was shock TOO. The program does call for fresh veggies, fruits and protein to be added in which completes your Nutrisystem weight loss system. I found only 2 foods that I did not like and remove them from my next order. I am never hungry on this diet, unlike so many others I have tried over the years..

It really is a good program and I hope that you give it a try. Best of luck to you..

Comment #3

First off, Welcome Aboard. Yes it is all about portion control but sometimes having the stuff all taken care of and not having to think much about it helps give you jump start on getting yourself in the right state of mind. Yes we could all go to Walmart and buy the stuff but if we all did that we wouldnt be here right? Give it a chance and when you break down your cost it's only costing you $65.00 a week plus your extras. Not sure if you have others to feed, I do so what I did was the extras like veggies, fruit, bread is something I would have to buy regardless..

I wish you lots of luck and hopefully you are wrong about it and you have great sucess at this. Keep us posted!!!.

Comment #4

Rich, all the commercials do say you have to add foods. Did you really think they were going to ship you lettuce and onion for your burger?.

Chicago, if the items you want to return are your free week, you are correct, you will have to pay shipping. If they were subs, you will not only not have to pay shipping, they will more then likely tell you to just keep those items and give them a try, and send you what you ordered, free of charge, once back in stock..

Check out the recipe boards...with very little effort, most of the foods can be quite good..

As to all the money you spent,most people find that even with the additional items needed, Nutrisystem is cheaper than what they were spending. It is certainly cheaper if you take into account the health costs that can be avoided by eating healthy foods and being at a healthy weight..

Btw, you're right Rich, it is all about portion control, and a well-balanced diet. Nutrisystem is not for everyone. I wish you well if you stay with NS, or choose another method on your journey to a happier, healthier you. Remember, these boards are here if you're using Nutrisystem foods, or not. Lots of great advice and support here..

Comment #5

2 years ago when I started NS, I was a size 16 (on a good day) - my wardrobe is all 2s and 4s now. I would have eaten the freaking cardboard boxes to get where I am now. That said, the food was better than I anticipated and I am still eating it over 2 years and 65 pounds later - because I like it. You did not seriously expect your fruits, veggies and dairy to be in there too, did you?.

Comment #6

I'm sorry that you're disappointed, but many of us were delighted with what came in the Big Brown Box. Commercials for ANY product are deceiving, and you just have to read the fine print and do some research before you order so that you're not disappointed. But Nutrisystem IS a great plan, and lots of people lose lots of weight on it. I hope you decide to give it a chance!!.

Comment #7


You can exchange food within 30 days of receipt of your package. If items have been substituted in your order you can keep them and we will replace at no charge to you. Items that you do not want/like you will have to pay shipping. Please call 1-800-585-5483, opt. 3 and a representative will be more than happy to assist you..

Also, please keep in mind that through Food Talk and Tips and Nutrisystem Recipes you can gather many ideas and suggestions for tailoring the program foods to fit your specific tastes..

Have a great day,.

Comment #8

Surely you did not expect fresh lettuce, tomato and onions, etc. etc. to be in the box.

Do you really expect large portions when that is how you got fat? The portions are the sizes everyone should be eating. You can not eat supersize and be a small size.

Comment #9

I am okay with the food and the program. I am VERY disappointed that every shipment I get has all of the Chocolate dessert items melted from the heat during delivery..

Comment #10

Good evening .

If you have any issues or concerns regarding the packaging, please contact 1-800-585-5483, option number 3, and a representative will be more than happy to assist you. We apologize for any inconvenience..

Have a great day,.

Comment #11 crack me up!!.

NikonRick...I know you are just venting and this is the perfect place for it...just be prepared for most of us to come to the defense of NS. It has changed many, many lives and not with just weightloss but with health issues..

I think it's a hard pill to swallow to see the size if the meals in the BBB. The reason most of us have sought out and joined Nutrisystem is because we have a warped perception of real serving sizes. And, if we were able to actually eat the correct foods in the correct serving sizes, then none of us would need to be here.

It's not just about the size of the meals, but also about the content...most are high fiber, low fat, low glycemic and high protein meals. I don't know what kind of food they sell at Walmart but if the size of the majority of their clientele is an indicator, I'd have to say that it's not healthy, low-fat, high in fiber or has anything in it that would lead to a healthy weightloss. (No offense to Walmart shoppers...).

