GoDaddy customer service : Great idea to pay for GoDaddy?? godaddy being unreasonable!

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I was registering a domain name with godaddy, I accidentally added DomainAlert Pro Investor's Edge to my order, instantly I emailed godaddy to ask for a refund for the service I accidentally ordered and never used. They first rejected, then I said I never used it and it was an accident, then I got an email telling me to cancel it then get a refund, I canclled the DomainAlert Pro Investor's Edge, now I get an email this can take upto 5 working days and after all I MAY not even get a refund!.

The $30 is meaningless to me, the idea that godaddy tries to rip me off when I have over 120 domains under my username with them makes me feel angry.

Anyways I bought just incase they decide not to refund my money and preparing to mass move to my enom account...

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Errrr... you accidentally adding something domainalert wouldn't be considered as godaddy ripping you off... and neither is them telling you that it can take up to five days and you might not get a refund... however, given that you have over 120 domains with them, they should probably give you the refund.

Also, I think that mass moving your domains because godaddy didn't give you a $30 refund is a bit extreme, especially since the accident was caused by you... jmho..

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I explained to them I was checking their $1.99 domain deal! I never meant to order that service, it was an accident on my behalf! But they told me I would get a refund once I cancel the service, AFTER I cancelled it they said this will take 5 working days and I may not get a refund! perhaps if they said that earlier I wouldn't have cancelled it!..

Comment #2

With all due respect, this is your fault. Regardless of their behavior after you ordered the service, you still ordered the service...

Comment #3

I am with shockie on this one.

It would only be via good customer service that they would refund you and I think GoDaddy is one of the best in that area anyway...

Comment #4

I dont deny fault, I'm saying they mislead me to cancel it promising me a refund, once I cancelled it and sent them an email they replied after 5 working days review someone MAY refund my money. Considering how long I been with godaddy and how many names I have with them I guess I was looking for a more honest response rather than this sneaky used car salesman style of support...

Comment #5

Cut/paste said email so we can have a read..

Comment #6

It might not be ethical for GD to be saying you'll get a refund when your then informed later that this might not happen, but you are still completely responsible for ordering the service (and therefore the associated cost). Just my five cents.....

Comment #7

I dont know if godaddy read this thread but as I was going to check my mail to copy and paste their response I got this mail Well I guess my domains stay, for sale anyone?..

Comment #8

Yea I doubt it had to do with this thread seeing as it's only been up for 1 hour...

Btw, is the .org reg'd at godaddy?? that would be pretty funny!!..

Comment #9

You will more then likely get your refund. The 5 day period is a standard reply. I have cancelled many of my .Mobi domains for various reasons within 5 days of regging them and requested a refund. Always the answer is "I have forwarded your request for a refund to our refund department. If approved your refund will take approximately 5 days to reflect in your account.

I have allways gotten my refund, no problems ever. So I am sure you will get your money back as well. I think you are being unreasonable. Just practise a bit of patience. After all it was your mistake..



Comment #10

They rip me all the time, moved a domain the other day from a godaddy reseller account to my main godaddy account, "transfer" as the domain was up for renewal and godaddy reseller charges 2.95 more per year for the reg. What did they do 1 hr before the domain transferred, they renewed the domain at the reseller account then transferred it to my godaddy account with the effect I got charged twice for 1 yr reg. There answer ah well the domain was set on auto renew no refund. I have 100 domains with them....this will be the 3rd or 4th time in 1 yr they have done stuff like this....anyways would only use them for regging - Godaddy your hosting sucks...while I am in moaning mode......

Comment #11

I think Godaddy has become a bit misleading recently. They put in front so many special offers before you buy the domain, they even add the other extensions to the order and also by default make the registration 2 yrs long. They have designed their checkout in such a way that if you dont go carefully you may end up adding some of their special offers to the cart. I am not saying godaddy is bad or anything, but they should make their checkout clean and easy to go without too many special offers before you actually checkout the domain...

Comment #12

I agree with mkat. You can't really blame anyone who accidentally orders something through GoDaddy, because GoDaddy has it setup completely to try to get you to accidentally order stuff, or to just order stuff you didnt even realize you were ordering. I think when you put this into perspective, meaning that their service is aimed towards a general audience, not necessarily domain savvy people, I think it extremely easy to label them as misleading and bordering on shady.....

