Goals & Rewards during Medifast?

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I thought about it for awhile (like a month before I actually started MF, and a week or so after) and finally set some goals...My problem is that I am within a half pound (actually 0.2 pounds) of meeting my first goal (!!!!!) and I have no idea how to "reward" myself!.

I know it's a very personal thing, but honestly, I have no clue. I want to be able to "positively reinforce" my changing behavior and attitudes toward food. I set my goals at 10% increments, so each goal met is pretty significant.

ALL suggestions will be welcome! Smiles!..

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I wish I knew what to tell you. I wanted to lose weight so bad that there was no point in having some kind of incentive - weight loss was/is my incentive..

Honestly, if I'm out and I see something awesome, I sometimes might buy it and tell myself I can have it when I reach X weight..

Other than that... I really don't have suggestions! I'll be waiting for responses right along with you for good ideas!..

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I agree totally with you on Weight-loss being it's own reward! But positive reinforcement, or "retail-reinforcement" can be fun too! Sarah-Anne, maybe we'll both get some great ideas!..

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Pampering yourself is always good...manicure, pedicure, facial, massage...etc, etc.

For my first goal I bought myself a really nice, bright and pretty Klean Kanteen very useful for getting all my water in..

I am really treating myself for my next goal...a new iPod touch and I will hopefully reach it this week. This will be nice as I increase my work-out schedule so it is an indulgence but still something to help with my journey...

Comment #3

I agree with whoever suggested a massage :-) It is also nice if you keep going back to the same massage therapist because they can tell the change from visit to visit!..

Comment #4

Good thread, I have not set any rewards because the milestones don't mean very much too me. I am in this for life for the control and better health..

I have thought about a new "head shot" for work, I have the business card with the photo and I was pretty close to my current weight last time I had it done but it might be nice to get a new one when I reach my final goal...

Comment #5

I set 10lb goals and with each one met I got a charm for a bracelet. I now have a beautiful charm bracelet with 18 charms on it as a reminder of what I have accomplished. there's a picture on mypage if you're interested..


Comment #6

Lisa- love your charm bracelet. Congratulations. You are amazing!..

Comment #7

Love all the ideas....keep 'em coming!.

The massage is a great idea....would be especially sweet after a weekend of call! And if someone were to notice the losses.....BONUS!.

The charm bracelet....also a fabulous idea...I've actually been drooling over a bead charm bracelet. What a wonderful way to track my journey! Thanks to all!..

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Although I like the charm bracelet in theory, in reality I know it's just one more thing I wouldn't finish.

And I'm not the kind of person who enjoys having people touch my face and put some weird chemicals on it; I don't want painted nails, I don't want people I don't know touching my feet. These things all seem like tortures to me, not rewards.

Maybe for every month OP, I will buy a $15 iTunes gift card. I can't make goals of certain numbers, however, as I become fixated on the numbers. Even more than I already am, that is...

Comment #9

I have rewards set, but they don't really motivate me that much to get there. Material possessions aren't nearly as exciting, but hey I like celebrating my progress with something tangible. I used to reward or relax with food, so it will be helpful to rewire my brain a bit...

Comment #10

I haven't used my goal rewards to motivate myself. Not wanting to be overweight anymore is what has motivated me to lose weight. BUT, the rewards I set were a nice way to celebrate and acknowledge my hard work and dedication.

One thing you could do it put the amount of money you would spend on a reward in a jar or envelope and when you are at goal, splurge on something that you have always wanted or use it for the new clothing you inevitably will have to buy...

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I thought about setting up rewards, but I couldn't come up with any that I wanted, especially because I was focusing on trying to be good to myself as a way to help me lose weight, so I didn't feel the need to eat to compensate for not being good to myself. So, I'm among the no-material-rewards group. But I'm OK with that. I give myself rewards for other reasons. I'm feeling lonely and wish I had someone to buy me flowers? I buy the flowers for myself. Etc...

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I gave the idea of rewards a lot of thought when I first started Medifast and my new way of life..

I decided that I wanted to honor my journey towards health and wellness and give myself a tangible something that would mark my progress..

I liked Happy's charm bracelet idea and decided on a Pandora bracelet. I bought the bracelet and 2 'clip beads' to signify my ideals of health and wellbeing, and every 10 lbs I buy a silver bead and every 25 lbs I buy a silver with gold bead..

As I shrink my bracelet grows and looking at it and fiddling with the beads reminds me why I am doing this and provides me with something that gives me thought..

I deliberately chose something that was slightly out of my comfort zone financially because I felt this journey was worth it and to stretch myself..

The picture of my bracelet so far is on my page..

I like that it serves a reminder of why I am doing this and expresses me in a creative and meaningful way...

Comment #13

I started having to lose 50 pounds, so I decided to reward myself for each 10 pounds..

165lbs - Bubble Bath (11.14.10).

I havn't had a bubble bath since ... high school probably. But since I met the goal on the 14th I've been in rough rehearsals for a show I'm in this weekend. So I'm waiting until this Sunday night to take it ... bath salts, music, a glass of wine. Excited!.

155lbs - Massage/Spa Day.

I've been wanting to get a professional massage for a long time because of a severe knot I've had in my shoulder/upper-back area for about a year, but I've always been too busy or too broke. Since I haven't been in the 150s since I was still GROWING, I decided it's the best reward for that. While I'm there I may also get a facial, and possibly a pedicure. Depends on the cost and all that..

145lbs - Wardrobe Cut.

I really couldn't think of another reward for my "halfway point" (it's a little over halfway but oh well) so I decided it would be fun to throw away all of the cloths that don't fit anymore. I'm sure I'll end up doing this along the way, so I may have to change this one when I get there. We'll have to wait and see..

135lbs - Navel Piercing &/or Hip Tattoo.

I've wanted to get this tattoo (see my page, under "My Motivations") on the edge of my left hip bone for about five years, but I would have never been able to show it off with all the extra fat. Plus if I ever did get around to losing weight I didn't want it to be distorted. I figure 10 pounds from goal isn't enough to change it's appearance. The navel piercing is really common, and it will depend on what my abs look like (just because you're thin doesn't mean you have a stomach worth showing off, hahaa) so this will also have to be a "when I get there" kind of decision..

125lbs - Professional Headshots & New Wardrobe.

I'm a musical theatre actress and I've never gotten professional headshots because they are expensive - and with planning on losing weight I didn't want to have to dish out the cash twice. I'm friends with a pretty damn good photographer who is going to cut me a deal, about half off, to get a set of five shots for about $200. I'm also going to START obtaining a new wardrobe. I'm not going to buy ANY new cloths between now and goal so I'll be shopping deprived ... plus, nothing will fit. But, I'm still on a budget (especially with the $200 for the headshots) so one piece of clothing at a time.

Hope this helps!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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