At least you are willing to give it a try...I think you may find that the food is really tasty. Even the things that look like already eaten cat food actually tastes good. Most of the work is taken out of meal planning...add some fresh fruit, veggies, Greek yogurt and grab your main course. It couldn't be easier..

Good luck and please be sure to visit the boards...go to PamSB page for tip for newbies...she can show you how to make it all work!!.


Comment #12

I have mixed feelings about the program. On the plus side, I don't have to cook in order to have variety, and it tastes O.K. The meal planner is a great tool. I was already doing small portions, but these are smaller so my stomach capacity is shrinking. I simply can't eat as much as I used to, and I broke the plateau I was on. On the negative side, it's expensive when you add the cost of the perishables.

However, the food is full of junk I NEVER eat: too much sodium, white enriched flour, artificial flavors, modified food starch, preservatives, etc. As Michael Pollan says, if your grandmother wouldn't recognize the ingredients, it's not food, so don't eat it. (Read "Food Rules!")I won't reorder for that reason. Too bad, but I'm glad I tried it, and I'll continue to follow the planner on my own when it's all gone after a good cleanse!.

Comment #13

I think the main point of this plan is convenience at least... and portion control.

I was shocked at how small the lunches are.. but I'm pretty sure I'll lose weight because I used to eat at least 5 times as much for my lunches. Also, I think the system is meant to teach you how to eat after you're done with the program as well.. which is important.

All in all, even if the doesn't look VERY appetizing.. it has taught me to never eat as much as I used to...

I'm looking forward to my first week's results!.



Comment #14

I look at it this way; if you look at your meals as a dinner plate, 1/4 is the Nutrisystem entree (protein + carb) and 3/4 is the veggies. I plan to continue this thinking when I'm not eating exclusively Nutrisystem foods: 1/4 entree (or protein and a low-GI carb) and 3/4 veggies..

Comment #15

Yes, you can go out and buy similar foods at walmart but they won't be as comparable unless you shop very wisely. A lot of the Nutrisystem foods are packed with protein and carefully formulated to achieve the correct ratios of nutrients (55% carbs, 20% fat and 25% protein). You'll also have trouble finding convenience foods that cost less and have the same low calorie counts. Kashi and Ethnic Grocer are two dinner brands I sub out from time to time and they both cost around $4 each for a portion size exactly the same as the Nutrisystem items.

Give it an honest try for a month and I think you'll change your tune. I thought I was only going to be here for a month as well, thought I was going to starve, thought I was going to hate the food. But I gave it a good honest try and the results have been amazing. If I hadn't just taken 2 weeks off from losing weight (went on vacation) I'd be at a much greater loss than I am right now... but even off plan I still did fairly well and had no gain because I was used to eating less. I got home and got right back on track with nutrisystem and am very happy..

Comment #16

So I called back to customer service. It seems that my only option is to quit ordering all of the chocolate dessert items. I can send back my melted items for exchange but considering that there are so many, this just limits the items to choose from. I guess next time I will start the diet in December..

Comment #17

Yipee I finally got my order today and was really happy. They messed up a few things in my box, sent me 31 dinners and 36 lunches and I call them and the counsler was really nice. Also they sent me 38 breakfast. I told her exactally what I had and what I didn't recieve and she is sending me the extra dinners and told me to just keep the extras. They were really willing to work with me. Like they say it really is about portion control and when I crunched the numbers comparing going to walmart and buying the smart meals and other meals Nutrisystem is really cheaper.

I am usually looking for something to binge on right now but have no urge what so ever. I also sat down and looked at all I needed for the extras to go with meals and was surprised at how little I needed. Few fresh fruits wheat bread and we have garden so all my veggies are in freezer. I am really excited to get started and I feel like this is really going to be the one for me. Now I just have to figure out how to add the weight loss ticker so I can show how good this is going to work for me.

Can someone tell me how to add the ticker to my page and I will be ready to go. I gave up on doing the picture advatar I think my dial up is to slow to add it. One day at a time here..


Comment #18

Even Jenny Craig and those other really absurdly expensive programs have you buy supplemental food. I'm sorry to be rude, but would you really want to be eating milk and yogurt that was shelf-stable? 'Cause I know I love being able to freshen up my stalk with "real world" fare..

