Go off Medifast plan for 1 day?

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Hello, I need help determining when to start Medifast. My birthday was yesterday and of course everyone wants to take me out to eat and I'm having a bday party Saturday...then it's Thanksgiving.....and then Christmas. I was going to start after my bday party but I don't want to miss out on Thanksgiving, soooo my question is, is it okay to start and have ONE bad day? Meaning, can I start the diet like I wanted to on the 7th, but then on Thanksgiving will it really hurt that much to go off one day? I need advice please...thank you! (I have 60 lbs to lose in total)..

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The best answer is start it now and don't go off plan for Thanksgiving. There's always some event or special occasion that will give you an excuse to eat. Part of the plan is learning about those excuses and triggers. I started 3 days before my daughter's sweet 16 party that cost me a pretty penny. More than enough of an excuse to indulge. The decision I ever made was starting anyway and staying on plan.

Getting through that will set you up for a good run through Christmas and New Year's. Picture where you could in Jan if you not only avoid adding more weight, but have lost x number of pounds. Just my opinion.....

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Thank you, but I don't care about Christmas or New Years...I dont want to eat then, I want to eat (not over indulge) on Thanksgiving. I can skip the desert, the potatoes and the stuffing, I want turkey though...not a lot, just some. So, my question remains - will it set me back that far to have one day that I don't strictly follow the plan?..

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Youre allowed to have turkey on plan. Just need to make sure the weight is in accordance with Medifast recommendations. If that's what youre concerned about, thanksgiving should be no problem for you. You're lucky..I am already craving stuffing and cranberry...

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The sooner you start, the sooner you'll hit goal!!! So if you feel emotionally ready, get started right away. If you aren't emotionallly ready, well that's okay too (l had a time when I wasn't ready either, but since I've made the leap, I've never looked back!)..

Wishing you lots of luck!!!!..

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Thank you absolutgia! I will measure! I like white meat too, so no dark meat for me. I am excited to start the 5&1 plan on the 7th - wish me luck!..

Comment #5

Let's look at this this way: There will always be an excuse. Some occasion, something coming up that will allow you to postpone starting a new healthy eating plan. So you need to make a decision. What you do want more? Excuses or to lose weight? What means more to you? Being healthy or eating whatever you want? What's your goal in life? To be healthy and happy or to be able to eat anything and fat? At the end of the day it's all about what you want and what it takes to get there. What your level of commitment is to getting there.

I started in October of last year and was 100% on plan all through the holidays. I had a goal set and I was committed. I wasn't going to let anything else stand in the way of me falling in love with myself. I was tired of hating what I saw in the mirror. I was tired of shopping on line because I was embarrassed trying on clothes in a store. I was tired of hiding from family pictures. I was tired of being tired!.

Now the good news: if you start now you can enjoy Thanksgiving. You can have the turkey just not all the cranberry, stuffing, potatoes, etc. They're all off plan. You can have green beans, cauliflower, etc with your turkey. No alcohol either while on this plan. You get to spend more time enjoying the holidays and the social aspect of them and less stressing over food. Win-win if you ask me...

Comment #6

I started during study days for law school exams. I was in carb withdrawal, stupid and tired, while I was trying to study and perform at a high level. I had dim sum scheduled with 10 friends for a week later. And yet, I started as soon as my box arrived. Why wait?.

Start when you're ready and stay OP. If you're going to maintain your weight loss for life, you're going to need to learn how to navigate the holidays without gluttony anyway. Why not start practicing now?..

Comment #7

Yes start now! I Fully plan to enjoy thanksgiving with the family with a plate of turkey and green beans and a salad! I'm so excited to show restraint and set the example over the holidays!.

Once you get going on this you won't even want to go off for a day. You'll feel so good!..

Comment #8

Go to success tools at the top right, click on eat right, and download all the literature. There's several PDFs of the food options available while on Medifast. While potatoes, desserts, stuffing, fruit (cranberry sauce, for example), peas, pasta, grains, gravy made from flour or starch, yams, bread, etc. aren't on list, turkey and many green vegetables are. So you can eat at Thanksgiving, you just can't overindulge. You have to weigh your portions to make sure you don't go over your calorie/fat/carb/protein limit.