Comment #13

Now that you mention "shady".... I think many aspects of the domain business are SHADY. Just look at the Registerfly debacle and the mess with the .EU domains and the way ICANN handles things. That's just the tip of the iceberg...

Comment #14

I had a godaddy reseller account for a year, and am familar with there backend shopping cart setup, and yes it is possible to mislead sorry should I say get added value from your customers...I cancelled my reseller account and was expecting the domains I purchased on my reseller account to return to the account of which I purchased the reseller account (godaddy account), guess what they didnt they sent them to another reseller account at wildwest....where domains are that little bit more expensive.

While I am moaning, l tried transferring a .com domain from reseller account to godaddy account, received the 2 auth codes from godaddy entered them into my godaddy transfer window, then I was asked for the 3rd code, the code that the registrar your transferring them from should send you, guess what they didnt send the code??? There both godaddy whats the problem the whole system is automated bar this bit....transfers didnt take place in time and I lost the reg fee`s.....

.EU`s just messing about with auth codes from godaddy...

Comment #15

It seems like it is your fault....

GD sucks for me, they are a good newbie trap..

I wont go there, but regardless, if I am defending them, it's pretty bad :-).

You would need a first class registrar like Moniker or Enom to get than kind of service (they do refund 'mistakes')...

Comment #16

Anyone with over 100 domains at GD should have your own.

Account manager and all you have to do is email them and they.

Take care of the bullsh*t..

You also get a better price...!!..

Comment #17

Just a tip while I am still looking, from observation I have found it better to ring godaddy than to ask for support by email, it seems email support is the "no man" and phone support is the "yes man".

That bloody holding music drives me nuts though change the

Comment #18

Their misleading ordering process has been designed to "accidentally order" a non domain product from Godaddy. So do not expect a refund!..

Comment #19

I am a former GoDaddy Billing Rep. The Bottom line is simple - Call the billing department if something is ever wrong and you get a refund. Honestly, people called up saying I havnt used this hosting account for 6 months, thought it was expired, didnt notice the $10 buckers per month on my card. Guess what? We refunded them all 6 months.

GoDaddy's billing is more than fair, and as long as your polite and reasonable, you'll be treated accordingly.


Comment #20

Two lessons: 1) double check your purchase list before you finalize your checkout, and 2) use a registrar where you have a personal relationship with them. A registrar will be more likely to work with you if they know you are a good customer and they know who you are. Namecheap, Domainsite, Moniker, and Bluehill are good options...

Comment #21

I'll say it again. I have never, but never had a single problem with Godaddy. Whenever I cancel a domain within 5 days of registering and request a refund I have always gotten my refund within 3 or 4 days or so. I dont understand the moans here. I am very happy with Godaddy's service. They respond quickly and are always friendly and helpful.

And I have no problems like regging a domain and accidentily ordering stuff I dont want. Seems pretty straight forward stuff to me. And I like their system too...easy and clear to use. So I say..Go GODADDY GO! YAHOOOOO....WHEEEEEEEE!!!!!!..

Comment #22

I havent received my refund for a domain I deleted a month ago. I even emailed Godaddy before I deleted the domain. The rep assured me that it will be refunded, still it hasn't up to now. I think I will email them again...

Comment #23

I got my refund, I'm happy now, I think this thread needs to be closed now! people who have problems with godaddy should open their own threads or take it up with godaddy individually..

Comment #24

If people think they can delete accounts they already paid for and magically get refunds, they're nuts. If they can't fill out a basic Godaddy domain form, they're also nuts. A 9-year-old could do it without screwing up!.

I've been with Godaddy for years, running almost 200 domains at various points. Never had a problem with them. Never. All the other registrar companies are nothing but over-inflated, over-priced garbage. You don't like Godaddy's ads or aggressive, up-front salesmanship? Tough - that's how they make a buck and can thereby afford to give YOU a discount on all domains.

Just remember when buying your stuff on Godaddy to click the "1 year," "manual" renewel, "no thanks" and "quick checkout" buttons, and you'll have no worries. But even at the end, they still let you check your cart and DELETE anything that you think looks wrong.

So hey, how can you foul THAT up? You'd have to be stupid or drunk, or both!..

Comment #25

It does seem like a bit confusing! I don't think this is their problem. you should be more careful. 5 day is very little time. everything will be fine. I know they are playing with your money and I don't judge you. Godadday has their up and down. I think it will balance things out in the future...

Comment #26

Off subject...

John, you are allowed to own more than one domain..

Comment #27

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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