Also, about the melted chocolate, you have a bone to pick with UPS not Nutrisystem. The chocolate is perfectly fine when it leaves the warehouse but once it leaves it spends the day wandering around with your UPS driver in a boiling hot truck..

Comment #19

Mike, if you throw the items in the frig, or even freezer, they will firm up. They may look a little funky, but they will taste fine. Would you really want to eat chocolate that didn't melt in this heat? .

NS has no control over how hot a UPS truck is, or how long they sit in a UPS warehouse. Cold packs do not work, especially in this heat. Dry ice would be cost prohibitive.

I try to order extra chocolate in the cooler months. The cookies and chocolate pudding travel quite well in the heat..

Comment #20

No......I expect food that I can EAT!!!!!.

Really, as long as they have been doin' this, it looks like they would learn how to COOK!!!.

So, there!!.


Comment #21

Then call customer service and ask how you go about getting a refund. No sense in staying with a program that you do not like and are not happy with. There are a lot of options out there for weight loss programs. Good luck to ya..

Comment #22

Who are you "so there"ing?? Angry much?! Let's see, you stated you JUST got your food yesterday so did you even TRY any of it?? Or are you just having a temper tantrum because you can't keep eating all of the $#i+ that got you to buy Nutrisystem in the first place..

I think this is a little displaced anger. Count how many people are actively on this plan and how long they've been eating this food...yes, you CAN eat it. Well, maybe not YOU...but the rest of us have/had no problem..

Get your money back and go shop at Walmart...and please, let us know how that works for you..

Comment #23

I am also new. I got what I expected but some of it tasted soooo bad. I really want to try to make this work but I have tried 3 or 4 items that I cannot even tolerate the look/smell or taste of. I am hoping I can return those for sure because I got several of each of them in my initial shipment. On the other hand, I have found the breakfast items all pretty good so far. I have tried a couple of the snacks and liked them as well. I want to try some of the rest and see how it goes before I decide whether to order again next month..

Comment #24

It is all about the mindset. As someone once said "I would have eaten the cardboard box to loose weight". RH, are you ready to make a change?.

NS works, but so do many other programs. If you really hate Nutrisystem this much after 1 or 2 days, get a refund and do something else..

If you want to stay with Nutrisystem and loose weight, we are here for you..


And the black mini poodles.

Comment #25

Lets do the math...2 threads started plus three total posts all of which are complaining about the food in a very non-constuctive manner minus the fact that all of this is after only 12 hours on the plan equals....send back the food until you are ready with every fiber of your being to commit to this..

Either that or start yet a third thread and achieve troll status..

The choice is yours...good luck with your decision..

Tick tock, tick tock.......

Comment #26

Maybe you ought to see a doctor...your taste buds sound funky. The food is delicious to me. And "so there"? Where are we, the playground? Give it a chance, you know, the old college try. Boat loads of happy customers can't be wrong..

Comment #27

On a more positive note.....I have been on the program for a week. It has been great for me. I have notice such big changes in myself, I feel in control, when the alarm goes off in the morning I actually wake up and do not hit the snooze button 4 or 5 times, This week I have lost 9.4 pounds!!!!!!.

Is this food different from how I was eating of course it is but apparently the food I was eating was not making me feel the way I do now.

My opinion on this whole thread....if your not happy with the food/program send it back and be done with it and move on!!!.

Good luck to everyone today and stay on track..

Comment #28

I'm a very good cook and have lots of Nutrisystem appropriate recipes, but they can't beat the convenience of grabbing something yummy from the cabinet and popping it in the microwave for one minute, and knowing it won't blow my diet. Now that I have a BMI of 22 and am not at all overweight for the first time in my adult life, I have too much energy and too many things to do to waste a lot of time in the kitchen..

So there..

Comment #29

You are so right Sally. I have been on program now for 5 weeks have lost 16 lbs and feel better than I have felt in a while, it is so much easier to just grab something from the pantry, heat it up and eat then do something I would rather be doing than in a kitchen wondering "ok what do I make tonight" Keep up the great work.

