Is it possible to take a few days off from Medifast?

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Wonderful, kind and understanding everyone is. I started Medifast the last week of May at 168, and been 100% OP since. Has been a slow go but made my initial goal of 149, lowered to 139. Am this morning at 146.8. Anyway to the point. We celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary Sept 6th.

So there ya go. Should this all happen as I envision? How difficult will it be to get back on board should I take two days off? Advice, (nice) comments, and similar experience welcome. Thanks in advance, Katy.

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Happy Anniversary!.

It could throw you completely out of ketosis. Do you really need to drink beer on your anniversary to relax and enjoy the evening? The shrimp is OP and you get a TON of it! I don't mean to be critical or negative, I just don't see how eating off plan when you've done so well, is going to make you enjoy your anniversary any more than if you stuck to a wonderful OP shrimp L&G and had a diet soda. I guess you have to ask yourself ift a couple of beers and a cracker are worth potentially undoing some of the hard work you've done up to this point. Ultimately, the choice is your. There are plenty of people out there that will encourage you to go out and do whatever you want..

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Hi, Katy, You can expect to go through "the first week" again. The second time around for me was just as bad, if not worse than the first. And also, some people have an issue with getting back on track after taking a break. For me, taking a break and relaxing the eating regime (not going whole hog, but relaxing) helped me find a new reserve for finishing up..

As long as you go into it with eyes open, enjoy your weekend..

Comment #2

I wouldn't advise it. Have the shrimp if you like. Have it made fancy at a restaurant or home... have your fave veggies roasted or however you love them. If you want a cracker, have a Medifast pack of crackers as a snack and save them for that special meal. They're pretty good! And for a drink, maybe a spritzer of club soda with fresh lemon slices? Or a special but zero cal beverage you choose? Going off plan can give you major headaches and symptoms when you try to go back on. Trust me on that!.

Comment #3

As always... your choice. You know your options. I can only then tell about my week off plan. Yep, it was a clear choice. No regret at all.

I didn't over indulge too much, but yes, off plan. It took about 1 week to get back to my weight before going off plan. I am probably a week behind schedule now, but then I asked myself... who's schedule? This is a lifetime change and there will be times you derail and times you stay the course. Whatever you decide, have a great time..

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I've gone through all the holidays, birthdays and anniversary and still stayed on plan. It hasn't ruined any of the celebrations nor did I feel I was denied anything. Why would you want to ruin your success by going off plan? How is going off plan going to make that celebration more meaningful to you? Does beer and crackers define your marriage? I know it doesn't mine; it was about spending quality time with hubby and celebrating the life we built. I don't need to go off plan to do that. As the others have said, if you do this you will find it much harder to get back on plan and you will have to go through your first week or so all over again. So I suggest you really consider what you're celebrating and do your food plans make sense?.

Comment #5

This is the danger of going off plan. It's impossible to know how easy or hard it will be to get back OP. I'm sure that some don't have a problem hopping off and then hopping back on, but I imagine that they are in the minority. If you are worried about how difficult it will be to get back on board, why do it? For me, I don't want to take the chance that I will struggle to get back on or not get back on at all, so I stay OP and aim to keep it that way..

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Wow that is great!.

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I'd maybe enjoy a little extra lean and green but kill the beer and crackers unless it's really, really worth it to you. The problem I've found with past diets is it's like well it's my birthday, anniversary, we're at a wedding, a graduation party, it's my kid's birthday, it's...well always something ya know? 30 Anniversary is a BIG deal just be careful it doesn't turn every event into a big deal with license to go off plan. Have fun whatever you decide and keep us posted as to how it goes!.

Comment #8

By now I'm sure you're aware of the calorie/fat/carb ranges for this diet. If you're a sensible person, you should be able to figure out how to have a beer and/or a cracker without going out of those ranges, whether it means eating a lower carb veggie, cutting out a peanut butter "snack," or (god forbid) cutting out one Medifast meal. If anyone says eating the same range of calories/fat/carbs as an MF-approved day is going to throw you out of ketosis, they don't know what they're talking about. Most of the people who tell you not to deviate for even one day are the people who are concerned about a slippery slope if you know you'll go totally off plan if you allow yourself one deviation, then you should listen to them and not deviate..

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I never went off plan, while on 5/1, but I have seen many MFers over my years on these boards, who simply disappear after an off plan event. My advice, or 2 cents,,is don't. others have given you great options here for staying OP, my favorite thing to do while others had cocktails, was to have club soda over ice with a twist of lime. It isn't so much the actual carbs in alcohol, it is the way it metabolizes,,not to mention the effects it can have on snacking on those bar food!.

Whichever you decide, have a wonderful anniversary, and don't disappear on us!! we will all be here to push you back up on that horse!.

Comment #10

My own anniversary is October 1, and it's my birthday as well. I'm looking forward to celebrating them on-plan and waking up October 2 with a real sense of pride in having done it.

It's your choice, of course, but that sense of pride might really be worth a lot more to you than a beer and a cracker..

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Hi there,.

I'm new here (in my first week), and I am constantly battling with this very situation. However for me, I'm in the process of getting married (October 9th!) so I have manyyyy events leading up to it that are definitely putting me off plan. For example: last Saturday was my bridal shower. I had just started Medifast Wednesday. I made a decision- I'm (hopefully) only getting married once and I really want to enjoy this time in my life, and food is a part of that.

So I did, I went off plan. However Sunday AM I woke up, had my Medifast bar and have been on track since. I am one of those few minorities that can hop off and hop on again. I know I won't lose as much this way, but I feel it really helps with my "all or nothing" mentality I've been struggling with for years. If I was 100% OP all the time, I feel if I did slip up once, it could lead to a slippery slope..

So to summarize my rambling- if the beer is worth it to you, which for me it would be!, then enjoy it, and get right back OP. That is all.

Comment #12

AMEN. I agree completely, Bubbles. Some cannot jump back on easily but for me, if there aren't a few scarce days along the ride where low carb Michelob ultras are involved, well, Im not happy. Im not talking weekly, or even monthly once in awhile.... I'm not perfect. Life is not perfect. Medifast is perfect for me and I am so happy and thankful it is there to pick up and do..

Comment #13

If it were me, I would be afraid of jumping off and not being able to get back on. I hear ya, tho... my birthday is coming up Sept 1 and while I can live without cake, it will be my first restaurant meal since being OP and it scares me! Anyway, whatever you decide to do, it is your choice. Just don't disappear on us after!.

And Happy Anniversary in advance.

Comment #14

Agreed, it is each persons choice, but keep in mind that you may be hopping on and off and doing fine and then suddenly get quite sick from doing it. I was 100% OP for about 2 months, never got sick when I started the plan either. Went off plan a couple times every few weeks, got right back on. And then I went off and when I tried to go back on I got SO FREAKING SICK. Splitting headaches, nausea, etc that would disappear if I ate a slice of toast. Major carb withdrawals. I did get back on after 3-4 days of misery but just keep in mind that CAN happen even if you've cheated before and not had a problem..

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Happy anniversary!.

I won't use the term "slippery slope" or talk about your "journey." Just know that once you toss the mental discipline into the wind, sometimes it just keeps blowing around and is VERY elusive afterward..

Comment #16

Thank You all very much and esspecially for the anniversary wishes, I so much appreciate it! Also the great advice, tips and experiences. Have not decided for sure yet. Only that I will NOT leave here. The support is priceless, no matter what ups and downs we go through..

Thanks again to everyone, Katy.

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