GoDaddy testimonials : Suggest I invest in GoDaddy?? GoDaddy parked my domain after Nutrisystem change

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I just bought a name and switched the nameservers to point it to Previously the domain was a hosted website, hosted on the old /img/avatar9.jpgs servers (not GoDaddy). Immediately after making the nameserver change I checked the site and there was one of those 'this domain is parked free courtesy of GoDaddy' pages up. This is INSTANTLY after I changed the nameservers.

Is this standard? I have never seen this with any registrar. Again neither side of this involved GoDaddy hosting, they simply are the registrar. I see no reason why they should put up a parking page when a nameserver change takes place. In fact I see this as theft and rather scary.

They all say NS changes can take 1-2 days to go through, but with nearly every registrar it's a matter of minutes. What if they all start making it actually take 2 full days, and putting up their parking pages for those two days. Thats a lot of lost traffic and revenue.

30 minutes now and there parking page is still up there. Normally the NS change would have gone through by now. I really hope GoDaddy isn't trying to pull some shady shit here and start doing this for every NS change...

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Bob Parsons is a sneaky little rascal. hehe.

Comment #1

Don't know if this has been resolved yet, but sometimes it actually does take a little while. Other times, the computer and/or 'net connection will need to be restarted in order to clear things up on my end, especially if I had already attempted to load the domain while it was parked...

Comment #2

This does happen sometimes. I'd say <1% of the time...

Comment #3

I've noticed this myself and wonder how much they make from clicks during that small amout of time for each user who has this happen. IMO, they should take all earnings from something like this, keep them seperate, and donate them to charities....

Comment #4

It was fixed within a few hours, though I emailed GoDaddy in that time so maybe they sped up the process. I"m not an NS technical genius but I have a lot of experience changing nameservers around with different registrars and I have NEVER seen this happen.

Can somebody who knows the logistics of a nameserver change chime in here about whether this is required or forced by GoDaddy?.

Can anybody report whether they have seen this on a registrar OTHER than GoDaddy?.

If I have a domain pointed to and I switch it to - I don't see any reason why there should be even one second when that domain is not either pointed to or Why would there be a gap in time where it isn't pointed anywhere and defaults to the registrar?.

It seems forced to me, forced so that they can put up their landing pages for those brief windows. Post added at 09:55 PM Previous post was at 09:48 PM If it is required and not forced by them, then they should not put up a landing page with adverts on it - it should be some kind of technical problems announcement, your site will be up shortly etc. If they do serve adverts, don't you think that money should go to the domain owner instead of a charity...?..

Comment #5

There is NO legitimate technical reason for that happening.

Either GoDaddy's system is buggy? -and/or, more likely, it's another way for GoDaddy to skim some revenue.

On a related note, I wonder what the TTL time is for GoDaddy in-house NS servers / redirect IPs / host records are? ... probably like 24 hours? Which itself is scummy. Better registrars use far shorter TTL times, such as 15 minutes or even mere seconds on their NSes to allow for quick, smooth name server updates with minimal caching issues.


Comment #6

Ya they take forever. I changed the NS again on the same domain and it's been over 6 hours and still nothing. At least this time they didn't put a parking page up...

Comment #7

If what you say is true (the nameservers were changed only once and not set to GoDaddy's in between) there is no way it could be resolving to a parking page, unless GoDaddy's systems incorrectly served their own nameservers as authoritative for some amount of time.

I doubt it was malicious, probably just a glitch, but these kinds of things are why I'm slowly moving my names from GoDaddy.

If you're on a *nix system, you can always check what nameservers the internet is seeing for your domain at any moment, even if the whois hasn't updated, with the command: replacing with your domain, and com in the second part with the tld of your domain. There's probably an equivalent windows command, but I don't know it...

Comment #8

30 minutes? Jeez, I bet you had big plans for that possible 1 cent (if that). Ffs..

Comment #9

Using windows?.

Likely a cache issue:.

Start > run > cmd > paste the following: ipconfig /flushdns (Right click in the cmd window to paste or type it, taking note of the space in front of the forward slash)..

Comment #10

Clearing one's computer DNS cache may not help when one is using their ISP DNS (most typical setup for most people), which usually cache name server addresses for an extended period of time.


Comment #11

Seriously? Nobody sees what happened?.

There is a perfectly legitimate technical reason for it, too.

Names were using the GoDaddy nameservers and pointed towards A records of the previous site.

Buyer changed the nameservers to use's DNS.

Ok, so all that gets done and nobody sees why for a while a GoDaddy Parked page comes up? Really?.

GoDaddy Nameservers were told they did not need to point to the previous A record..

GoDaddy was actually told that they were completely unneeded for DNS as the DNS was switched to another provider.

So... until the DNS change propagates throughout the system... it still hits GoDaddy's NameServers... since those NameServers have no entry for that domain any longer, it defaults to a BloDaddy Courtesy Parking page.

Of course, after everything does propagate, poof name now shows page.

This ain't Rocket Science and, even though I'm not too fond of GoDaddy, for once it was not thier fault as they did nothing wrong...

Comment #12

How about this. Once upon a time (about 1 year ago) I went to buy a domain at G*daddy. It was available so I went and signed up to buy it as it showed I could use paypal. (I've been a business member with paypal for many years.) Then at the final stage it asked me for my credit card. I did not have it with me at the time. I was abit choked as my paypal membership was fine.

Then it said the domain was not available. I contacted support and they gave me a runaround. When I checked the domain at whois it showed the domain had been registered for 3 years. It was on a g*daddy parked page. I was flabbergasted as it was available 2 days prior.

The name was greengenius(dot)com..

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