Comment #30

It sounds like you are in the anger stage of loss... loss of all the crap you want to eat. There is nothing I would like more right now than a big pile of General Tso's and some donuts for dessert, but well, unless I have the money for annual liposuction and tummy tucks, I think I better hit the cabinet and grab some Fettuccine Alfredo, two vegetables, and a protein..

Good luck to you!.

Comment #31

You should try it, the food is not that bad, the only thing I have found that I don't like is the split pea soup. Yes, you do have to add some other food to some of it, but it's not that bad. I have lost 6 pounds and I have only been on the diet since the end of July..

Comment #32

I just got my food yesterday in the late afternoon. I had already eaten during the day and have been dieting for the last three weeks (lost 9.5 lbs) Last night, I could afford the calories to have the lunch item of red beans and rice with sausage. I thought it was delicious! Had a muffin this moring with my coffee and then my yoplait fat free yogurt an hour later. (added 2 oz to online log so it would take the total up to 100 calories) Going to have lunch soon then will go to the market to get the extras. Going to keep it simple and start with broccoli steamed in the microwave to pour my entrees over..

Comment #33

This happened to me when I started last September. I live in Florida and my BBB stayed on the UPS truck all day long. UPS guy obliviously driving around as my chocolate slowly melted.... Actually, if you throw the melted things in the fridge, they will harden again and they taste just as good.

I have a friend on Nutrisystem that arranged with UPS to pick up her box from the center because this was happening to her and now she picks up her box with no melted chocolate! Good luck to you..

Comment #34

My chocolate stuff was melted, but I won't feel like eating it til "that time of the month" so I don't care! Just had the fettucine alfredo and I'm happy as a weight-losing clam. BTWWhere is the "fill line" insode of the cup that they talk about? The cup is now completely clean and I still can't find it..

Let's do this thing!.

Comment #35

The 'line' is actually a very slight indentation in the cup about 1 to 1.5 inches from the really have to look for it since it doesn't seem to go all the way around. If you still can't find it, just fill to about 1.5 inches or so from the top.

BTW...I think the people who were upset about the melted chocolate were guys, and even though I am a firm believer that they ALSO get PMS every month, I don't think they will agree..

Comment #36

Rich, I am so surprised at your attitude. Nutrisystem was very informative about the program. and to say you could have done better at Wal-Mart, You will not lose any weight eating that kind of stuff. Nutrisystem is American Heart approved and American Diabetes approved, not Wal-Mart foods. This is the GI plan approved for healthy eating and living. Decide which is important to you and get creative..

Sure you add in some things, but I have been on plan since Sept. l and reached my goal weight in June and I am still eating the foods. I love the plan because it works if "you work the plan". Don't give up so quickly, there are lots of threads that talk about how to spruce up the food items, you will get used to it and start dropping those ugly pounds and be a much healthier man for it. Do the right thing Rich, Nutrisystem will treat you right and fair on all accounts. Best Wishes as you journey along to good health.

Comment #37

Thank you so much! Duh!!! I just held it up to natural light and it was so clear! Thanks!.

Comment #38

I am surprised you didn't know anything about having to buy food. They are very clear about that in print, on tv where ever Nutrisystem is promoted..

When I decided to join the program, I knew going in I was a super fussy eater. I didn't honestly expect the food to be good but I hoped It was palatable. More importantly, I wanted to lose weight, I was tired about the way I felt, my health was going downhill, I certainly didn't feel attractive and I didn't think to highly of myself..

My mindset was there to change and I wasn't going to allow there to be any roadblocks in my way. If I felt the food was yucky, I would put up with it until I lost weight..

I was surprised about the foods many of them I really liked and others I could doctor them up so I could eat them and not feel like I was deprived of a meal..

I am sorry you had a tough time, but hang in there, the food gets better tasting as your taste buds deal with the different tastes, loss of fats and added fiber..

I lost 132 pounds and my only regret was not having the mindset sooner..

Give yourself a chance Rich and stick it out... you'll like the smaller underwear..

Oh and warning... the clothes budget can be a little painful, but the clothes look better..

Comment #39

Rick, people who don't know or who pretend not to know that the Nutrisystem program requires grocery items to be added have not really watched the commercials or have read the information on the Nutrisystem website. Whenever I consider making a major investment of money, I read everything.

