Going on a Medifast break OK?

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Well, I can't believe I'm at this point - over 40 lbs. gone!!.

But, besides having a REALLY hard time finding motivation to continue, my body is in total rebellion and I think I just need a Medifast break for a while..

My hair continues to fall out by the handfuls. This month I had a TWO WEEK period. I just can't do this. Last month it was 10 days, and the month before was 8 days. I just need to give my body a soy/estrogen break to see if I recover and get back to hormonal normal..

I think I'll still haunt the MyMedifast site, because it is SO helpful overall, and because if it works out that this is just mid-30-something me and NOT a result of Medifast, then I don't want to have to mess with starting a whole new account!.

So, I'm setting off on my journey to lose more weight, but just in a different way. I am SO grateful to Medifast for the huge success that I've had!..

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You should consult your doctor and make sure you are not lacking other vitamins or something else - hope you stick around to continue your journey even if not on Medifast - maybe even maint - don't stop your journey - it's just awful to do so well and then gain back I speak from experience..

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You do know there are several products that don't contain soy, right?..

Comment #2

Hi Kim,.

Congrats on the progress so far. Have you read anything about estrogen dominance? You may want to look into this and see if any of the recommendations help you. I read Dr Lee's book about premenopause (most women aged 35-45) and there are some interesting ideas, such as progesterone cream. I used the cream before starting Medifast and it helped my cycle tremendously. I stopped it about 2 months ago to see how I would do & it's been ok.

Good Luck, Dory..

Comment #3

I hope you feel better soon! Do stick around on the boards...

Comment #4

Keep coming here and posting please. I don't think you have to be doing Medifast to come here and post. Plus, you can still use your ticker and see your little bee move to the right no matter how you are losing the weight...

Comment #5

I think what you are doing is what all of us will have to do at some point, move off Medifast onto some other weight management system, even those at the end of transition have to figure out a good plan to go forth with. Any insights with this would be great for all of us, IMO...

Comment #6

Thanks, everyone..

NO, I am not quitting. I'm just doing a structured program elsewhere that doesn't involve prepackaged food. (Am I allowed to say what? It's SparkPeople). Still dieting, still low cal, just not as low carbs..

YES, I do know there are products without soy, but I'd be limited to.


Hot drinks.

Soft serve.

Cream of Tomato soup.

I know that I can't do it with my choices being that limited..

YES, I have heard a lot about estrogen dominance! And I think that my body is already prone to that anyway and the extra soy isn't helping. I've read one of Dr. Lee's books (on perimenopause) and practically lived on his website a few years ago when I was having other hormonal problems. Actually, I am already using natural progesterone cream!.

Thanks again for the support and feedback. I'll definitely pop my head in here from time-to-time!..

Comment #7

Oh, and I think this might have been the kick in the pants I needed to get over my slump. I have lost 3.2 lbs. since Friday... thank goodness!..

Comment #8

Thank you for your candid post and for showing some of the other side effects of medifast's plan. I wish you the very best...

Comment #9

Good Luck! I am googling estrogen dominance right now!..

Comment #10

I here you. Please don't get me wrong...I am thankful that Medifast helped me lose 42 pounds, but I, too, experienced a lot of hair loss (which is just now starting to get better, even after being off of Medifast for several weeks now) and heavier, more painful and more frequent periods. Those problems were a big reason I had to stop MF, too. Well, also I had maxed out my credit card. lol.

I am now doing calorie counting, but am losing at a much slower rate. At least it's coming off though..

I wish you the best...

Comment #11

Good for you! You will be fine. You have done great on your reduction and will continue to release pounds with clean and healthy eating of "real" foods!!!.

When we think about it, food should not have side effects. If it does, we need to not eat that particular food, like if one is allergic.

If I need to take medicine for an illness and there are side effects, that is something I must weigh and figure out how to work with.

But food, no................One can lose weight eating clean, using healthy foods. No need to eat something that is not working well in your system.

Happy continued melting!.


Comment #12

I was considering taking a break from MF, because I was itching due to the soy products. However, Medifast has soy free products such as soft serve which I use as a thick shake, and the drinks are soy free too. I understand, but there are options...

Comment #13

Hey I hope that you have great success with sparkpeople too, Im on there too LOL...and I lost like 10-15 pounds before I started mf!.

I think once where I get to where you are in weight wise I may take a break from Medifast but we will see!..

Comment #14

I'm transitioning to sparkpeople, too. I'm still using the basic Medifast principles. I'm eating five small meals a day plus a lean and green. For my five small meals, I'm putting together meals that are roughly the same carb/protein/fat composition as the Medifast meals.

It requires a little more planning. But you can still follow the general plan without eating the food.

I'm finding this is a good way to transition off of Medifast as I'm hitting goal, but there's no reason it shouldn't work for people who want to continue to lose...

Comment #15

I was very skeptical, to be honest. SparkPeople just seemed SO much more complicated when I looked at it back in May. I didn't have what it took to stick to that kind of plan. NOW, after MF, I have the mental/emotional tools to do it AND I can see how very UNcomplicated SparkPeople is..

Definitely recommend it as a transition!..

Comment #16

If I'm not mistaken, all the anit-oxidant shakes are from whey protein, not soy as well...

Comment #17

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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