Like has been said, there's always going to be an "event" (or friends and family) tempting you to go off plan. Your success depends on how well you can (1) stay on plan to meet your goal in good time, (2) transition from Medifast to regular foods once you reach your weight goal (this could take 16 weeks depending on how much you have to lose), and (3) maintaining your new weight utilizing the lessons you've learned while on Medifast, such as avoiding temptation, learning portion control, choosing healthy alternatives to empty calorie foods, and so on..

If you don't think you can avoid temptation at "events" (and, again, there's ALWAYS an event), then don't waste money on expensive products like MF. You'll just end up using Medifast longer, costing more money in the long run. I've seen so many posts here where people get on MF, overindulge "just this one time" (times infinity), then complain that Medifast isn't working fast enough for them, how they hit a plateau, or they feel awful going back into fat burning stage after going off plan, and it's too expensive for them to continue when they aren't getting the results they want. Medifast is not a magic pill. It's VERY HARD WORK even given the simplicity of the 5&1.

Simple does not mean easy. Often the hardest thing is to consciously decide "no, I'm not going to make Thanksgiving/birthday party/night out about eating off plan" and sticking to it. Food is fuel. That's it. We need to stop making it be a focal point of how we derive pleasure. We should eat to live, not live to eat!.

Good luck on your decision. Most of us here will tell you that losing 60 pounds for life is more important and more satisfying than eating what you want at [insert special events here]. It ultimately is your choice, though. Medifast provides so much to help us through the process. There's books, downloadables (I even put the PDFs on my phone for when I need a quick reference while out and about), the boards here, nutrition support, exercise help, and so on. It doesn't work if we don't use it and follow it though!.

Figure out what'll work best in your life right now. You might find you aren't ready for Medifast now, but will be down the road. If you decide you are ready now, then woo hoo!! We're rooting for you no matter what...

Comment #9

At Success Tools, Eat Right, more downloads, there's an article "event survival guide." Check it out!..

Comment #10

These guides and all were really helpful to me when I started Medifast at the (very) end of Sept. this year. The info actually helped pull me through some of the adjustment period pretty painlessly! I thank everyone that wrote and posted them as they are really informative..

Shaelynn, hope the advice everyone else has posted helps you decide when to start. I have to agree that just jumping in and making THAT day the perfect day to start is the most painless - lol. Like getting a shot, just do it and don't watch or overthink - lol. The anticipation is worse than the actual event..

(well you can take or leave the shot analogy, I couldn't think of anything else, but I'm sure you understand what I meant ).

My advice is to make sure you have a supply of Medifast products on hand before you declare your start date. You don't want to run out of Medifast meals just as you hit your stride!.

Good luck..

Comment #11

Hey Shaelynn, I have to say START!!! The best bit of motivation I've had is my future father in law. He started last year on Nov 1st at about 425lbs. I thought he was absolutely nuts!!! He cooked Thanksgiving dinner for his brood of 7 and their family's and I don't believe he went off plan then or at Christmas. Now, for his birthday in May I know he did because I made him a carrot cake but by then he'd lost 100lbs and asked specifically for me to do that. I think I made meatloaf too, but he's a very determined guy. He's lost a total of 135lbs in the last year and I don't know if I'd have been able to do quite as well as he has. So jump on in the water is fine!..

Comment #12

How would you like to have 50 pounds to lose at Thanksgiving instead of 60? Wouldn't that be something to be thankful about, instead of making the holiday about food?.

If you stick to the program, you lose weight. I started Sept. 1, knowing I would not be able to participate in any of the holidays ahead the way I had before. But I didn't get to this weight without making lifestyle choices that need to change, which means I won't be able to do things in the future the way I did before, once Medifast is over. And that's a good thing because I'm learning new ways to do things. I'm laying in new foundations of behavior for my holidays..

I'm hosting Thanksgiving this year, and I'm looking forward to it. I'll enjoy the turkey and my green side and the company. And then, I'll take the leftover turkey and divide it up into Medifast serving sizes to enjoy for many days ahead. Anyone who brings a carb will have to take it home with them...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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