This is taken directly from the description of the men's program, with emphasis added by me:.

Your Nutrisystem program is based on a completely structured 28-Day meal plan, featuring foods with low-glycemic good carbohydrates and protein to help you feel full longer. Plus, Nutrisystem has soluble fiber to help promote heart health! Simply grab a Nutrisystem entre for your meal, add-in a few grocery items (like fresh fruit, vegetables, salads and dairy items), and you're good to go. And remember, you get to eat often throughout the day to help reduce those cravings between meals! .

You have not given yourself a chance to even know what foods you like and dislike. I don't like every entree in a restaurant; I don't like every Nutrisystem entree but there are so many available which I do like that I have no problems making a selection..

There is even an example given of a typical day which shows how groceries are added:.


Comment #40

I also am very disappointed with my first order. The portions are incredibly small and I am starving, even though I've loaded up on veggies, fruits, and salads! And I'm not impressed with the nutritional content..

What's with all the additives in the ingredients for instance, blueberry pancakes fake blueberries with blue #2 lake color??: .


This does not seem low-glycemic index to me, it contains white flour, sugar, dextrose, corn syrup solids, food starch, juice concentrate. Why not whole wheat flour, soy protein, and real blueberries? And is the 2g saturated fats from the palm oil? Why not monosaturated fats instead?.

And so far many of the entrees are awful. The chicken soup was terrible, the chicken and dumplings were inedible I picked out the chicken and threw the rest away. The "bread" items like scones and muffins are very dry. So far only the Italian entrees are tolerable..

I'm sticking with it, but I'm really wondering what I'm paying for as I could have lost weight by starving for free. The fact I'm so hungry makes me worry that this diet will end up lowering my metabolism with the "famine" effect, or I'm going to give up and binge. Hopefully exercise will counteract that..

I signed up for the select program, so I'm hoping my first order of frozen food will be better!.

Comment #41

Just saying... this is a name brand frozen blueberry pancake..

It is tough to not have a bunch of goop (My highly technical word for some ingredients) in products that need to be packaged and stored..

In comparison to what many overweight people eat it is low glycemic for the days meal. Most of us were eating far higher foods.. maybe you were not.

The diabetic program is even better..

Hope the program works for you.. Good luck.


Comment #42

I haven't had an entree on the Vegetarian plan that I didn't like...and ANYONE can order favorite is the Mushroom Rositto...and I LOATH mushrooms. It not only looks like cat food, but it looks like cat food that's already been eaten at least once....but let me tell you...IT TASTES FANTASTIC!!!.

Comment #43

LMAO Sorry, but I am betting Nutrisystem won't be hiring you to write their food descriptions.

I never gave the risotto a try, because of the mushrooms... hmmmm might have to try it.... nahhhhhhh lol.

I haven't found many food products that look like their pictures whether they be frozen non Nutrisystem products. Iloved the chicken/dumplings with seasoned green french style beans.. one of my favs..

One time I bought a WW carrot cake, I loved that cake and the portion looked a good size.. of course I should have figured out a box that is an inch tall couldn't hold a 4 inch high slap of goodness.

I got a small finger of dry cake... for a high price.. but it wasn't high in calories and it didn't make me want another..

Comment #44

I'm not a vegetarian but nearly everything I'm ordering now is vegetarian. The veggie lasagna is far better than the meat lasagna. I've had the Mushroom Rositto but Midnight would not consider it cat food or even the worse alternative. I love mushrooms. This is one of the veggie entrees that is acceptable but not my favorite..

Comment #45

I guess the conclusion we can all come to is that this program is not for everyone..

I read all the reviews before I ordered, and like one Nutrisystem Community Member, Cyber Sally said, I would have eaten cardboard to lose weight. I had gained 40 lbs. after quitting smoking after being diagnosed with a rare lung disease..

I'm an excellent cook. I'm known for my cooking, so I know what tastes good. What Nutrisystem has had to do is create entrees that don't have all the fat and carbs; very hard to do. But I think they do it well. Does it taste like my food. No.

because of all the salads and lean meat..

I really like the food and just recently placed an order after meeting goal months ago. I'd like to lose another 20 lbs. and the Nutrisystem food is the only way to go..

The food is great, and the support is even greater..

