GoDaddy review : Great idea to invest in GoDaddy?? GoDaddy aka GoCrappy sucks the big one again

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This afternoon, I'd decided to check some sites. Well, all my domains used for ppc to am forwarding links are down. I now have to go through a bunch of campaigns and stop them. I don't know how much money I'm going to lose today because of CrapDaddy..

Right now people are clicking on my ppc ads and getting error pages. Thanks CrapDaddy! From what I understand anyone hosting with them is also getting the shaft. Thank god I don't host with their crappy asses. But a good number of my domains are with them. And there's nothing I can do but eat this shit..

Lesson learn. Remember boys and girls never have all your eggs in one basket. Use multiple registrars, hosting companies, etc. That way you won't be totally fucked. Thank god I do this and not all is totally lost. But none the less, I'm going to take a big hit..

My question to the WF members is, what else can you do if your shitty registrar craps out on you?.

I don't think there's much you can do, but I'm interested in finding out if anyone has an immediate solution other than transfering the domain to another registrar...

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What exactly happened with your domains? This makes no sense at all...

Comment #1

Yeah, my GoDaddy sites are fine. Well, other than being slow as fuck, of course but that's the norm with GoDaddy shared servers...

Comment #2

There seemed to be some kind of dns issue with the ones I keep an eye on. They would respond fine via IP, but no luck via domain...went on for about an hour...

Comment #3

What was going on was that if you had a domain name with GoDaddy that was being forwarded to another domain it would crap out and give you a 404 page..

Example ... being forwarded to was not resolving. Thus on all my ppc campaigns where I was paying for ads like .....

The Best Affliate Product.

You to could own this shit.

If you click on my ad. And.

Buy this shit. Buy now..

When people where clicking on my ads. Instead of them going to my affiliates landing page. They were getting a fucking error page stating that the domain could not be resolved..

Also, from what I understand if your site is hosted with Godaddy they were having issues. As for the others who have their domain with godaddy and were using another hosting company. They showed no problems at all..

Here's a link on DP explaning further of what was going on .....

Is Godaddy too slow today , or is it my connection..

This has now been fixed and all is well. It was during that down time, I was being fucked. I hope this now makes sense..

UPDATE: Upon further researching this issue, it seems the reason for all this shit with CrapDaddy is because they didn't bother to update their servers for the DST (Daylight Savings Time) changeover. Thus their servers crapped out. Slashdot covered it here ....

Slashdot | GoDaddy Bobbles DST Changeover?..

Comment #4

Same here... godaddy is down today.

I received site down notification email from third party. not the first time already...

Comment #5

I am fed up with Godaddy too- but what really scares me is their ability to take my domains if they wanted to (well hold them hostage until I pay up). I read about a few horror stories here: NoDaddy.Com - Exposing the Many Reasons Not to Trust GoDaddy with Your Domain Names..

Comment #6

If you set the nameserver for those domains to your webserver instead of forwarding couldn't you just add an alias to the site on your webserver and accomplish the same thing? Then the reliability is in your hands and not theirs? I believe the root servers contain your domain name and name server info. If your pointing back to godaddy for nameservers any outage they have will screw you..

If you really wanted to get redundant, open two hosting accounts and set the nameservers on your domain to point to one of each. You'll have to upload the same information to two different webservers but if it's costing you that much for an outage I'd do it. Hell, make ns2 a cheap hosting solution to get you by in case your first host fails...

Comment #7

Oh and just make sure the two hosting accounts are different companies in different data centers...

Comment #8

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