Getting enough water during Medifast?

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I've been very good since starting Medifast about getting plenty of water. I'm up to almost 2 gallons most days, but always at least a gallon. The past 3 days I have been retaining water like nobody's business! I feel puffy and the scale doesn't like it either. I don't add salt to my Lean and Green, and haven't changed my common condiments or anything. Still doing everything as I have done from day one, except for adding a bit of baking powder to a few it possible the baking powder is making me retain all this water? UGH! Not diggin' this AT ALL!..

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Baking powder has about 120 mg of sodium per quarter teaspoon...

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OK, is that a lot of sodium? I don't know..

But what I would say, EMTFreakGirl, is that your body will release the water in it's own time! Water helps our livers convert fat into usable energy - so I bet your body is using up a BUNCH of fat right now, and once it flushes out, you will see it on the scale! It seems like every time someone has a week with a small weight loss even though they're OP, the FOLLOWING week's weight loss is GREAT - so hang in there, keep doing what you're doing, and ignore that dang scale for now!!..

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Depending on your health situation, current recommendations range from 2000-3000 mg per day.

You get about 1000-1400 mg from your five Medifast meals. Plus anything you add to them and as well as your lean and green.

Many people might not be affected by being close to the upper limit (or exceeding it). However, the OP was concerned about water retention...

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Thanks for the info....I don't really think it's the sodium because at the same time I started adding 1/2tsp of baking soda, I also switched to low sodium soy would think that the two would balance out, no? Anyway....will keep drinking all my water and hope that the scale is kind next WWI...

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FYI: many brands of "low sodium" soy have 500-600 mg of Na per tablespoon.

(just checked mine and then googled.)..

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I don't use the soy or the baking soda everyday, and the soy is usually in a marinade. For my marinades I use 1/2 the allowed condiment amount for each ingredient, then add water and emulsify in my blender....then I end up throwing over 1/2 of it away anyway. Thanks for looking up the info, and for letting me vent about retaining water. I'll be extra vigilant @ sodium from now on...

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I have an issue that my electrolyte balance is always off. I have to add a pinch of salt to my water. Just a pinch for every 32 oz and not table salt that is too much sodium and not enough potassium, per my doctor I use just a pink himalayn rock salt. Anyway, when I drink a lot of water without adding salt I start retaining water like crazy. Most people eat too much salt so it is not an issue, but when you cut out salt and then add lots of water I guess you could end up with an issue like mine. Maybe send a message to the Dietitians Discussion board if it doesn't clear up soon...

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Thanks Candi! I just don't feel like I've bumped up my salt, in fact I think I've greatly decreased it since being on MF. (along with greatly INCREASING my H2O intake!) I'll give it a couple days to see if it all comes out in the "wash" so to speak! lol..

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I personally am super sodium sensitive. When I feel like I am retaining fluid, I have 1-3 cups of green tea. That helps to regulate it (for me)...

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That's a wonderful suggestion, except for the fact that, even tho' I know it's good for me, I can't get past the "dirt" taste of green tea....I just can't get it down! But, since being on MF, my tastes HAVE changed, so maybe it's time to give in another try! Thanks!..

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Brewing tips:.

Use water just below boiling for green tea.

Do not brew it for longer than 3-5 minutes.

Otherwise it is bitter. Yuck...

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Candi was saying you might not be getting ENOUGH salt, as she retains water when she drinks a lot of water without enough salt..

I add salt to many of the Medifast foods, and to my L&G. I don't have water retention problems. I just sprinkled some salt into my cocoa.

When I sit in the bathtub and sweat out a ton of water, I try to have a salty dinner and make sure to eat my dill pickle spears. If you're having a pronounced problem with water retention, and the recent change in your life is RESTRICTING salt, I'd say you might try INCREASING your salt and seeing if that corrects things. Ya know?..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.


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