Comment #46

I'm very serious when I ask "what did you expect when you signed up for Nutrisystem?" I'd like to hear that you really expected to like every single meal, that they would taste like food in a fine restaurant, that the muffins and scones would taste like Otis Spunkmeyer's, and that everything would be organic with no preservatives. And your 1st post on this forum is to complain about the food?.

Comment #47

Kelly...I can't tell you how many times I've been duped by NON-diet certain cheesecakes (Nations) that have left me utterly disappointed and sorry I ate them...bleeck...back when I had an eating disorder I would have just regurgitated back up but I didn't want to have to taste it again!!! (kidding).

And what's this about my writing skills??? Heehee!.

Midnight's mom...I do love the veggie lasagna...but my cat Miso likes the risotto..of course she will eat the stringy stuff out of a pumpkin too, so that's not saying much I guess! =).

Comment #48

I was somewhat shocked at first too... I knew I could not afford to buy all the veggies and stuff at the local market or I'd go broke! I waited for the weekend and went to my local farmer's market and I am able to get some amazing deals there, I get my entire week's worth of veggies for under $20! I can't say I like the structure of the plan, I hate living life on schedules and usually on the weekend I just can't pack a suitcase full of food so I end up skipping meals. I don't think the food tastes bad but maybe I am just so damn hungry by the time I need to eat that I am just not being picky. I need to lose 24 more pounds, that weight won't come off doing my old lifestyle, I needed something drastic and this is it, welcome to the deep end, sink or swim I guess it's how much do you want to lose weight..

Comment #49

There is a nationwide grocery chain called Aldi's that consistently has the cheapest produce I have seen anywhere and it is always very good. We do our other grocery shopping at anther supermarket, then I run to Aldi's for all our produce. I spend about $20 a week on produce for the two of us and I eat a LOT of produce (starting with an entire bag of salad mix every single day - just for me)..

Comment #50

Lots of misleading food out there... and I am very happy for you that you have your eating disorder under control..

Comment #51

It's all about portion control, everyone! I am starting my fourth week today. I really like the food because it is all measured out for me. You will find that once you add your veggies, fruit and extra will be full and satisfied. It's a good plan..

Comment #52

Katiebcool, Thanks for the "support". FYI I was expecting nutritious, low-glycemic index, "good", "real" food hopefully as good as Atkins before it was no longer available, or even Lean-Cuisine. I agree that one shouldn't expect much from overly preserved, long-shelf-life type food but then for the money I wasn't expecting overly preserved long-shelf-life type food. Are you convinced that nutritious food has to taste bad?.

Kaye-Serah, thanks for the real conversation and letting me vent. You're an inspiration..

Comment #53

I am waiting on my first delivery to come. If I could have done it at Walmart I would have. Left to my own solutions, I mess things up. That's why I am trying NS. Hopefully I won't be as disappointed..

Comment #54

If you work the plan, it WILL work for you. Nothing ever worked for me until NS..

Comment #55

Welcome Lindsaymac. I love this program. Get involved on the boards. I have made so many wonderful friends and learned a lot of hints and ideas to keep motivated. And I think the food is great.

Good luck on your Nutrisystem journey.

Comment #56

NikonRick, If I can make a suggestion. I've been on Nutrisystem for nearly a month now. I'm not the type of person who desires to fancy up a Nutrisytem meal. And, I keep my 'add-ons' simple: hardboiled eggs, Greek non-fat Yogurt(it's particularly high in protein), non-fat to 1 % milk, romaine lettuce, mixed-greens lettuce, non-fat salad dressing, asparagus, brocolli, bananas, grapes, blueberries, cherries etc..

Also, under the 'Our Menu' section (right above on the Nutrisystem page) you can click on any meal and then write a review. That's what I do. Nutrisystem reads them and that way they get feedback for what are the likes and dislikes of their customers. I'd like to think that will banish the hotdog, beans-laden meals and chicken salad. I also re-set my auto-order so that next month I won't receive a food that I did not like. I remove the offending food and then choose a replacement that I like..

And most definitely contact Nutrisystem to return the foods that were sent to you which you did not order. You deserve to receive what you ordered and payed for. I know this is alot of money for many of us (certainly for me!)..

Best of Luck,.


Comment #57

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