Good book on digital photography???
Hi guys.

I'm getting a bridge/superzoom for Xmas and wanted to get a book to help me learn more about photography. I'm a complete newbie and really do need a beginners guide. Shoul I get something like the 'Digital SLR Cameras & Photography for Dummies'??.

I know I'm not getting a proper D-SLR but I doubt I'll get a book on a bridge cameras. Besides, I just need to learn about photograpy in general....

Any recomendations?..

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I as well am a beginner to DSLR photography. I just purchased Bryan Peterson's Understanding Exposure and Brenda Tharp's Creative Nature and Outdoor Photography.Gary..

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I am in a similar place, though I have pre-ordered a D300 and have researched the lenses I plan on getting for it..

I spent a couple hours at Borders, camped out in the Photography section. My best suggestion is for you to do the same. As you check out the various books, ask your self if the person is:1) Communicating the info in a way the makes sense to you2) Covers the issues, gear, type of shooting you are interested in3) Provides a solid foundation for the future4) Has enough fun factor to keep you coming back5) Lastly - look for reasons you don't need that book.

I offer number five because there are a lot of books one can choose from and I ruled out some because there was so much overlap or because they were very film centric and I know the foundation for film or digital is similar - but, it's not the same and I didn't want a person who really was a film person, that had thrown in some "new" stuff that was digital, but who really didn't get digital. I run across a few "pros" like that - people shooting digital - almost because they have to - but who don't understand what options it offered that film didn't, so are excited about the options and into exploring them. And film had options that digital doesn't, too - not putting down film..

I didn't buy any books last night (at the store), but instead came home and hit and found that most of the books selling for $30-40 could be had at for $13-20 with shipping..

I also uncovered and their books and site look like they could be very useful...

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+1 on Brian Perterson's "Understanding Exposure". Clearly explains the relationship between ISO/Shutterspeed/Aperture. You will need another book on composition as it doesn't get into that..


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I got Peterson's book recently and highly recommend it with one exception. It doesn't seem to mention Histogram's which I think is an important tool for getting the right exposture. His book is mostly about Creative Exposure but shouldn't discuss histograms?.


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Conalex wrote:.

Hi guys.

I'm getting a bridge/superzoom for Xmas and wanted to get a book tohelp me learn more about photography. I'm a complete newbie andreally do need a beginners guide. Shoul I get something like the'Digital SLR Cameras & Photography for Dummies'??>Any recomendations?.

I have a bridge camera (the Samsung Pro-815)..

I've been buying, reading and researching (weekly) photography books in the bookstores for the past 11 months. The single "best" in my opinion, now, -which I didn't actually buy, but which seems to me I should have, earlier- is called " Real World Digital Photography, 2", by Katrin Eisman (You can find it on the web). (I have been browsing it in-store so much that I don't really need to get it anymore, and much of it is covered in books that I did get. I guess the real reason I didn't get it myself was that about half was devoted to post-processing, which is something I don't engage in.).

This book (of about 600 pages) devotes the first half to basic to intermediate general capturing the image topics and the second half to post-capture processing...

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I highly recommend Peterson's book, Understanding Exposure. It is a great beginning photography book and gives a good feel for how things work in the camera. After that, move on to (not sure if this is the exact title) Learning to See Creatively. It's also by Peterson and gives you a little more background into photography.Canon 40D-18-55mm f/3.5-5.6-70-300mm f/4.0-5.6 IS USM-Canon 430EX Speedlite.


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Dontrustme wrote:.

I got Peterson's book recently and highly recommend it with oneexception. It doesn't seem to mention Histogram's which I think is animportant tool for getting the right exposture. His book is mostlyabout Creative Exposure but shouldn't discuss histograms?dt.

I have read a lot about "histograms" in books and on the web -including these forums. It seems that many "advanced" photographers base their exposures "in manual mode" on the histograms they get from "exploratory" exposures, to the extent that they even "ditch" their light-meters..

However, IMHO, the histogram is neither here nor there, really, and I hardly refer to it at all now since, frequently, some of the "artistically" most impressive exposures have produced the most skewed -or "inadequate looking- histograms...

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Thoroughly recommend "The Digital Photography Book" by Scott Kelby. It's good for beginners and an excellent read in it's own right. There are many books, most good and informative, however Scotts' version will get you started in the right direction..

Regards, Mirza.


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I borrowed a copy from the library, and it was old enough that digital did not exist at the time...

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Kelby's book is excellent as is Understanding Exposure. Can't go wrong with either. Another might be Tom Ang's, Digital Photographer's Handbook...half devoted to shooting and half to PP..

The suggestion to get a cup of coffee and hang out in the Photography section at Borders is also a great idea...

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I second the reccomendation for "The Digital Photography Book" by Scott Kelby. Being a newbie myself I felt this was an excellent starters book, before getting into the more deeper theory of photography..

If you're like me, and do photography for fun, I think you'll appreciate this book with it's simple, do this to get that..

After practising on these basics you can go ahead for the more in depth/technical books to broaden your knowledge..

Hope this helps,Regards...

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Histograms are relative. In the camera, it's not an absolute reflection of the data, but a relative one - especially if one captures RAW. This is most easily observed if you use Adobe Camera Raw to render the image (I'm using it as a part of Photoshop CS3) as one of the things you choose is the color space for the file. Choosing different color spaces yields different histograms, based on the ability of that color space to contain all the data the camera's sensor captured..

I generally work in AdobeRGB, but I don't always render to that initially because sometimes it clips shadows or highlights, so I will render to a larger space that doesn't clip them, then convert to AdobeRGB - all in 16-bit, so that I get the benefit of all the dynamic range my camera captured..

I'm not knocking histograms - been using them in my work for close to twenty years, but they seem to be this "new" discovery in photography circles and they are simply one tool among many...

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I found Daniel Lezano's "The Photography Bible" a good all-round into. Covers a lot of ground and doesn't go into too much detail too quickly. Explains exposure and techniques quite simply but well and with plenty of examples..


Pentax K100DFuji S5200Fuji E900PCLinuxOS..

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Many here have talked about Bryan Peterson .Also he has great DVD called The Perfect Picture.It's about $20 and is a must have for anyone.You can get it from his online school.And from B+ H Video.I have learned alot from Peterson's books ,but I have learned so much from his DVD as well...His online School is called The Picture Perfect School of Photography.His Understanding Exposure class is well worth taking..

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